How Undertaker vs Triple H Hell in a Cell should end and how it effects WWE

This Sunday at Wrestlemania 28 we have a ‘end of a era’ match between the two God’s of the monstrous structure Hell in a Cell, Triple H vs The Undertaker. It may be the third time we are watching this as a mania match but- it is the perfect choice to make these two sell this as the ‘end of era’. WWE can get this pretend direction they’ve been trying to do for years and finally push the fact that the torch needs to fully moved and move us fan from loving the old stuffs (I love za Rock and Austin, Fudge Cena), if you know what I mean. Yeah its also a match that we’ve allways wanted, obviously.  Hunter and Taker have definantly made this gimmick what it is, they have been in 18 of the 23 HIAC matches and have dominated the gimmick with 6 wins for HHH and 5 for the Phenom. Oh,then you also got Shawn Micheals..Who was in the first ever HIAC and is a huge friend of Hunters and happens to be the special guest referee!?

What a mouth watering match..but will WWE book it right? Well I will say what I want and what it could create  for the future of the WWE. Do you agree with me? on and see my ‘booking’ !

I actually have plotted in my brain three ways for what I think is a good situation to make this storyline somewhat usefull.

HBK Tries to Help Triple H but HHH doesnt want help

These two are really really good friends in the world of WWE. They have made WWE programming amazing with their on screen relationship with DX and then even not with DX, theyve been in numerous against eachother as well. Bascially it is a cyclical relationship, a weird brotherhood relationship lets say.

Anyways what wouls happen in this situation is that HHH would be demolised, the fans are stood watching Taker waiting to for a tombstone and then pin to go on to 20-0 and the streak gimmick lives. But no Micheals will simply gear up the sweet chin music and connect it, making Taker go down dead to the deadman he should be. HHH blasts and says this is not a good idea, it simply shows bad sportmanship but then enters a tombstone and Micheals in rage will count 1,2,3 and the streak lives..

This though does look unrealtistic simply because Hunter is starting to grow a coporate character, who doesnt seem to care about him losing. His mentality is like a coporate guy (kayfabe wise) and like VKM did he is not the weaker guy..well in his case. Why I can see this happening is a way to make HHHs heel qualities grow as the COO and he can brag about how he defeated Taker. He will be in charge of these new youngster ie Ziggler and Barrett and maybe build a stable saying he is the ruler of a ERA and he make new Princes and make them kings of a ERA like he was..beating the Undertaker.

HBK Shocks Miami and Taker

There is a some what mixed love between Taker and Micheals, they both take the fact proudly and say they produced matches of the year from Wrestlemania 25 and 26. Both are huge wrestling figures. They go together to show what wrestling is actually about and why we love these these over exaggarated characters.But then theyve gone against eachother in the past few episodes of Raw.

HBK will simply give Taker the win in a absolutley clean way. No heel tactics or what ever you may want to call it. The Underaker defeats the King of Kings in the right way. After all of this somewhat forshadowing that HHH and him will go together to tear up the Undertaker is demolished and reads Undertaker defined as the man of the era and had retired as a WWE Superstar.

What this then does is HBK annouces the next night to all viewers of Raw and those who didnt go on Says he has done the right thing. He has seen Undertaker do this after many years..he deserves it. HHH comes out and says and looking shocked saying why was he not given the win. HBK says he doesnt deserve it and this sparks a new rivalry in this crunched up brotherhood relationship and maybe they can fight over who should be COO and the likes of Steph can be involded. Yes the retired wrestler comes back, but that is nature of wrestling. Well in my opinion.


Everyone is in a brawl and the match ends in no contest.

A brawl basically happens and then starts off after a period of pins that Micheals tryed to do..HHH is in asking for a easy win and knocks out HBK with a sledgehammer or something but then just wants to destroy taker, both guys go out of the ring and then destroy a commentators table or something and cant compete.

This ends a era and the torch will definantly be handed on to Cena when he beats The Rock and the WWE fans simply respect this. HHH and his COO role stays but it will just go down as his last ever and greatest match. This would be for the sake of the WWE moving on and making the new stars shine. Truly saying this is the end of a era with the great ones vanishing which are Rock, HHH and Taker going away from the ring.For good.

Do you agree with these finishes or do you have different ideas?

Follow me @iAminulHasnan much love and I hope you enjoy Wrestlemania 28 this Sunday on pay per view!