Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I’ll be taking you through WWE Raw and giving my opinions along the way.  Tonight Teddy Long is in charge, so I’m sure we’ll get a show full of tag team matches (holla holla, playa) Shawn Michaels is also in the house tonight but who cares about that?  Dwayne is back!  Let’s hope he left the cheat sheet in the back this week.  This leaves me with a question, how many times does Dwayne mention Twitter tonight?  Biggest question of them all however, does he mention Twitter more or less then Teddy Long makes tag matches tonight?  Those important questions will be answered tonight.

We start the show off with Shawn Michaels coming down to the ring.  He wants HHH to come down to the ring and tell him what made him change his mind.  Shawn said he knows he threw everything at HHH to get him to take the match, but he still said no to having the match with Undertaker.  But SOMETHING must have made him change his mind, he wants to see the footage of what made HHH change his mind.  They show the video from last week where Undertaker said HHH knew he can’t do what Shawn couldn’t do, because he knows Shawn was always better then him.  They come back to the arena and Shawn is staring a hole through HHH, HHH said it has nothing to do with whether who’s better then who, he’s tired of listening to people like Undertaker say he (Shawn) couldn’t get the job done because maybe he isn’t as good as he thought he was, he calls Shawn the best ever, he’s going to end The Undertaker, and he’s going to do it for himself and for Shawn.  Shawn says he knows who’s going to win, and he’s been named special guest referee.  I loved this segment, I’m not too thrilled Shawn is the special referee, with this being HHH/Taker and inside HIAC, I didn’t think this match needed anything more added, I also hope Shawn doesn’t screw someone out of this match.

Graphic comes up promoting a TAG TEAM MATCH!  CM Punk and Sheamus taking on Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho (Playa) Tag Team Match count: 1.

First match of the night is for the United States Championship.  Santino Marella taking on Jack Swagger.  David Otunga distracts the referee, Ziggler attacks Santino, Swagger hit’s a gut wrench power bomb, Teddy Long comes out with Aksana and Kofi, he starts arguing with Laurinaitis.  I’m smelling a tag team match (Playa) we come back from commercial and we still have a singles match!  This finish was ridiculous, WAY too much happening, Santino wins with a roll up on Swagger and wins the United States Title, Laurinaitis hops up on the apron and says this is his show and Teddy can’t do this, Teddy calls security to escort Laurinaitis and Otunga from the arena.

Dwayne is on the screen, showing something from earlier today where he was at Boston Harbor, he starts throwing some of Cenas merchandise into the water.  I hate to admit it, but this was pretty funny stuff.

Divas action up next.  Alicia Fox VS Eve, Kelly is at the announce table.  Quick match, Eve wins, pretty bad match.  ZACK RYDER!!!!  Zack comes out after the match and says he’s glad him and Eve never hooked up, he also called her a hoeski again.

Coming back from commercial, Ryder is leaving, Eve runs up to him and says she needs to tell him something, she kisses him and runs off.

Next up, John Cena is shown inside an empty arena, talking about WrestleMania, he talks about The Rock doing everything there is to do in WWE, he’s not going to WrestleMania just happy to be there, he needs to win.  I thought it was a good segment.

Up next is the tag match between Punk and Sheamus VS Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho.  Pretty damn good match, I was surprised Jericho got the pin on CM Punk.  Kind of upset they were involved in a match with each other before Mania.

Dwayne is shown in front of the Paul Revere statue giving another “history lesson” the first video was so much better, this one was terrible.

The Miz comes out to the ring next, his opponent is The Big Show.  Cody interrupts and shows another video, this one of WrestleMania 18, Big Show is at the WWE New York restaurant eating.  Miz attacked Show, Show fights him off and gets a quick win after the WMD punch.  Stupid match.

Another history lesson with Dwayne, he‘s overlooking Boston Common.  Pretty dumb video there too, he says he’s coming to the TD Garden tonight to confront Cena and blah, blah blah.

Up after the commercial, we see a graphic, next week The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels will be there next week.

R truth comes out next, his opponent is Kane.  Decent match, R Truth was in control for a lot of the match, Kane caught him with a choke slam for the win, Randy Orton came out from the back after the match and made his way to the ring, Orton hit an RKO on Kane and called for a microphone he said “It’s good to be back” and left the ring.

John Cena walking down the hallway, on his way to the ringside area when we go to commercial.

John Cena comes out from the back to a mixed reaction, John Cena roasted him again this week.  Dwayne came out after Cena called him out to the ring, Dwayne says he sees Cena is scared, Cena just smiles it off.  LOVE that the crowd is chanting “Tooth Fairy” Dwayne mentioned taking away Hollywood and Twitter, Cena cut him off by saying “Then what do you got?”  Great stuff.  Dwayne left the ring, Cena looked at his wrist, making fun of Dwayne, Cena said he will win at WrestleMania, the crowd seemed really behind Cena after the entrance, which was awesome to see.  John Cena I think owned Dwayne again tonight, he didn’t need any catchy catch phrase, or any flashy Twitter lines, he straight up roasted Dwayne with THE TRUTH!

Overall, I loved the show tonight, aside from one or two segments this Raw was very good, LOVED seeing Zack Ryder back, I wonder what’s next for him and Eve and this whole storyline.

John Cena was GOLD on the microphone again this week.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if this John Cena showed up every week, he’d have a ton more fans then he has now.

Cody Rhodes and Big Show doesn’t interest me much, but I do like how they’re trying to get people interested.

Shawn Michaels being involved in the HHH/Undertaker match at WrestleMania I’m not a fan of, as I said earlier, I don’t think this type of match needs another added element, and I really hope Shawn doesn’t do something to hurt this match, like screw HHH or Taker out of the match.

I’ll give this Raw a 4/5, I love how they’re getting people more hyped up about WrestleMania by the week.

Thanks for reading this weeks RAW Opinion, I hope you enjoyed the column, and the show.