The Long road to ruin is almost up, Wrestlemania is now officially less than a month away, and with that, the WWE needs to push out the last minute steps to ensure that mania is a worth buy event. I myself will be seeing this (masterpiece / Train wreck) live, from the nose bleed section of (insert stadium name here) stadium! With that the wwe still isn’t showing enough for their “superbowl” of the wrestling world. We have our main event, check, we have the top titles on the line, check, but do we have enough to make us want to watch, hesitant to check. Last night’s Raw stupid…. Supershow gave us a brief insight in what to expect, but if WWE wants to make the sell, here are a few steps to take between now and then on Raw and smackdown to really bring home the final profit.

CM Punk Needs to be underdog. Jericho Needs to come out as a threat
That may sound weird at first, but punk is truly at his best with his back against the wall. Once he got the title, and held onto the belt, he has no thunder anymore. Last Monday’s promo against Jericho showed that now he is facing his better. Two of the best mic workers in the business, two of the best wrestlers in the wwe locker room, two of the best in the worlds, finally facing off, how they should. Jericho trolling his fans by being silent didn’t help anyone, (“ZOMG YOU GOT JERITORLL LOLOLOL”…. Still annoying as hell, and still wrong, and thank god it is done). The silent act took some momentum away from the former champion, and dancer. Not to mention being KO’d at elimination chamber. Jericho was slowly losing momentum, and showing why he shouldn’t be in the title picture after a few lack luster moments from him, however last night’s war of words, and ambush attack against Punk, puts Jericho in the driver’s seat for next week. Punk needs to continue attack with his “pipebombs” and put Jericho on the spot, and with a mic worker like Chris, he can handle it, making for one epic feud. We got a taste of what should have happened months ago, now we need to continue this wave, not rush it, and bring it home for mania. 

Drop Randy Orton from mania. (or from the WWE while you are at it)
There is no secret on why I hate this coward. I know I go off on tangents saying how the miz sucks, and how he really isn’t main event material, but that was really just for fun, and to poke fun at the miztakes (namely J712, how can an educated fan, be so dense to support the miz is beyond me), and the sad marks that say “Awesome Miz is the future” meanwhile he has one win at pay per views this year, and shows no sign of going forward one bit. But that is another topic that I have beat into the ground numerous times, on to the Randal Keith Orton.
I HATE, and this time, mean the word, not in some stupid joke way, not in a casual overused manner, I down right HATE Randy Orton. He is in the business on name alone, he is the true undertaker of the wwe, he buries more people than a grave digger at a suicide camp. Randy Orton is the most hypocritical, low life, disgusting, pathetic, weak, the list goes on people. I hate this person deeply. His constant bitching backstage, about other wrestlers being armature or green in the ring, when he, himself, gave himself a concussion, while preforming his own finisher, which only requires a flying head hug. Not to mention, that he botched it the First time (and to the crowd at that arena, thanks for the “You Fucked Up” chants, it made my night, it really did). Let alone injured himself taunting (NO, I WILL NEVER DROP THAT! THE MAN HURT HIMSELF TAUNTING, THAT IS LIKE TRIPPING OVER YOUR SHOELACE WHEN YOU ARE NOT WEARING SHOWS!) And now I hear rumors, (rumors take them or leave them) that he might be added to the World Heavy weight title picture, with Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, FUCK THAT! Sheamus has earned his right at mania. Bryan has paid his dues last year when the P.A.T.V had Danielson taken off tv. These two had earned their one on one. Orton can fuck off, he shouldn’t be in this business and shouldn’t be in that event. For years wwe tried to push orton as the number two, and failed everytime, he sucks all around, boring in the ring, boring on the mic, Keep him off the card completely, even if the above rumor is false, he doesn’t deserve another mania paycheck for sucking the life from the show.

JR for Commentator!

