Dear IWC Marks…

Dear IWC Marks, this message goes out to you, , with your “Vast” knowledge of the wrestling business, with 7 dirtsheet report sites on your favorite list, who constantly talk about what is wrong with the business, but yet contribute nothing to the world not Just wrestling, but any aspect of the world you don’t contribute anything. This is a message for you low life dwellers of the internet, and how pathetic, shameful, disgusting, and downright pathetic most of you are.

For one, Shut the fuck up about the attitude era, I am willing to bet 90% of you delusional dipshits were not even born yet, and if you were, you were not even out of diapers yet. The Attitude era was NOT the greatest era in wrestling, infact, by your shit stain logic, it is what almost killed the wrestling business. Everything you constantly complain about today, was more alive in the attitude era than before.

Quick meaningless matches. They were called hardcore matches, and if you think about the term hot potato now, there was a title for these senseless matches, and it was passed around 230 times in 4 YEARS. People would have 30 second title reigns. You want to talk about hot potato belts, and meaningless matches, can’t get more meaningless than the hardcore title and their matches.

“But Tim That was the hardcore title” Shut up, From 1996 to 2001, The attitude era you praise so much, there was only 7 champions that held the belt for 100 plus days, and only one of those champions held the belt 200 plus days. MEANWHILE, and here are some of the longer reigns of the Post attitude era.
John “Bradshaw” Layfield – 280 days
John Cena – 280 days
John Cena – 380 days
Randy Orton – 203 days
Triple H – 210 days
These are the 200 plus day holders, 5 times the amount of the attitude era.
Brock Lesnar – 152 days
Eddie Guerrero – 133 days
John Cena – 133 days
Twatface Miz – 160 days
CM Punk – 100 plus days (current champ)
The 100 day champs. Granted, only 5 compared to the 6. But for those who constantly bitch that there is too long term title runs, needs to get their heads out of their asses. Yes John cena has been champion for way to long, but in comparison to Hulk Hogan’s 1747 day run as champion, maybe you should be thankful that Cena can at least lose the belt, instead of HOG(an)ING the spot light for years, But Those are the WWE champs, there are two belts,
Triple H – 280 days
Chris Benoit – 154 days
Batista – 282 days
Rey Mysterio – 112 days
King Booker – 126 days
Batista – 126 days
Edge – 105 days
Undertaker – 140 days
Kane – 154 days
Daniel Bryan – 100+ days* (current champ)
(*Time of article Daniel Bryan is sitting on 90 day champ with his next title defense in 14 days)

“But Tim, The Tag division was more alive as well” LOOK, In the sky, It is a bird, NO, It is a plane, NO, it is, It is, A steaming pile of bullshit. While yes, the Tag TITLES got more use in this era, to say the division was a success is bull.
Who can forget such classic teams such as…
The Godwinns with their 2 title runs, lasting UNDER 10 days.
Two legends made up of Kane and mankind, with 2 runs, around 40 days.
Two legends made up of Stone Cold and Undertaker, with 1 Run for 15 days.
The Unholy Alliance (Undertaker and Bigshow), with 2 runs for 21 days.
The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection (Mankind and The Rock), with 3 runs for 15 days.

Great dream teams usually made in some crappy wwe game release, came to life in this era, but in the end, they pass the tag titles around faster than a game of dodge ball.
Yeah, there was a fair amount of good teams, the Hardyz, The Dudlies, E&C, The New Age Outlaws, and The British Bulldog and Owen Hart had a good run, but overall, The Tag titles back then, were used a prop more than, than it is now. Unless your name was the New age outlaws, in this era, you would not hold the belt for more than 100 days, hell you would be lucky to hold the titles for more than a month.

Post Attitude era success stories of the tag division include
The World’s Greatest Tag Team
Paul London and Brian Kendrick
The Colóns
La Résistance
The Hurricane and Rosey
Kane and The Big Show
John Morrison and Twatface Miz
Those annoying bastards (aka the Spirit Squad)
Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes
The Hart Dynasty
And Air Boom

“But Tim The women’s division was MUCH better than it was now” That is up for debate, while yes, the women were shown more, the amount of models VS Wrestlers is much different, and while The attitude era had Trish, Lita, Jazz, Molly Holly, and many more, they were also treated more as sex objects as well. This is a coin flip, On one had I agree, The women’s division is failing in comparison to the past, but the past was also more about sex appeal, for god sakes there was mud wrestling and bra and panties match, where even the winner would eventually strip down to her underwear just because. Meanwhile I have to say, with Beth, Natie, and more importantly Kharma, while the first two are typical blond girls with big… ascents, Kharma is a break from the mold, AJ Lee a swap from model to an actual wrestler, it is hard to determine which era is worse or better. But because of people Like Trish who was a model and went to better herself, ONE point to the attitude era, But take that point with a note that is was filled with sex appeal.

