The show opens with a recap of Sting and Bobby Roode’s issues, before we see Kurt Angle backstage. He says he’ll tell the world why he dislikes Jeff Hardy, and has the reasons on cue cards. Don’t know if this was taped before or after The Rock’s segment on Raw. If before, how ironic! If after, no need to copy the idea.

So after a cool new intro, Kurt Angle is in the ring with his cue cards and reasons why he hates Jeff Hardy. Reasons like Hardy has hair and Kurt doesn’t, Hardy wears makeup and puts socks on his arms, the fans flock to Hardy at signings. More importantly, Kurt’s son Kody adores Jeff Hardy. Angle calls him out and the Charismatic Enigma appears. Angle suggests a PPV match, in which Angle will destroy Jeff. Hardy slaps him and starts a mini brawl, once it’s broke up, Hardy accepts the challenge.

Bobby Roode is shown backstage, talking about how unprofessional he thinks Sting is for setting up the match at Victory Road, saying someone else should be facing Roode. Austin Aries appears, and says how he put his thoughts out on twitter, and it didn’t sit well with management. He tells Roode he thinks they are similar, and he’s had enough of it all. Roode suggests they talk elsewhere. Roode and Aries teaming?! I love this!!!

TNA agree to AJ Styles taking on both Daniels and Kazarian in a handicap match, and it’s time for that now. AJ suggests if he beats them, Daniels has to reveal what the problem is that Kaz and Daniels have with him, which they agree to. The majority of this match was a singles match of AJ vs Daniels, which AJ dominated. As Daniels got the upperhand, Kaz slid in, hit the Fade to Black on AJ. This is where it got confusing. The referee rung for the bell, and Christy Hemme announced Daniels was eliminated. Kaz then pinned AJ and won the match. The ruling confused me, as I’ve never seen anyone get disqualifed and eliminated from a handicap match due to his tag partner getting involved. They never mentioned or explained this during the match either.

It cuts backstage to Madison Rayne putting up big pictures of Gail Kim, who comes into the room. Gail says she over-reacted last week, and wants to make it up to Madison, with a spa trip. She also has booked Madison in a match with ODB, which doesn’t please the number 1 contender at all!

The match between ODB and Madison Rayne happens after a break, with Gail Kim and Eric Young in respective corners. Decent little Knockouts match, the end comes when ODB gets out of Madison’s finisher and tries to hit the B-A-M. Eric gets up on the apron running about distracting the ref. As he does, Madison calls for Gail to get in and help, but she struggles to cause of two titles on her shoulders, so ODB lifts Madison up again and this time hits the B-A-M to win, leaving Madison annoyed with Gail.

A few backstage segments now, first off we see Bully Ray putting down a female worker while complaining about James Storm and Brandon Jacobs from last week. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries appear and stop him from ranting, and try to convince him that the problem is actually Sting.

We then see Velvet Sky talking about how she was cheated out of the Battle Royal win by Madison Rayne, and is sick of getting screwed…mind out of the gutter guys, not that kind of screwed! Angelina Love and Sarita turn up and mock her, before a fight breaks out. Mickie James rushes in to chase them off.

Ric Flair, Gunner and Eric Bischoff are shown backstage with Garrett. Flair tells him that he warned him not to come back, and he’s here. Says if Garrett is still here next week, Flair is taking this to the next level. Garrett thanks him for the heads up and leaves to the disgust of Flair and Daddy Bischoff.

Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and Austin Aries come out and discuss their issues with Sting. Roode feels Sting crossed the line assaulting him, and booking their match at Victory Road, Bully Ray says he realises it’s Sting’s fault that he got beat up by Jacobs and Storm, while Aries mentions how he’s beat everyone put in front of him and still hasn’t been in a main event. All 3 say they are done, and form a sit in protest, till the lights go out, and once they come back on, Sting is in the ring with them. He tells them, when he was done, he was just “stirring the drink”, in reference to Aries’s tweet, and wonders if they were doing the same. They say no, they are done. Sting then reminds them, if they are done, no money, no titles, nothing without a job, which causes them to change their minds. The Insane Icon then sets up Aries, Roode and Bully vs James Storm, Magnus and Samoa Joe for the main event, before the lights go out again and Sting is gone.

