We’re still on the Road to Wrestlemania, so here we go again with another WM style “Remember When”. This time around we will feature one of the most diabolical and famous matches in WWE history, Hell in a Cell.

Do you remember when there was a Six Pack Hell in a Cell match?

It was December 2000 and the WWF Champion was Kurt Angle. Kurt was ruling the top of the WWF Mountain for about a couple months. Commissioner Mick Foley decided to put the Champion in the ultimate test.

At the December PPV, Armageddon 2000, Kurt would have to defend the WWF Title against five challengers in a Six Pack Hell in a Cell match. The challengers consisted of HHH, Rock, Steve Austin, Undertaker, and Rikishi.

It was a great brawl, a lot of action, and it featured all of the top talent in one match beating the crap out of each other. Even though Vince McMahon, his stooges, and Foley interfered it was still a great match.

The highlight of the match would have to be Undertaker choke slamming Rikishi off the top of the Cell. In the end, it was Kurt Angle fighting against all odds and walking out of the Cell still the champion.

The Hell in a Cell match has given us so many great matches and moments throughout the years. Whether it’s the 1st match with Taker/HBK, Taker/Foley at KOTR 1998, HHH backdropping Foley off the Cell at NWO 2000, and many others. Hopefully this one coming up at WM 28 with Taker/HHH will be an instant classic.

Given the caliber of those two, I think it’s a safe bet that they will once again have a show stealer on the big stage.

Here’s the Six Pack Hell in a Cell match from Armageddon 2000