Hello and welcome to yet another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and I will be taking you through another episode of WWE Raw, we are just under two weeks away from WWE WrestleMania, the grand daddy of ‘em all.  Tonights show seems to be stacked, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are all in the house tonight.  Announced last week, tonight we have John Cena taking on Mark Henry.

We start the show off with WWE Champion, CM Punk, he gets inside the ring and they show the video from last week where Jericho was talking about CM Punks father being an alcoholic.  Punk said Jericho isn’t there tonight and It’s a good thing, because he pissed Punk off last week when he said that about his father.  Punk said he doesn’t care that Jericho said it, or how Jericho said it, but the fact that it isn’t Jerichos story to tell.  He says if there is a monster inside of him, then at WrestleMania he’s going to let it out on Jericho.  Punk says that Jericho didn’t tell the people the end of that story, the fact that his father overcame it and beat his demons and he’s proud of his father.  GREAT stuff, I loved this segment so much, it was absolutely powerful.  It came off like gold, CM Punk proved without a doubt why he is The Best In The World.  Jericho came on the big screen, he says he’s sorry for bringing it up and he’ll never bring it up again, he then starts talking about CM Punks sister and calls her a drug addict, he tells Punk that he is destined to drink.  CM Punk answered back but it was bleeped out so you can’t tell what he said unless you’re there live.  I’m almost certain Punk said Jericho was “full of shit” and that he’s going to “beat it out of him at WrestleMania”

First match tonight is Kane one on one against The Big Show.  Cody Rhodes came out, they play a video making fun of Big Show again.  Cody distracted Big Show, allowing Kane to choke slam Big Show off the top rope for the pin.  Cody attacked him after the match hitting the Beautiful Disaster, he then handcuffed Big Show to the ropes, Cody put on boxing gloves and started beating on Big Show.  After the match was pretty dumb I thought, but at least WWE is trying to build interest in this match, I still don’t care about it though.

Up next David Otunga heads to the ring with John Laurinaitis, his opponent is Santino Marella, who is being accompanied by Teddy Long.  They start with a pose down, it kind of looks to me like Santino has abs drawn on himself.  Laurinaitis distracted Santino, Santino took his phone and stomped on it, turned around and Otunga hit him with his spine buster for the pin, after the match Teddy slapped Laurinaitis.

Dwayne Johnson is up next, doesn’t say if he’s their live or not though.  Dwayne is via satellite.  He’s wearing sunglasses at night…  He says he’s going to drive to the arena to send Cena a message, great, so Dwayne will end the show as well.  I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t too impressed with it, nor did I listen to him word for word.  But a majority of his promo was kissing ass to the Philly crowd.

YES!  YES!  YES!  WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan!  And now I change that to NO!  NO!  NO!  His opponent, Zack Ryder.  Daniel Bryan countered the Rough Ryder into a LaBell Lock for the win, Zack got a couple of offensive moves in during this short match.

John Cena VS Mark Henry up next.  John Cena comes out to huge boos.    Cena beats Mark Henry with the Attitude Adjustment, after the match Dwayne comes out, Rock Bottoms Mark Henry, and leaves.  Stupid, especially how Michael Cole almost came in his pants saying it was a game of “one upsmanship” Sorry but can you explain to me how a Rock Bottom is more impressive then an Attitude Adjustment?

Video package talking about Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos taking on Beth Phoenix and Eve at WrestleMania, I could care less.

The Miz is in the ring talking about how he isn’t booked in WrestleMania 28, he issued an open challenge tonight to show John Laurinaitis he deserves to be on Team Johnny.  Sheamus came out from the back to answer the challenge.  Sheamus wins in a longer match then I expected, Miz can’t buy himself a win, that’s what he gets for not being able to meet Vinces expectations for Survivor Series.

Randy Orton up next to talk about his match with Kane at WrestleMania.  They have an old school early 1990’s type interview stage set up by the entrance which was pretty cool to see.  I’m not a fan of Orton, I think he’s boring on the microphone, he shows no emotion in his voice.

Vickie Guerrero introduces the two newest members of Team Johnny, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.  Up next we have Ziggler and Swagger going against R Truth and Kofi Kingston.  I am NOT a fan of Jack Swaggers new “Dennis The Menace” Hairdo.  Vickie shoved Truths foot off the rope allowing Ziggler and Swagger to get the win, after the match Vickie and Aksana had themselves an old fashioned ECW style “CATFIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!” (In my best Joey Styles voice)

Up next, Triple H, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels will be in the same ring at the same time.  Shawn Michaels comes to the ring first, he talks about how he holds the streak in the palm of his hand. He says “the end of an era” is just code for the end of the streak, and talks about how he was in the same boat a couple of years ago.  Undertaker cuts him off and walks to the ring.  Undertaker starts talking about how he‘s already told Shawn this match needs to remain pure, Triple H immediately cuts him off and comes down to the ring.  HHH says that as much as Shawns ego wants it to be about him, it isn’t.  HHH and Taker go back and forth as Shawn just stands there watching them, Taker asked if HHH remembered when Taker told him Shawn was better then him, he said he is, Shawn stood there with a slight grin on his face, HHH and Shawn got face to face as the show ended.  Pretty dull segment to end the show I thought.

My overall opinion, I enjoyed it for the most part, I loved watching the Jericho/Punk segment, that is going to be a great fight between the two, Jericho making things way more personal talking about Punks sister.

I give tonights show a 3/5, I thought it lacked tonight, Dwayne showing up live only to Rock Bottom Mark Henry was pretty stupid, his video segment wasn’t that great tonight either, surprised Cena got no mic time to talk about the match at WrestleMania.

Hopefully next week I’ll have a banner for the column, when I get a chance during the week I’ll be working on that.

I hope you enjoyed reading the column, thanks for reading, let me know what you thought about the show tonight and the column as well.  The column is just my opinion, I could be wrong, but I doubt it 😉