The End of An Era Match Preview: By Tim

One of the big matches on Wrestlemania’s card is the End of the Era match, and while it might not steal the show, it has the most to talk about. This isn’t just a simple one on one match, this isn’t a one on one match with a special guest referee, this isn’t just a one on one match with a special guest referee that has a long history with the wrestlers, this IS a One on One HELL in a CELL match with a special guest referee with a long history of the wrestlers. This will be the power house match, the match decades in the making, with every detail down to the final count, standing the test of time. Every element of the match noted it is impossible to take in the history this match has all wrapped up into one mega event, any other time of the year would sell out arenas in a heartbeat. Undertaker VS Triple H, with Special Guest Referee Shawn Michaels in HELL IN A CELL!

Again Every detail must be noted, and to start it off, the match itself, HELL IN A CELL. There was 24 Hell in the cell matches, and while it has become a shadow of its former self, by turning into a cheap Pay per view, and the structure of the cell has changed to where it is no longer as brutal as years past, it still holds up as one of WWE’s biggest match types, ranging from insanely bloody, to a mediocre event, it has a long and rich history of being destructive in any scenario. In these 24 matches, there was everything from bodies falling, bloody massacres, public hangings, and devastation left in the ring when the match was over. This won’t change at this year’s event either. Undertaker has been in 11 of the Hell in a Cell matches, and while he has only won 5 of them, he has shown to be the master of the domain, with being in the First Hell in the cell match, and being in many class moments around this caged beast. Triple H has shown a dominance unseen before with 6 out of 8 victories, with only one singles loss and one where he was not pinned (6 man Hell in the cell). The Hell in a Cell match is brutal at its finest and puts the elimination chamber to shame when it comes to how effective the cage and surroundings can be used. This year, don’t expect a cookie cutter type of hell in a cell from these two, if they bring the “classic” cage back, expect a powerful match, with heavy hitting slams and some good old fashion cage brutality. With its long history, the Cell has made only one appearance at mania, and while it was poorly rated, it did still managed to deliver a shocking moment (Big Boss man being Hung) This will be the second time the Cell will see Mania since its creation in 1997.

Shawn Michaels. First doing what many consider impossible, and that is Retire and STAY retired. It has been two years since his streak or career match with Undertaker, and so far kept his word and hasn’t competed in a ring since then. In a time where “career” matches usually means 4 months than return, Shawn has kept his word and not wrestled since that classic, Historic match of titans. HBK has appeared in the First Hell in the Cell match, and in a weird sense, has had is career ended twice by the Undertaker, one was by a bad slam onto a casket in a casket match, and the other in the Wrestlemania 27 main event. Shawn has been a mixture of things, but one constant was he was a high energy performer through and through. With his famous sweet chin music that could come from any given moment, and his ability to be an unstoppable force, Shawn Michaels’ dominance was only matched by his attitude. Amazing, super human feats and skills combined with his love for the sport, made him Mr.Wrestlemania. Always stealing the spot light at any given chance. As special Guest Referee, Shawn doesn’t really have a perfect track record, and with his history and Montreal Screwjob still resting with him, (while both Bret Hart, and HBK finally moved on), Shawn and the Black and White Striped Shirt don’t mix well.

D-Generation-X, Evolution, The Kliq, McMahon-Helmsley, His connection with many powerful groups, both on camera and behind the scenes had made Triple H a contender out of himself. 13 Time world champion, and a power wrestler, Triple H survived the test of time on many fronts, from backstage epidemics and taking part in the worst storyline ever (Hello Katie Vick Storyline) to ruining DX by adding a midget to the faction, Triple H is just like herpes, no matter what you cannot get rid of him, and will come back to be the center of attention. With a powerful ego and pride, his refusal to lose, and strive for the gold, and friends with legendary Ric Flair, Triple H has the teachings and ability to bring out a good fight.

19-0. The Undertaker holds the record, for going undefeated for 19 years at wrestling’s biggest event of the year. Missing only 2 events in his already impressive career, The Deadman stands alone in his own category of wrestling superstar. To the many nay sayers out there I say try and doubt what The Undertaker has done, and try and to insult him, It is just foolish to think otherwise. Ignoring the 19 and 0 record, he is one of the most impressive athletes the WWE has ever seen, standing 6 foot 10, in his prime was agile and quick enough to stand in his own class of warrior. Once titled the best pure striker in the business, when it came to being a competitor, The Undertaker was and still is the total package, using his height, strength, and speed to his advantage, the few that did beat The Undertaker, are no longer around, while age is finally catching up to The Deadman, how many near 50 year olds can jump the over the top rope without leverage. The Undertaker’s arsenal of moves includes a submission that sent his opponents bleeding from the mouth, an over 6 foot slam, his height, plus the reach of his arms, and finally, the Tomb Stone Pile Driver, the curtain call of his moves. But what sets The Undertaker above all else, is his mind games, and manipulation of any situation. Even during his “badass” days, he still found a way to toy with his opponent’s mind. The Undertaker is a one of a kind wrestler that is a force to be feared with.

As stated, his Hell in The Cell Record, is unlike his Wrestlemania record. Triple H has the fuel needed to win, but does he have the ability? Undertaker VS Triple H 3 is looking to be a classic if done right, maybe not the show stealer, maybe not match of the year, but definitely something that will be talked about ages to come, and now for the winner…

Undertaker, While it may seem like for once, the cards are stacked against the deadman, HBK, long time rival and whose career he ended as the ref, closest friend to the ref his opponent, Undertaker set the mind games in motion with one simple phrase “He is”. Remember, Triple H agreed to the match after his pride got into the way and Undertaker called out Triple H, saying Shawn was the better of the two, and with that, Triple H’s pride will be his downfall this year.

I will be watching live from the nose bleeds of this epic event, and can honestly say, while I am not a 100% fan of Triple H, I am looking forward to this battle of titans. A End of an Era match, indeed it will be.