We are just one day removed from a HUGE WrestleMania 28!  Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I will take you through this weeks episode of WWE Raw and I’ll give you my opinions along the way, at the end of this weeks column I will give my short opinion of WrestleMania.

We start the show off with John Laurinaitis he announces Santino will defend his United States Title against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in a triple threat match, CM Punk interrupts him and says he’s still a giant tool box.  Laurinaitis then books CM Punk VS Mark Henry for the WWE Title.

Dwayne Johnson comes out from the back on his way to the ring.  There are quite a few boos that were audible during his entrance too.  Dwayne talks for a few minutes about wrestling at WrestleMania last night, and says he has to thank John Cena, he says that one day he will walk down the aisle once again the WWE Champion…  (HELL NO!  Keep the hell away from CM Punk, don’t need him being buried too.)

Our first match is the United States Championship match.  Santino retains the United States title in a pretty good match, Ziggler and Swagger started fighting each other after double teaming Santino most of the match, Santino took advantage.  Afterward they chased Santino up the ramp, Brodus took out Ziggler as he ran toward him.

Lord Tensai making his WWE debut right now, Alex Riley on jobber duty tonight.  Lord Tensai (Formerly known as A Train) destroyed Alex Riley in an absolute squash match that I thought went on way too long.

CM Punk VS Mark Henry coming up next.  If anyone wants to see why CM Punk deserves to be THE MAN in the WWE look no further, GREAT MATCH between these two!  BIG shocker, Mark Henry wins by count out.  After the match Mark Henry attacked Punk, giving him a Worlds Strongest Slam on the floor.  Chris Jericho came out as Punk was laid out, he told Punk it was time to celebrate their match with a drink, he got a bottle and poured it out over Punk, Jericho kicked him but slipped on the puddle.  Jericho got another bottle and broke it on the back of Punks head.

Sheamus is up next, Justin Roberts said his name the fans rained down boos and rightly so.  Sheamus gets in one word and gets interrupted by Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez.  MASSIVE Daniel Bryan chants.  The fans start chanting “si” at Alberto, the fans have been fired up all night chanting “yes” for Daniel Bryan.  Del Rio challenges Sheamus to a match on SmackDown, if Del Rio wins he gets a future title shot.  Del Rios microphone cut out, he went to switch microphones, he turns around into a Brogue Kick to a chorus of boos.  They showed Daniel Bryan watching a monitor, the fans erupted into cheers.

Cody Rhodes comes out for his match against Kofi Kingston.  Not a good match at all, Cody was about to put Kofi away when Big Show came out and caused an interference, Kofi hit Trouble In Paradise for the win.  I guess this was tonights divas match…

Mark Henry throwing stuff in his locker room, Abraham Washington walks into the room wanting to unite with Henry to lead him to the top.

Eve comes out from the back and stands on the top of the ramp with a microphone, she talks about everyone wanting their WrestleMania moment, and last night she got hers, when she manipulated Zack Ryder.  HUGE Zack Ryder chants from the crowd.

The Miz comes out next for his match against Zack Ryder!  Zack Ryder showing a mean streak in this match early on, Ryder hits the Broski Boot on Miz and got a near fall.  Miz went on to win with Skull Crushing Finale.  Pretty lame that Miz went from big time jobber just a couple of weeks ago to getting two big wins in a row.

John Cena comes out from the back to a ton of boos and a few cheers.  Fans started a “You’re a loser chant” Cena talks for a bit about wanting Dwayne to come out from the back, the fans chanting LOUDLY “We Want Lesnar”  John Cena gets interrupted by Brock Lesnar to a huge ovation.  Cena extends his hand and Lesnar gives him an F5, the crowd erupts and the show goes off the air with Lesnar playing to the crowd…  This sucks, I now have to root for John Cena for ANOTHER YEAR, because I can’t stand Lesnar.

Overall I loved the show, I’m sure most of it was due to the crowd, the crowd was on fire all night, and I’m sure most of it had to do with it being the day after WrestleMania.  I’ll give this show a 4.5/5, probably the highest rating I gave a show to date, thank the crowd for making this Raw absolutely amazing, people were throwing out “best Raw in 10-12 years” on Twitter, I wouldn’t go THAT far…

I wonder what’s going to happen between Jericho and Punk now, obviously they’ll meet in another match, probably at Extreme Rules.

I wish Zack Ryder would stop being buried, again…  Just a few weeks ago The Miz was a bonafide jobber, and how he’s somehow back toward the top of the WWE scene.

My last piece of advice for John Cena…  Aim for the ribs, we’ve learned one thing about Brock Lesnar the past couple of years, the man can’t take a body shot.

I said earlier I would give a shortened opinion of WrestleMania 28, here it is, the first hour was terrible, take away the first hour and you have a damn near PERFECT PPV, Daniel Bryan losing in 18 seconds is a disgrace.  Rock VS Cena was 3rd best match of the night in my opinion, great match, wrong man won.  HHH/Taker stole the show with CM Punk/Chris Jericho a somewhat distant 2nd.

That’s all for this weeks column, I hope you enjoyed the column as well as the show itself.