Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I will bring you through WWE Raw and give you my (Sometimes very biased) opinions.  Tonights show was hyped big time, John Cena will be rapping tonight and Dwayne will be singing.  I have a feeling we won’t be seeing much wrestling again this week, hopefully the skits aren’t terrible.

We’re kicking things off with the John Cena rap!  BASIC THUGANOMICS HAS BEEN CUED!!!!  John Cena coming out in his old school outfit!!  Cena pretty much implied he’s going to take a giant dump on ol’ Dwaynes chest!  What a segment!!  I absolutely loved it!

First match is Dolph Ziggler VS Sheamus.  This was a pretty damn good match, Dolph Ziggler looked A LOT like Billy Gunn with his pink tights on, Sheamus got the win after a Brogue Kick.  The ending of the match looked bad, looked like Sheamus couldn’t get Ziggler with his new move and just threw him down to the mat.

Graphic was shown that at WrestleMania, Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis will put together a 6 man team, the winning GM will have control of both Raw and SmackDown!

John Laurinaitis makes his way to the ring, he goes to commentary, Santino and Aksana are teaming up Santino is the Captain of Teddy Longs WrestleMania team.  Santino and Aksanas opponents are John Laurinaitis’s Captain David Otunga and Mark Henry.  John Laurinaitis changed things and decided the mixed tag match is off and It’s going to be a handicap match.  Teddy Long comes out from the back him and Laurinaitis start arguing, Teddy pushes him and Johnny goes flying over the announce table.  Henry and Otunga get the win, very dumb match.  Afterward Henry and Otunga are going after Santino until Kofi runs down to the ring, he gets a Worlds Strongest Slam for himself, R Truth rushes down the aisle and takes a beating as well.  Mark Henry is introduced as the 2nd member of Johnny’s team at WrestleMania.

Zack Ryder backstage talking to Eve, Beth shows up complaining about not being on a TV show with the Bellas and Alicia.

Miz backstage next, complaining about not being involved in WrestleMania, Johnny says if Miz wins his match tonight, he’ll be on his team, Miz asks who his opponent is, It’s CM Punk.

Brodus Clay is back!!!  Somebody Call My Mama!!!  This weeks victim, Jinder “I wish I was Muhammed Hassan” Mahal.  Brodus squashes him with a splash.

Shawn Michaels coming out to the ring.  He calls out Undertaker, Taker comes out, and takes forever and a day to walk to the ring, Shawn calls Taker out about talking behind his back, after sharing a locker room for 20 plus years, he thought Taker would have the balls to say it to his face, Taker asked Shawn if he was repeating his words or Triple H’s, Taker told Shawn to let go of his insecurities, Shawn cut him off saying he was the one who practically begged Triple H for the match, he’s 19-0 and he’s still looking for validation.  Shawn said It’s ironic, he still has the possibility of ending the streak, by pinning Takers shoulders to the mat.  Taker threatened Shawn that he better call the match down the middle.  Triple H comes out and stares Taker for a few seconds before giving him a crotch chop and heading backstage.  Pretty good segment, I enjoyed it, Shawn Michaels is still the man in my opinion.

CM Punk VS The Miz up next.  Pretty decent match, CM Punk gets the win over Miz after the Anaconda Vise.  Jericho came up on the big screen after the match and talked about CM Punk, he said he knows why Punk is straight edge, because Punks father was a disappointing drunk.

Next match is Randy Orton VS Jack Swagger.  Orton gets the win, after the match the lights go out and pyro explodes, Kanes red light lights up the arena, nobody shows up.

Graphic showing John Cena VS Mark Henry advertised for next week.

And now, we have the much hyped “Rock” concert coming up next to kill off the 15 minute overrun.  Dwayne comes out with his guitar, of course Dwayne has to kill off about 5 minutes talking about Cena before he starts the actual “Rock” concert.      He called Cena Marky Mark, that’s not original, maybe it was when someone called him that like, 10 years ago.  This was terrible, I think there may have been one or two good parts throughout the whole thing, that’s another win in the verbal battle for the Doctor Of Thuganomics, John Cena.

My overall opinion, I thought the show was very good, not because of the wrestling but because of the segments, I really didn’t care much for a few of the matches tonight, but the Cena Rap and the Shawn/Taker segments were amazing.

Good to see Brodus Clay back, I’m ecstatic he got himself a new finisher, It’s so much better then his “cross body” I could have done without the guy from Psych, but him only being a special guest (annoying) ring announcer was alright I guess.

I didn’t really understand the whole Jericho/Punk thing, CM Punk has said in the past why he’s straight edge, I’m not a fan of WWE acting like their fans are mindless sheep who only watch their product and don’t look up things on the wrestlers.

I’ll give this episode a 3.5/5 this week, I really enjoyed it for the most part.  But having to watch Dwayne for that last 15 minutes was brutal, if it was shorter and better, I probably would have gone with a 4 or 4.5.

Thanks for reading my column this week, I hope you enjoyed the show and this column.  These are of course my own opinions, I could always be wrong, but I doubt it 😉