Back this week, for the last week before repackaging is Ryan’s Favourite Photos. The new setup is still under wraps and I’m still thinking of ways to improve it therefore we have one RFP’s for the last time. The new setup won’t be so much different as to change completely, but it will change a good bit, I’ve a few ideas on what direction I want to take with it and hopefully you all will like it.

For the last week of RFP I’m going to take a lot at the worst gimmicks and get ups seen in TNA. Now I personally drift in and out of the TNA circle, but I’ve watched enough of it to know what was good and what was bad. So who could be considered on the list? Well all you need to see is below this!

Robbie E and Cookie
Based on popular TV show Jersey Shore, which personally I love, comes to a TNA screen near you Robbie E and Cookie. For those who don’t watch Jersey Shore or know Jersey Shore’s crew here’s the deal: Robbie E is based around Pauly D and Cookie is based around Snooki. The switches in your head should start to click as both names sound similar to that of their inspiration. Many wrestling fans that I’ve come across don’t like Jersey Shore or anything like it therefore when TNA tried to do the crossover it didn’t work all that well. From what I gather Cookie is no longer in the TNA ranks. Robbie E continues on in TNA although one has to question how long for.

Orlando Jordan
I have absolutely nothing against bisexuals or homosexuals, I think fairs fair and what you dig you dig. However, whenever Orlando Jordan came into TNA he was given the role of being himself but perhaps a little too much. As we all know wrestling isn’t a particularly gay-welcoming environment. Orlando Jordan started his own talk show alongside his boyfriend and girlfriend, which stood out from the crowd and could have went somewhere better. However, his gimmick just started getting creepier and creepier, like the time he came down from the TNA rafters wrapped in security tape, or when he squirted sun cream all over his face. It didn’t last all that long because Jordan was soon released from TNA a year later.

Black Reign
Here’s an interesting little game for all the readers to do, go ask Goldust on his official twitter who Black Reign was. Yeah, when you do that, don’t expect to stick around for too long cos he’ll block you, you lemmule. Black Reign was Dustin Rhodes’ alter ego and would carry a rat around with him. At one point TNA even booked a storyline revolving around the rat! Black Reign was just like Goldust only he was black and silver instead of gold and silver.

The Curry Man
Believe it folks, you did in fact read that shit correctly. The… CURRY MAN. I didn’t see too much of Curry man as I drifted between watching TNA and not watching TNA. This was simply one of the worst things I had ever seen. Yes he was meant to be humorous and yes he did provide some good moments. Overall he was a good wrestler, but that was all down to the fact that it was really Christopher Daniels. Yep, the same Christoper Daniels as the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. HE’s HOT, SPICY AND TASTE GREAT!!!!

Shark Boy
Again, you aren’t losing your mind, in fact you’re perfectly sane but I understand why you’re doubting yourself. You’re thinking how in the hell can someone have a shark-like gimmick, well the answer to your problem is: they can and they have. The worst moment in Shark Boy’s career was when he started taking on a Stone Cold gimmick saying things such as “Give me a shell yeah!” or “What?” and believe it or not but the shark actually drank beer at one stage! Ohhh, not to mention AND THAT’S THE FISHIN’ LINE COS SHARK BOY SAID SO!

As you can see the gimmicks that have entered the fray at TNA have been some of the worst pieces of trash ever. From ripping off Jersey Shore to ripping off one of the biggest legends in professional wrestling ever whilst donning a Shark suit, TNA and some of their talent have never really found their feet as far as gimmicks go. Fear not though because fortunately with the good comes the bad and with the bad comes the good. TNA do have some great starts such as Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, A.J Styles, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, James Storm so on and so forth.




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