It’s finally here, the week we’ve all been waiting for! WrestleMania week and honestly is there ever a week that is more anticipated than this week in the IWC or wrestling world in general? I think not, in fact I know not. I know I’m excited, I know you’re excited and I know Vince McMahon is just watching the dollars flow in effortlessly!

The Shooter has went off the grid, I guess Mania was too much for him and he’s taken the week off. So me, boring old Ryan is back to give you guys and gals a preview of the World Heavyweight Championship match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus! Caution: I may be slightly biased as Sheamus is my number one favourite in WWE at the moment. Caution: I may be slightly biased as Daniel Bryan is right behind Sheamus in number two spot. P.S – for all those wondering, YES YES YES I do have a fave five. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT SUCKAAAAA?!

 In terms of the Mania match card this would be the fourth most important match, although you could argue that due to the lack of build that it actually ranks below Team Johnny vs Team Teddy and Randy Orton vs Kane matches. Personally, the Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan would actually be rather high in my most anticipated matches. Here’s the order of anticipation for me:

–          The Rock vs John Cena (WWE have booked this well and I’m really excited for Flo Rida’s and MGK live performances as well as the match)

–          Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship

–          CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the WWE Title

–          Undertaker vs Triple H

Before you start hootin’ and hollerin’ let me explain my reasons for this. Sheamus is my #1 and Daniel Bryan is my #2 favourite, so it only makes sense that I can’t wait to see their Mania match. I’ve seen these guys wrestle live in my home city and it was the best match of that show, even better than the Randy Orton – CM Punk street fight match (photos of this show are at hope you don’t mind the cheap plug Ray). I know how good these guys can work together, hell even you should know how well these two go, we’ve seen them wrestle before. Sure it won’t be the best match in the world, and CM Punk and Jericho will probably be better but that shouldn’t mean it makes me or you any less interested in the Sheamus/Daniel Bryan match itself.

Another reason why I’m so interested in this match is because both guys are relatively “new” in WWE. Sheamus has been around for a good two/three years but considering the length of the other main eventers careers Sheamus would be seen as relatively new. Daniel Bryan hasn’t been in WWE long, only about two years but has been around the wrestling scene for a long time. Last year at Mania I remember I wasn’t feeling the excitement all that much therefore I didn’t buy it and thank god I went on my gut instinct because last year’s Mania was close to the worst Mania in my opinion. I remember Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan was scheduled for the main show where Sheamus was defending his U.S. Title, and I was up at 12 just before the main show started and I found out that Sheamus/DB had been bumped to the dark match in which it was turned into a lumberjack match before all the lumberjacks got involved and someone took it upon themselves to turn it into a battle royal which the Great snooze fest Khali won. I don’t think I’ve ever been any angrier at WWE as I was then because they’d fucked Sheamus and Daniel Bryan over. One year on and Sheamus and Daniel Bryan have progressed onto the World Title scene and are now having a main event match at Mania. This just shows how far both guys have come in WWE in the space of a year. Never in the history of WrestleMania has a dark match returned the following year in a main-event.

Secondly, I just want Sheamus and Daniel Bryan to prove why they deserve to be at the top. Sure Punk probably reaches out to more fans and Cena will always be on top but Sheamus has a fresh cut image, people like Sheamus for standing up for himself and for others and Daniel Bryan is just loved by most wrestling fans. Daniel Bryan is probably one of the best wrestlers in the world, and Sheamus is getting better with time, just like a good wine if you’re into that. I remember reading that Orton had stated in an interview that more people would be interested in the Randy Orton/Kane match than the Sheamus/Daniel Bryan. There are only two words for that dude: Deluded and Narcissistic. Orton’s out for Orton and really? I would love nothing more than for the whole stadium to empty to the toilets during the Orton/Kane match and show full support for the Sheamus/Daniel Bryan matcf, farfetched I know but Orton needs a reality check.

WWE haven’t spent their time wisely in the case of Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. They’ve said a few things here and there but WWE haven’t really gone beyond the fact that Sheamus won the Royal Rumble and chose Daniel Bryan as his Mania opponent. I think WWE should have used the fact that Bryan and Sheamus were last year’s Mania Dark Match and showcase how far they’ve came. If they had of went down this route then they would have had such a great story. Of course the IWC know about this and can short of hype themselves up but imagine the promos they could have cut on this subject? Would have been fantastic. Like I said few things have been said but this match still remains my second most anticipated.

Another interesting matter in this debacle is A.J! The “perky nerd” is currently in Daniel Bryan’s corner and has been getting pushed about for a while, sometimes saving Daniel Bryan from a beatdown. It’ll be interesting to note what her movements are at Mania.Will she do nothing? Will she help Bryan retain? Or will she turn against Bryan and help Sheamus to the gold? Personally, I hope she does SOMETHING rather than NOTHING. I don’t really classify as A.J as heel and I don’t really classify her as a babyface. She’s caught in the middle but come Mania I hope we’ll find out exactly what she is.

Whatever happens I have a gut instinct that this match will be one of the best come Mania. I feel that the Sheamus and Daniel Bryan match has went unnoticed therefore this match has the potential to be the great dark horse, the match that despite many not really noticing will have people speaking come the end of the night!

My prediction for the match winner is Daniel Bryan because I feel that WWE are trying to build him up and the only way to do that is to keep the title on him. He’s held the title for a relatively short time so I can see Bryan holding the title for a few weeks maybe months longer. Sheamus will get the gold in 2012, possibly at Extreme Rules or later down the line like SummerSlam. These two will continue their feud after WrestleMania, or so I hope!


EXTRA: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus (c) at WrestleMania 27 in the dark match.

That’s all for this week from me. Next week will see The Shooter’s return. Stay tuned on where you will get all the news and previews you need to catch your fix before the big one on Sunday. It’s sure to be a great WrestleMania and as always will be following it every step of the way.