Welcome once again to another edition of “Remember When.” Last week I did a feature on John Cena. This week I decided to cover Cena’s Wrestlemania 28 opponent, The Rock.

Do you remember when The Rock was Flex Kavana?

It was in the summer of 1996, Dwayne Johnson had just gone through training with his legendary father, Rocky Johnson, and he also had several dark matches with the likes of the Brooklyn Brawler, Chris Candido, and Owen Hart.

Johnson was sent to Jerry Lawler’s USWA promotion for development where his name was changed to “Flex Kavana”. While he was over there, he captured the USWA Tag Titles on a couple of occasions and developed a feud with Lawler himself.

Within a couple of months, the Blue Chipper was getting set for the big time. His name was changed to “Rocky Miavia” and he was a part of a Survivor Series team in 1996 and the rest is Wrestling history.

How’s this for a Wrestlemania 28 card:

Flex Kavana vs. The Prototype

Terra Ryzing vs. Mean Mark Callous in HIAC with Shawn Michaels of the Midnight Rockers as referee

CM Punk (ROH) vs. “Lionheart” Chris Jericho for the WWE Title

“The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Sheamus O’Shaunessy for the World Title

Randy Orton (2002) vs. Dr. Issac Yankem

Cody Rhodes (w/ mask) vs. The Giant for the IC Title

Team Teddy Long (Bandana wearing manager) vs. Team Johnny Ace (Dynamic Dude)

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Here’s a look at Flex Kavana’s USWA debut teaming up with Brian Christopher taking on the Tag Champs Jerry “the King” Lawler and Superstar Bill Dundee