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“when it comes crushing down and it hurts inside”

Such a great title not only for my own life, but for what I want to discuss today! First off I want to thank those for being patient with me as I’ve been fairly ill for the last 3 weeks, and missed writing last week. It’s great to see that there’s so much talent at WR that no matter what there’s always something good to read, so I don’t feel too guilty except for disappointing my 2 biggest fans! (I love you mom and dad)

More to the point, I chose this subtitle after seeing a video of former Rocker member Marty Jannetty hit former ECW legend Balls Mahoney (yes, ECW legend) at an indy show with a controversial chair shot to the top/back of the head. If you have a chance, please watch the video on YouTube. Balls asked to get hit, taunts Jannetty a bit then bends over to take the chair shot. It seems Jannetty hit directly in a really bad spot on the head without having Balls’ back take some of the brunt. To me it doesn’t sound any different than a normal chair shot, nor does it seem to be any different from any shots that Mick Foley himself took directly to the head with no blocking. The blow ends up having really bad effects on Balls, which is obviously more evident after the match. The crazy thing to me is Balls eventually wins with the roll-up. Afterwards he is clearly out of it and can’t control himself, which results in puking outside of the ring splashing the crowd and staff. Balls doesn’t just puke once, but he keeps puking. He’s trying to give a promo and I’m pretty sure I even hear him say “Good job, Marty…I’ve never puked from a chair shot before” but that could just be my ears. Like I said if you have a chance please watch it as this will make much more sense.

Personally, I do think the chair shot was a bit careless and I’m not sure if Marty was just trying to be cool for the crowd or what, but I know it seems like a pretty irresponsible thing to do. Accidents do happen but let’s not forget, Marty is a seasoned veteran and should know how to give a chair shot. More than likely Balls might have even taken worse in his life, but at this point in his life I don’t hitting him in that fashion was necessary, especially at a small show.

What hit me the most was that a friend of Balls, The Pope ended up going on Facebook and ranting about how it was a horrible chair shot and Marty should know better than to hit like that. Also Pope mentioned that Balls had children at home, something more important than trying to hit a crazy chair shot. I completely agree with The Pope and agree there is a spot for chair shots in the business and much like WWE I think it’s time to move away from the head. Even when a chair is cracked onto the upper back, with the right camera angle it usually looks like it taps the head as well. Direct chair shots have been banned in the big leagues since sometime after Chris Benoit’s incident, and I personally think this should be an industry standard. The ways concussions affect the brain aren’t pretty, especially after repetitive hits.

The Pope is on a mission now to ban Marty “Chairnetty “. Obviously it could have just been a mistake and Marty hadn’t thought he hit him that hard or directly on top of the head, but to me it didn’t look like a mistake at all. Marty clearly knew what he was doing in that ring, which is a little frightening when you look at his years in the business. Obviously Balls is a big man and can handle extreme, but let’s not forget Balls isn’t in his prime anymore. He might be in good shape and everything, but when you’ve been a part of original ECW, no matter what you must have some sort of damage to your head/body.

The reason I wanted to write about this subject was to be able to hear other wrestling fans views on chair shots to the head, as well as this situation with Marty Jannetty. Do you agree or disagree Marty is in the wrong with that he did? Do you agree or disagree that chair shots to the head should be banned industry wide? Most of us all went through the “Attitude” era and remember WWE going to the extreme especially a handcuffed Mick Foley getting smashed in the head by The Rock. Of course we miss some of the extreme fun, but is something like a chair to the head really worth the entertainment? Is The Pope just overreacting towards Marty? Voice your opinion.

James Bones