Last Monday Night on Raw, something epic happened. It’s not often I use the word ”epic” but that’s the best way to describe what happened. A guy named Brock Lesnar returned to World Wrestling Entertainment, and by god did he make an impact! Not only did he return but he executed an F-5 to John Cena, the night after Cena lost in a tremendous match against The Rock. To celebrate Brock’s sensational return to WWE, I’m going to be talking about his tattoos and try my best to research what they mean. 

Brock Lesnar has many tattoos, and like every tattoo, usually they generate a deep and personal meaning to that person.  Therefore I did some research and found out what they mean. I’ll go through each of them individually with a photo of them.

The first is his large back piece design which consists of a monstrous demon skull and sword in the middle, alongside an armless hand on each side. Monstrous can mean something that is shockingly hideous or frightful. I’m not sure exactly if this is the correct reason why Lesnar has this tattoo, but I can see a connection, can you?

The round mound of muscle also has the predator movie creature on his left shoulder, plus a skull on his right shoulder. The skull is probably the most common tattoo. Skulls can serve a number of symbolic purposes. The most common being of death and mortality. They can also allude to the following…..

  • Protection
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Overcoming death
  • Overcoming a tough time
  • A past life, now changed, never to revert.

People often refer to Lesnar’s chest tattoo as a ”penis”. If you ask me, I think it looks more like a sword. I couldn’t actually think or a more befitting name for it. This was by far the most difficult  tattoo to research. Eventually I got somewhere as to what it means. The following is a piece from Cagepotato’s article on the 12 Worst Tattoo’s in MMA: 

“If he wanted something ‘subtly phallic’, he failed. This is in-your-face and it runs smack down the middle of his torso. It’s annoying enough that he’s riding so much hype, but now we have to deal with seeing this thing everytime he’s in the cage.”

I’m afraid that’s all I can get on this tattoo. I asked ”What does Lesnar’s chest tattoo mean” into Google, I found this one answer from wiki answers quite funny….

”It means he is a closet homosexual. You see Brock Lesnar knows that entering into a homosexual relationship may hurt his career. In order to satisfy his lust for penis he had a large vieny one permanently inked between his cleavage.”

That wraps up this column. Feed me your feedback below in the comments section. Would love to know what you think of his tattoos or if you have any yourself. By the way, I know this isn’t a long written column, but I’m aiming to do two maybe three of this length a week. Or I’ll do one of this length and something like a ”Jam-Packed Ramble”. All depending on how much time I have and all. I also want to give a shoutout to @AngryPaul83 who suggested I do a column on Brock’s tattoos. Also follow myself @RayTheRambler and @WrestlinRambles on twitter. Thanks again for reading.