We are more than 24 hours removed from a momentous Wrestlemania. With Wrestling’s biggest show once again in the books, we bring you another edition of “Remember When.”

Do you remember when Brian Pillman wrestled a giant pencil?

It was back in his days in ECW in 1996, right after he was let go from his WCW contract and after his famous ECW promo. You know, the one where he described the difference between a mark and a smart mark?

After his return to ECW (he made is ECW debut back in 1994 teaming with Shane Douglas against Ron Simmons and 2 Cold Scorpio), he began making further appearances for the promotion including one segment where he took on a giant pencil.

It begins with Pillman in what seems to be his house, I’m not sure, but it is a house nonetheless. He’s talks about the “Booker man” wanting Pillman to put the pencil over and then the match ensues. As the match goes on, Pillman looks at the camera and says “I always end up fighting with a pencil” before putting a beatdown to said pencil.

The Loose Cannon Gimmick may have started in WCW, but it was in ECW where the gimmick took off to the legendary status that we have known and love to this day, in my opinion.

I heard Pillman was scheduled to face Shane Douglas in ECW, but when he suffered his horrendous car crash and shattered his ankle, it never happened. To me, that’s a shame because I would have loved to see how his style of Wrestling would have been received in the land of Extreme.

Here’s the epic encounter of Brian Pillman vs. The Giant Pencil