Sheamus VS Daniel Bryan
While I did just defend these two, The WWE needs to sell to me why I should watch these two. Sheamus has had a history of poor title runs with excellent record of secondary wins. What I mean is, he is king of the ring, the 100th reigning wwe champion, royal rumble winner, and slammy award winner. All nice and dandy, but it felt like for to long that all he does is win the minor awards or goals, with little effort in the main event. Meanwhile Bryan’s heel turn is in full effect, which means he is more cowardly and sneaky than ever. I do like that they made him heel over making bigshow heel a few months ago, but people know that Bryan can wrestle. WWE needs to end the cowardly antics of Bryan, and show him dominate in the ring. Basically, while both deserve the title, none of them are showing why they should keep it, and that needs to change within a month.

Cena Needs to be unleashed, and not spoon fed.
One amazing comeback by Cena last night right guys, calling out dwane on his script… WRONG! No idiot would believe that The Rock needed help or queues to remember his lines. The Rock has been cutting promos for years, he is an actor how must study and memorize lines. The fact of the matter is, Cena was given ammo in last night’s promo. It didn’t come off as real, it didn’t come off as powerful, and cena just said the same old same old, he has been saying for a year now. “I have been here, you constantly leave, you lie rocky, you lie” ENOUGH is ENOUGH already! There is a reason why The Rock is winning over the fans, and it isn’t because he is an icon, or legend. It is because he always has something different to say. From Fruity Pebbles, to “Cena’s lady parts”, The Rock always has an insult ready and waiting, belittling cena any chance he can get, and doing so with the millions on his side. Unless Cena can give me a fair and legit reason, other than “I AM HERE EVERYNIGHT” routine, I will be part of the millions (AND MILLIONS) that will be rooting for The Rock.

Money in the Bank
Who is in it, who will make the grab, who is in the hunt for it? While Money in the bank match is not confirmed, the fact that the pay per view is gone, should be a sign. Maybe the concept is gone all together, who knows, but if they have one, they have one month to get their contenders ready and make us care about who is in it. This is a massive event; this should not be thrown together at the last second. WWE is wondering why Pay Per View rates are generally down because none of the matches are advertised or made public until the night of the event! This could be applied to almost anything really, but I titled this section Money in the bank, because I would hate to see it go away.

JR For Commentator
No Seriously, Someone take an umbrella, shove it up Cole’s ass, and open it!

Undertaker and Triple H need to stay off Live TV
Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I am a huge Undertaker fan, but the match is made, the heat is there, the setting is already there. There isn’t enough time to have these two (Undertaker and HHH) to be talking about the match, when other matches still need build up. Now does this mean that they should not be mentioned, No. Pre-taped segments like when Undertaker was sitting in his thrown looking at last year’s mania, or having current and former wrestlers talk about these two would be enough. Everything is in place for these two, that it is unimportant to continue to add fuel to the fire.

No gimmick diva match.
I say this because it is wwe, and it will be in Miami…. It is damn near impossible to not see a swimsuit style event come into play. It is 2012, I don’t need tv for my smut, and I live in Miami, I can see this everywhere I go. It isn’t a bad thing to be honest (It is a great thing :D) but too much of a good thing is never good.

JR for Commentator
Do I really need to explain why? I don’t hate cole for being a heel, I hate cole for not knowing what the hell he is talking about half the time, throwing himself into story lines, a back of drowning kittens sounds more pleasing and pleasant that a second of cole. JR brings emotion into his craft, he is that extra element that puts people on the edge of their seat, he is the voice of the wwe, and this event is to big to massive just to have dip shit cole to commentate, 52 raws a year, 52 smackdowns a year, 13 pay per views a year, give us one day without this bag of dicks at the table please, not to hard to ask.

These are just the minor rants and quick notes that will help make Wrestlemania worth the watch. They seem to be on the right path, but still need to finish the job. 8 episodes of Raw and smackdown remain, until the biggest pay per view of the year.

Time is running out…

Can John Cena and The Rock continue supplying the heat heading to one of the hottest places on the planet?
Can CM Punk carry the momentum earned before Money in the Bank to continue to be the WWE Champion, or will Jericho show why he is the best in the world at what he does?
Can Daniel Bryan still hold on to the World Heavy Weight Championship, or will the Great White have the luck of the Irish on his side?
Will The Undertaker continue the Streak, or will the King of Kings dethrone another competitor