As I lay comfortably on my living room sofa, I’m wondering what I should write this week. Here I am trying to think and aimlessly I came across wrestling news regarding a character change in Drew McIntyre. Consequently, an idea arose in my head to write a column about wrestlers who I think are unappreciated by the WWE and TNA. Yes folks, that’s right, I’ll even be rambling about TNA this week. How enthralling. When you spot the wrestlers I approach you with, I have positive assurance you will not disagree with me. I’d like to outline that I will not be using the word ”underrated”, simply because I despise that word. Unappreciated sounds much more respectful in my opinion. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s Ramble!

Samoa Joe
Well, as a wrestling fan, would you disagree Samoa Joe is unappreciated by TNA? Subsequently I think Samoa Joe is quite possibly in the top five talent Impact Wrestling have. Samoa Joe is a tank and not many wrestlers as big as Joe would be able to pull off the quality matches he does. The fans love him, you know this when fans chant, ”Joe’s gonna kill you.. Joe’s gonna kill you..”. Joe is way over with the fans at almost every TNA arena he attends, and boy does he get TNA fans on their feet. Unfortunately, TNA creative doesn’t show much care in him. It’s sad that TNA would rather invest more time with guys like Hogan, Flair and Bischoff than the likes of Joe. TNA need to realize Hogan, Flair, Bischoff don’t inflate their ratings, they seriously need to invest their time, money and effort in new talent and in new storylines! Samoa Joe is a perfect candidate to be apart of this, the guy is world champion material.ย 

Ted DiBiase
DiBiase had probably one of the driest runs for the WWE in 2011. The only recognisable thing DiBiase did in 2011 was be a lackey to Cody Rhodes, which lead to a stale feuding. Oh, he also had a little feud with Jinder Mahal. But why place him in pointless/uncaring feuds? DiBiase almost gets a huge pop each time he comes out to the ring. I honestly see DiBiase as a loveable character in my opinion. I think his ” DiBiase Posse” is a great fondness for fans before a Smackdown event. DiBiase has the look, has enthusiastic wrestling skills, pretty good at working the mic and brings a lot more to the table than some guys who are higher-up in the WWE than him at the moment. DiBiase undoubtedly has the talent and charisma to take his carear to higher levels, but we all just have to sit and watch for the WWE creative team to give him an opportunity to take him to that higher level.

Drew McIntyre
Perhaps McIntyre had the worst year out of all professional wrestlers from TNA and the WWE, suchlike I find this a little unacceptable as a fan of the WWE. McIntyre questionably has it all; great look, above-average mic skills, underrated in-ring abilities, size, etc.. This is a direct question to you, the reader. Why on earth did he spend most of 2011 on Superstars? Do you think this is satisfactory as a fan of the WWE? I think not. You know, for a guy once built as the next front-page superstar, as he was first introduced as the ‘Chosen One” to us by the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon. Ironically, McIntyre seems to be getting more of a push by the WWE as of late with rumours of a new gimmick, but one has to wonder if the WWE will in fact put his talent into perspective. McIntyre can be a great addition for the WWE’s future, so here’s hoping the WWE will acknowledge that.

Yoshi Tatsu
When the judgemental Internet Wrestling Community discusses wrestlers being unappreciated, Yoshi Tatsu, sadly, is not a rare wrestler that they encounter upon in discussion. Why is this? I genuinely cannot get my head around this. Whether on RAW, Smackdown or Superstars, Yoshi gets a great reception from the fans and puts on a classy performance each time. However, he has little to no mic skills. There is a very simple conclusion to this, give him a manager! Also, while they’re at it, get him new ring attire. I guess what I’m trying to express is his appearance is horrific. But, all and all, he’s a pretty good wrestler.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Trent Baretta
  • Tyson Kidd
  • The Usos
  • Natalya
  • Chavo Guerrero
  • Christopher Daniels
  • Tyler Black

There are a lot more wrestlers who are unappreciated by their respective companies, but remember all of the above is in my opinion. If you agree/disagree with my list, then please, tell me who you think is also unappreciated if I haven’t mentioned them. If you agree, please give me your thoughts also.

I’d like to thank you for reading and that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading my column. I made more effort this week in my writing as more of my time was spent with it, so I hope you can see a difference. The past couple of weeks, my columns sadly, were rushed because I have been pretty busy lately so apologies if my writing wasn’t up to your reading standards.