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“Fast Forward”

With all the hype around WrestleMania 28 I wanted to go ahead and fast forward and book WrestleMania 29 the way I’d like to see it play out.

CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler (WWE Title match) – By this time next year I fully expect Dolph Ziggler to be main eventing on Raw and to be honest I could totally see him going into WM29 the WWE Champion. The matches that Dolph has already had with CM Punk have been great to say the least. The two have a good chemistry together and the styles mesh quite well. CM Punk would fit perfectly well into the veteran role against Dolph and be able to carry him through a top-notch WM match with ease. By then Dolph will be even more comfortable in the main event and with all the opportunities the two have had against each other, it will only seem natural. I would have Dolph as the heel w/ Vickie go into WM29 as the Champion. Punk would be going in to get revenge and regain his title with the crowd’s full support. This would a great place for CM Punk to win back the title and give him the WM title win. This could also signal the end for Dolph/Vickie as the final crack in the relationship if the two haven’t already moved on by this time next year.

Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker (Streak match) – After seeing The Undertaker face HHH the last two years, for WM29 I would love to see WWE take a different route. These two together in my opinion could create the feud of the year. With Jericho’s great mic skills and ability to be a great antagonist and Undertakers hero like status, it would be a classic WWE style matchup. With Undertakers age and skill level both forever changing putting him in the ring with a skilled performer is a must. We all know Jericho has the ability to perform with any style of competitor, and we all know what Undertaker has to offer in the ring. Not only could Jericho make Undertaker look like a million bucks, Undertaker could feel safe knowing that he has a well-seasoned veteran in the ring with him that can think quickly and change on the fly if need be. This would almost have an early 90’s feel Undertaker feud to me, when Taker was the heel going up against Hogan/Piper and any face that stood in his way. To me this would also be a refreshing change from the Taker/HHH rivalry.

Christian vs. Daniel Bryan (WHC Title match) – Not only do I see the next year to be a very successful year for Christian, I also see it continuing to be a great success for Daniel Bryan. Daniel has gone on to have quite the title run so far, longer than what anyone truly probably believed. Not only is his title run going extremely well, Daniel has come off as a legit championship contender in my eyes. I see shades of Chris Benoit all throughout Daniel, as I love his intensity and his focus. His technique is absolutely flawless and I could see these traits matching up perfectly against Christian. The technical bouts these two could put on would be absolutely breathtaking. Not only could these two have amazing submission matches, but cage matches, ladder matches and anything that involved higher than average skills. I hope this feud actually happens in the future and I believe this would be a WrestleMania worthy match. The fans still support Christian even though he’s trying to be a heel, but I believe Christian going in as a face against Daniel would be more beneficial and help solidify Daniel as a heel up to the next level.

John Cena vs. The Rock (Part 2) – If the WWE plans on giving these two a 3 match series, I’d rather see all 3 matches take place at WrestleMania instead of one sitting out of place at SummerSlam or another PPV during the middle of the year. The year wait we’ve had since last years announcement has been a great build for this match. So far to me it’s been done very well and the timing of bringing The Rock in has been great. At WM28 this year I’d easily have The Rock defeat John Cena, making Cena go absolutely crazy and attack Rock giving him a horrible heel beat down. This would at least continue the story and give them a reason to have a confrontation sooner than later to set up WM29. The Rock would make Cena beg, borrow and steel in order to finally get a re-match, but finally after months of speculation, they’d finally have the match signed for the big PPV. At WM29 John Cena would pick up the victory over The Rock, tying the series at 1-1. The final match to settle it all would take place at WM30, in an epic encounter.

Honorable mention – Justin Gabriel vs. Tyson Kidd (IC Title match) Just because I believe these two both deserve a push and re-package. They both have potential to become main eventers in my opinion and it would be great to see them get some sort of recognition and TV time. By this time next year I hope these two are at least high mid carders who get rewarded with a WM match.

This still leaves a lot of great talent to work with for the undercard. I’m hoping by next year the Divas division will be seen a little differently, and hoping the return of Kharma gives it a little more exposure. I really wanted to see a Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix this year, but perhaps we will be lucky enough to see it next year. Why not throw in Natayla while they’re at it, too? Also perhaps by WM29 we might have a little more respectable tag team division. I honestly believe WWE could make big money with tag teams, but they’ve completely forgot how. LOD, The Rockers etc. all sold merchandise and had huge followings. The great thing about tag teams is you sell double the merchandise when it comes to action figures and collectables. Please WWE, tag team wrestling and a decent divas division by next year’s WM.

Obviously these are all just hopes and dreams of mine but it’s quite interesting to think ahead to WM29 and think about what possibly might be booked with the talent and stories they’ve been pushing. In the spirit of opinions, what would you readers like to see happen at WrestleMania 29? Who would you like to see square off for the WWE Title and WHC? Who would you like to see try and attempt to end The Undertakers streak? Any specific matches you’d like to see?

James Bones