“But Tim Screwjob endings.”

Is This era the best wrestling has been, NO, but is this a generally more advanced era than before, yes. The WWE is actually having wrestlers, unlike the past, where the man who made wrestling a main stream medium could not tell you the difference between a fireman’s carry, and a scoop slam. The man who was famous for slamming a really big wrestler. Hulk Hogan is indeed one of the worst wrestlers in the business, but has done enough for the business (In the past) to at least make it main stream. Compare him to John Cena, and John Cena is the most technical man who ever lived. Did the attitude era have its moments, It sure as hell did, Did it make wrestling fans out of many, Hell yeah, was it entertaining to watch, you bet, did it come with its own faults, Most definitely. This all goes back to the IWC, who will never be happy, who will always complain, and constantly compare everything to the attitude era, That era was a product of the 90’s, an era of anger and rage, where anti-heroes and being bad was great, where the typical villain became more. It is time to move on, move up, and grow up, as I see the same old shit. Complaining about The Rock and his “Rock Concert”, CM Punk “selling out” Cena always in the main event never selling or losing cleanly (ahem Hulk Hogan No sold more), and the constant bitching and double stabbing of wanting a wrestler pushed, and once he is pushed you hate him. You IWC bastards need to shut the fuck up, get away from the keyboard and go play in traffic.

And that is another thing I don’t get from you little piss stains. CM Punk, one of the most gifted and talented wrestlers the wwe has, finally got the push he needed from independent star to superstar, and the night he returns, I hear the echoes of the word sellout. For MONTHS, you IWC Smarks have been demanding he get his push, and once he cut that promo heard around the world, got to the main event spot, suddenly a big change in heart. CM Punk isn’t the only one, Alberto Del Rio, Sin Carra, TwatFace Miz, Zack Ryder, and many many more. Once you little fuckwits see that someone is finally getting the push YOU asked for, and getting popular, you drop them like a bad habit and move on to some other no name in the wwe to act like you know what the business is like. Don’t give me that “Characters change” shit. If you truly are a fan of a wrestler, you can deal with almost any image they can put out there. But by the way, the people I listed, DIDN’T change, they just go the pushes that you little toadstools wanted, and now that they are in the big picture, you don’t want to seem like another fan. Get the fuck out of here with your turn coat ways.

“But Tim, You hate The Miz and Alberto Del Rio” Your damn straight I do. I never felt Twat face miz deserved a push, I hated him for the longest time. When he did that stupid wwe online show with Morrison to his countless tag title runs, I have always noticed that his partner was always doing the work, and cannot handle it on his own. Key difference is, I never supported the twatface, Never held a “Awesome, miz is the future” with me. I do know a few people that turned, and not for any logical reasoning. As for Del Rio, I grew tired of his act, I still stand by that he is indeed a good wrestler, but MITB winner, and Royal Rumble winner, I felt he was pushed to fast and that once he reaches the top, only place for him is down. And I was right, I didn’t turn on him, I still say he deserves a good push, not a grand fucking push like the one he got, The only time I did support him was in his feud with Rey Mysterio, and for one many reason, Rey is a dirtbag.

“But Tim Sometimes….” NO Stopping you right there, you turn coat bastards have no excuse. Most of you little heathens of wrestling are most likely the same ones bitching about the rock returning for one match and taking away the spotlight from others. Most of you were most likely don’t remember when the Rock was booed straight out of the wwf when it was made know he was leaving for movies. You kiss the guys ass when he returns and now that you hear he is leaving again, in typical turn coat fashion you all present yourself to be, you hate everything he does so blindly.

“But Tim you have to admit the product is turning to shit” yes, it is called a down period. Everything has one of those. You greedy like fuckheads who suffer from ADD can’t picture a pause to help things

“But Tim you are a member of the IWC”
No fuck that, I am a wrestling fan, I am a writer, and I am tired of hearing the same old shit. If I have an opinion, I back it up with facts, and knowledge, and reasoning, Something that separates me from the IWC, Reasoning. I don’t turncoat on a favorite wrestler, just because he got popular like some preteen hipster with too much time on their hands I don’t hate a wrestler blindly just because it is the cool thing to do, I don’t watch to over evaluate a weekly show that has been going on before I watched it, and after I watched it, I am Tim5000, and to the IWC, You can piss off, go play in traffic, or a long list of activities that involve you guys shutting the fuck up,

@Tim5000 Professional Hater and Proud member of the NOT IWC.

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