Hey ramblers, I thought I’d mix things up a little bit this week. Usually it’s current WWE events or past wrestling I ramble on each and every week but this week I’ll be rambling about my favorite ”Wrestling Relationships”, from the past 100 years of pro wrestling. However, since ”relationships” only came into play in wrestling about 20 years ago, it’ll be since that time. The following are in no specific order regarding my favorite couples. In fact, they are just random couples that I enjoyed, so here we go!

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon 
Ah, Trips and Steph. Ironically, they’re a real life couple, married and have children. None the less, they are known as one of the most diverting couples in wrestling history. The McMahon-Helmsley Era allegedly was personally my favorite time to watch the WWF as it was at it’s peak both creatively and in terms of popularity. This figuration all came about when Triple H tricked the Vince McMahons’ ”billion dollar princess” into marrying him. Stephanie was Vince’s little girl, the billion dollar princess. Firstly, Stephanie was mortified marrying Triple H, the leader of the dexterous D-Generation X. It wasn’t long until the Billion Dollar Princess turned on her father, the owner of the WWF, Vince McMahon. Little did Vince know it would take merely overnight for Stephanie to turn into a full fledged obnoxious, screechy-voiced, scantily-clad heel. After an aggravated Vince McMahon took time off, Vince and Stephanie were power hungry and went on a squashing trip simply by beating the hell out of all the babyfaces. This was a captivated storyline that I for one excessively enjoyed throughout. 

Edge and Vickie Guerrero 
Edge fastened the right to call himself the ultimate opportunist, and by god did he do this by associating himself with a woman he clearly was not into, which was indeed Vickie Guerrero. Edge saw an opportunity for him to assure he was world champion with the Smackdown General Manager behind him. This story worked so well, Edge was obviously a heel and a tremendous one at that. Then to affectionate himself with Vickie Guerrero, whom the fans insanely boo without her speaking a word, it was no surprise that these two can go down as one-of-the most despised wrestling couples of all time. My most favorite part of this was this was all booked like an old storyline, it lasted longer than six weeks without getting stale and boring. This unification would last well over a year and the story was an on/off routine for the two. I’d love to see another storyline take over Smackdown for more than a year like this one.   

Booker T and Sharmell 
Ah, good old King Booker and Queen Sharmell. The couple are in point of fact real-life married. Perhaps the most sincere part about these two was the fact their relationship continued on screen in TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling. The first we saw of Shamell was on Smackdown! Shamrell immediately became involved in Booker T’s storylines as being stalked by Kurt Angle in an aroused feud and then later in a feud with the sick and twisted, Boogeyman. The journey of Booker T and Sharmell was based around the assistance of Sharmell to Booker by aiding Booker into utilizing a United States championship, the later, a King of the Ring thrown. Which of course pronounced them queen and king of Smackdown as they declared their dominance as the heirs of Smackdown! Booker then defeated Rey Mysterio for his world heavyweight championship. Personally what I loved most regarding this couple was the fact it was so believable and not fake like most other wrestling relationships. The love and chemistry between the two was phenomenal.   

Matt Hardy and Lita 
Lita was the manager of the Hardy Boyz, one of the most distinguished tag teams in WWE history winning countless of tag team titles and thousands of unforgettable moments including 30-feet falls off ladders into tables. That’s how Matt and Lita met. They started off as a ”sweetheart” couple. Like Booker T and Sharmell, two were also a real-life couple. I guess I can talk a little about Jeff Hardy since he was involved alongside Matt for the better part of their relationship. They called themselves, Team Xtreme. Matt, Jeff and Lita would go on to become on the most ultimate babyfaces at the time. They sold the merchandise. Kids loved them, adults loved them. Eventually, Lita ended up with Edge which led to an awesome and believable storyline.

Thank You for reading! I will eventually be doing another run-on for other wrestling relationships. I know I’ve done columns like ”Greatest Wrestler’s of Yesterday” and ”In Appreciation Of”. Just letting you know I have some written and some nearly written so I will defintaly be following up on them.