The match that has been anticipated by millions for the past eight years is finally (Pun Intended) upon us. This match has been heavily promoted specifically in these last 12 months as the match was announced, heck, I get goosebumps every time these two men are in the ring together. Why? It’s not just a wrestler vs. another wrestler. The Rock isn’t just a wrestler; he is a phenomenon, a brand. This match is indeed the true main event of the night. We may see better wrestling matches, but at the end of the day, this is the only match you’re really going to care about. In fact, I doubt you’ll even be thinking about the other matches once the video preview for this match airs. You will be all focused solely on this, Anticipating it. It’s been years since a match has been built 12 months in advanced before they actually properly lay hands on each other, and to keep fans interested all along the way, I imagine is quite difficult. I don’t think there has been once in the last 12 months I have not wanted to see John Cena talking about The Rock or vice versa. There is so much to talk about and be excited about. It’s almost unpredictable how this match will turn out, I have my predictions, as you’ll find out later in this column but still. This is going to be absolute compared to The Rock vs. Hogan. It’s going to be a helluva lot better. Why? We have BOTH guys in their prime, whom have done it all and beyond. With The Rock vs. Hogan, Hulk was past it, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. The Rock vs. John Cena is two megastars in their prime about to give us one helluva battle!

This match isn’t ”New vs. Old”, more so past vs. present. However, as I said, The Rock is still in his prime so you get what I’m saying there regarding that it’s not ”New vs. Old”. This match portraits vibe that it means everything for both men. When we watch all the promos, we can see The Rock wants it and we see that John Cena ”needs” it. The Rock is a goal-getter, he sets out his goals and does his utmost best to accomplish them, The Rock also feels he has a major point to prove to us that he still has it. John Cena is a man who will stop at nothing to win, he’ll go against an entire army just to win…..he’ll ”Never Give Up”, especially with the Cenation fully behind him. The Rock is from the most successful era in all of WWE history, the Attitude Era, when we see The Rock, we get a glimpse of the Attitude Era again and we mark out because he reminds us how great the Attitude Era was. This match, unlike ANY other match on the card will get media attention because you have a huge and I mean HUGE Hollywood star going in the ring again facing off against John Cena. Also think about it, does The Rock NEED the money for this? Does The Rock have to risk his body by being physical? No he doesn’t. The Rock is doing this out of passion and love for wrestling.

Assuming you all know, WWE talent once were complaining about The Rock not ”putting anybody over” and getting the main event spot at WrestleMania, the biggest stage of them all and where EVERY WWE superstar wants to be apart of it. Some also think it’s unfair as he’s not on the road every night or whatever. Let me just say to them, what sort of idiots are you? You know The Rock is a MEGA star in Hollywood who more than likely will attract new fans to WWE, you know he literally has millions of followers, I’m including those who don’t watch all year round but will watch RAW because he’s on it. People go out of their way to watch The Rock, whether it will be on YouTube, streaming websites or on etc.. WrestleMania will get well over a million buy rates and will get media attention all over the world. Do you know what that means? That means each and every talent backstage will get extra dollars for WrestleMania, they’ll get fatter pay cheques. That’s a fact. The Rock is tremendous business for WWE so why wrestlers backstage were complaining about The Rock, I don’t know.

Fans are wondering how this match will play and who will win. Well I have two theories for this.

  • Theory one: The Rock will win.
  • Theory two: John Cena will win.

Simple? Why yes it is. But now to explain them and what it’ll mean for each man to win.

Reasons why The Rock should win. When you’re reading this, let the following just sink into your head. WrestleMania 28 is in Miami, the home town of The Rock. WrestleMania 28 is built as ”The Rock’s Night, The Rock’s Pay-Per-View”. Thousands of people will be purchasing WrestleMania purely to see The Rock whip John Cena’s ass. There will be 70, 000 strong in attendance with roughly I can imagine 80% being The Rock fans, WWE will want to make sure fans go home happy. This match is the final bout on the entire show, it’s the perfect way to send fans home with a smile on their faces. Another valid reason on why The Rock winning isn’t impossible: If The Rock won, it will show to fans that The Rock will be staying, if The Rock stays and fans know that, won’t those non consistent fans want to tune in to see The Rock. It’ would also lead to an awesome follow up match between the two. Reasons why John Cena should win. Firstly, The Rock has NOTHING to prove that he’s great, so a loss to John Cena wouldn’t be such a bad thing, like it wouldn’t make The Rock look weak or ”past it” or anything. Fans know John Cena has been wrestling non-stop for the last 10 years and that The Rock hasn’t being. If John Cena won, it would indeed put Cena ‘over’ more than the face of the WWE, it would potentially make him a legend because he defeated The Rock in the ”biggest match of all time” on the ”grandest stage of them all”. Cena would be known as the guy who defeated The Rock in his first WrestleMania since years before his last one. John Cena would be the guy who defeated the man who bet BOTH Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold at WrestleMania events.

Who do I want to win? Honestly, I’m not rooting for just one of these men. I want to see a good clean match with these megastars telling a magical story that we have anticipated for years. I have no doubt in my mind they will put on one of the greatest matches of all time. I think it’s nearly more important for The Rock to win it, though. Some reasons are mentioned two paragraphs up. However, about sending fans home happy,Β  for the long term it may be more important for The Rock to win. As I said before, he’ll be drawing in a lot of fans who will buy that Pay-Per-View who probably haven’t done so in years, they aren’t going to want to watch again if Cena wins, are they? But I’m sure they wouldn’t mind watching a follow up match, would you?

Once fans see they will get their moneys worth watching The Brahma bull – The Rock beating John Cena, they will seriously think about watching RAW the following night. If WWE use the moment on the RAW after WrestleMania top hype up The Rock vs. John Cena part 2, then those part time fans should continue to watch it. Ratings inflate, fans enjoying the product more, WWE makes more money…. everyone’s happy.

That concludes my match preview for WrestleMania 28 between The Rock and John Cena. This will be the last column on for WM so please leave ALL your thoughts and feedback regarding the match and this column below in the comment box. I want to thank EVERYONE who has participated in our Rambling Road To WrestleMania week here on Wrestling Rambles, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and we all have had some tremendous ramblings and discussions. The staff and contributors/readers truly are fantastic. I am staying up LIVE for WrestleMania and will more than likely be in the comment box leave my thoughts on some matches. If you haven’t commented on Wrestling Rambles before, please do….we encourage EVERY fan of pro wrestling to join in and make WR continue to grow. Hey, it could get you some more twitter followers.

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