Another video package of Jesse Sorensen and his mother, discussing the call he made to her about possibly being paralyzed. After it’s done, we cut to Zema Ion who says he doesn’t feel remorse, he feels good. Says he’ll do whatever is needed to get what he wants. This has been criticised by many, but for me, it was fine. He’s using this to get heat, something we’ve seen often in the past. I have no problem, he’s shown his concern on twitter, but it’s back to business and showing he’ll do what ever is needed.

Zema Ion faced Shannon Moore in an X-Division match. Again, a decent little match, and this shows what Moore can do. Feel this guy is a little underrated, and would like to see him used more on TV. Ion picks up the win after hitting his back suplex into a knee strike to the head finisher, known as the Hostile Makeover. Ion’s growing on me, and I’m intrigued how his match with Aries at victory Road.

There’s a short video of TNA fans discussing why they enjoy TNA, and the interactive aspect of meeting their fans. That is one thing I’ve always praised them on, it’s good they allow a meet and greet at every show, makes it a great experience getting to meet and talk to the stars too.

A second Knockouts match, featuring those from the brawl earlier, as Sarita and Angelina Love took on Velvet Sky and Mickie James. I really enjoyed this, and was pleased to see Sarita used as much as she was. She’s a talented wrestler, and under-used in TNA. Velvet spent most the match outside, while Mickie was worked over. A hot tag to Velvet saw her clear the ring, till all 4 were in. Mickie and Sarita rolled out the ring, and Love missed a Botox Injection, before Velvet hit the “In Yo Face” (double underhook facebuster) for the win.

Backstage once more as James Storm, Magnus and Samoa Joe discuss the main event. Storm says he’ll do his talking at Lockdown, as he’s fed up of saying the same things over and over. Magnus says while it’s not a natural team, they’ll take a beating to their opponents.

We then see a video package on Abyss, and the last time he was seen on TNA TV. It shows Bully Ray and him brawling backstage at Genesis, then the mystery disappearance of the Monster. Tenay reckons Abyss is still missing, and his family are worried….yeah, check India for him!

Time for the main event, the 6 man tag pitting Austin Aries, Bully Ray and Bobby Roode against James Storm, Samoa Joe and Magnus. From Aries and his cockiness at the start, to the quick change of participants in the middle of this match, it was a good match. Surprised the heels kept Joe in, not often you see a big guy like that kept in and worn down. Storm finally gets tagged back in and we see it all kick off. The heels take advantage until Aries accidentally dropkicks the wrong guy. Joe and Magnus get rid of Aries, before Roode and Ray get rid of them. Storm knocks Bully out the ring, before hitting the Closing Time, and Last Call Superkick on Roode to win the match. After that, Bully Ray comes back in with a chair, throws it at Storm and boots it in his face, telling him “I’ll be taking your spot at Lockdown, and Bobby’s title”. Guess this could set up Bully Ray v James Storm at Victory Road.

For me, again, this was a good show. The problems for Roode/Bully/Aries and the way this panned out throughout the show was fine, and set up for a good main event. Was also good to see Aries, Magnus and Samoa Joe feature in a main event, a match I enjoyed. The two Knockouts match were OK, with the tag being better due to seeing more from Sarita. The AJ/Daniels/Kazarian part just seemed weird, down to TNA’s rules, and lack of explaining them. The Bischoff segment was a blink and you’ll miss it, so no real gripe there! It’s building up nicely to Victory Road for me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, look forward to reading your thoughts and comments.

James Partridge
@GoofyVillain of @TheTopRope crew.