A Jam-Packed Ramble. That’s what I am going to call this column for the moment, because that’s what this is; A Jam-Packed Ramble. I hope to achieve huge interest from all of you with this. I really thought about doing something new for WR and chosen to go with this. The past few weeks I have been writing about legends, relationships, current happenings and such. I aim to keep the next column fresh and enjoyable to read through. Every week there will be a Bout of The Week match where I talk about that match which I thought was the best for that specific week. I’ll write either a Wrestling Relationship OR a Wrestling Legend, one or the other. I’ll also write in a random wrestling thought too. I really spent a lot of time with this so please tell me what you think.

Bout of The Week: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler on Superstars

This match is an example why I am a wrestling fan, watching match ups like this one just makes you proud to be a fan. Both men were winners in my opinion, they put on a phenomenal match. It was Pay-Per-View standard quality and doubt you’ll disagree with me on that. It would be awesome if WWE built this encounter up for a few weeks with a belt after they put on a tremendous performance like that! It was Total Non-Stop action like TNA’s X-Division when it’s at its best. As the match went on, it got more exciting. These two men were telling a story and a fantastic one at that. If you have not seen this match, do yourself a favor and watch it.

Wrestling Great of Yesterday: Hacksaw Jim Duggan 
Signed with the WWE in January of 1987. Won the first-ever Royal Rumble in 1988, a sign that all had been forgotten in relation to his arrest for possession of marijuana and drinking while driving in early 1987. The Royal Rumble 1989, teamed with the Hart Foundation to defeat the Rougeau Brothers and Dino Bravo in a Best 2-of-3 Falls, Six Man Tag Match. At SummerSlam 1989, teamed with Demolition to defeat Andre the Giant, Big Bossman, and Akeem. Rather than continuing to portray the taped-fist, more serious tough guy who he had in Bill Watts’ mid-South promotion, Vince McMahon envisioned Duggan as the every-man simpleton who stood up for what was right and did not mind punching you in the face if you were bad. That small change in character created one of the most beloved characters created by Vince McMahon.  Although Duggan has a lack of championships won, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2011. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to cross him in the street with is 2 by 4. Hooooooooooo!

3 things I hate about Wrestling

Stupid Camera Angles 
As I’m a fan of pro wrestling in general, the thing that annoys me most, pacifically aimed at the WWE is their camera angles on shots. As a fan, I know it’s scripted, I know that the wrestlers don’t really get hurt in the ring that badly (unless they’re actually injured). However, I don’t want the WWE to do stupid things that hint off it’s a set-up. A prime example of this was when CM Punk defeated John Cena in an as close-you-can-get to perfect match at the Money in the Bank PPV last summer after Punk won and became the WWE champion. You got a sense of realism and it made you question whether or not this was real, then Punk walks up through the crowd away from ringside gloating the WWE title at Vince McMahon with a camera man right beside him, as he was on a high pier. It showed to me as a viewer it was planned. Okay, I know it’s planned, but don’t fucking tell me it’s planned by doing stupid, basic errors like this. Could they not of just used a zoom there? Another example is Randy Orton in his fight against Wade Barrett in a street fight on Smackdown with the camera men all ready backstage and even a camera in the elevator. I realise there is cameras in elevators, but come on….fuck me pink!

Wrestlers wasting their careers 
I’m talking about people like Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Scott Hall etc. These guys have or had superb potential to be marked down as one of the greatest performers of all time, but instead they turn to drugs or whether it be alcohol. I always wondered how stupid they could be to turn to drugs. You would think these guys are intelligent enough to keep away from them, especially considering they are athletes. Like, I loved the Hardy’s, Hall etc.. but I just dislike them now because of how they have wasted away their credibility as wrestlers. The most recent case of this is Evan Bourne, who I think is a total idiot. Unless he’s trying to get fired as he’s under contract and would be compensated for if he got the boot. Still though, it’s so infuriating. They got a job, being paid a substantial amount of money, being globally recognised all over the world and they screw it all up.

Shelton Benjamin never became WWE Champion 

 An accomplished amateur wrestler who went 122-10 in high school and was a two-time South Carolina state high school heavyweight wrestling champion, earning the title in both 1993 and 1994. In college, Shelton put together a 36–6 win-loss record. Moreover, while he attended university, he was a two-time All-American heavyweight wrestler. Benjamin went 36–6 and made 12 pins in the Big Ten Championship, in which he placed sixth. Instead of trying to qualify for the 2000 Olympics, he though he’d give pro wrestling a try. Turned out, he was a phenomenal wrestler and as we knew an incredible athlete. He is loved by wrestling fans of all ages, young and old. Now, how in the fuck he didn’t become WWE Champion, YES! WWE Champion, I don’t know. Shelton was my favourite mid carder whilst in WWE, his matches were pure and utterly entertaining, I actually enjoyed listening to him on the MIC too, I know he wasn’t the greatest on it but I enjoyed listening to him talk. Could you imagine the matches he would of had with Cena, Punk, Jericho as WWE champion!?

Just Some Random Thoughts
The only wrestling I have watched this week was WWE. Simply because I was very busy this week and rarely even got on my laptop or PC to watch some Indy shows or TNA. The convenience to watch WWE is just so simple unlike almost every other wrestling promotion to watch, for me at least. WWE, when at it’s best, just gets me so hyped up at times and excited to having that will power to NOT miss the next episode as I feel I will miss out on something. I’m not knocking other promotions at all, but when WWE is at its most interesting season of the year; it’s hard to take your eyes off  it. You have HBK, Undertaker, The Rock. Who wouldn’t be excited for that? At the same time, you have guys like Ziggler, Bryan, Punk, Sheamus, Rhodes who are all main event worthy stars being pushed but WWE can still fit in HBK , Rock, Taker etc.. and have the other guys still be focused on. This is what TNA should be doing. Have the big faces there for ratings but still push younger guys, and I don’t mean push em’ a little, actually into main event stars. Say what you want about WWE booking, but they are doing a tremendous job pushing guys at the moment.  What do you think?

Well guys, I thoroughly hope you’ve enjoyed this. Please give me your comments below. Also, if you have a better name for this, please tell me. I really would love to hear your suggestions. There is plenty of content in the upcoming weeks on WR so make sure you keep coming back and reading here.

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