WWE has been known to travel the globe in order to put on their shows for fans worldwide. I’ve been lucky enough in my years to catch a bunch of live shows and a couple of episodes of Raw. I’ve never had the opportunity to see a PPV live like some have, but obviously that’s a huge wish of any wrestling fan. I wanted to share some of my favorite experiences from live events that I’ve been to and hope to learn about some of yours. I like how WWE will do different things for different markets. Whether it’s a hometown hero or a countries favorite superstar, it seems to be different in every market. I can’t remember exact dates and everything but the memory is what’s important. Please feel free to share yours below.

Calgary Stampede show – This was back in the early 90’s during the first Iraq war. This was such a huge card as I remember every superstar at the time being there. Logion of Doom, Jake Roberts, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Sgt. Slaughter, Macho Man and Hulk Hogan. The Most disappointing part of the night for me was that Macho Man wasn’t wrestling at that time, so it was just him in the ring for a promo. The match that stood out the most for me here was Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter in a desert storm match. This was right after Sgt. Slaughter had turned on America and won the title. If any of you remember, Sgt. Slaughter threw a burning American flag on the face of Hogan causing damage. I believe at this point Hogan was already champion again. I remember the match being a no DQ match and anything goes. Hogan at one point used Sgt. Slaughters helmet and cracked him with it. Another good part was Hogan lighting something on fire and throwing it in Sgt. Slaughters face for revenge. Hogan got the win obviously and the crowd was insane. Although there was cameras I do remember it being a non-televised event.

My first house show here where I live (a small place with 80,000 population) was quite a great show. I remember being in the second row on the floor and being able to see Yokozuna, Bret Hart and others, but the match I remember the most was actually Crush vs. Macho Man. This was when Crush was a bad guy and the heart punch was a dreaded move. I remember Crush smashing Mach into the guard rails right in front of us and giving him a beating. If I remember right I did get to see the flying elbow drop.

Another show here which was non-televised was a great bout between Ric Flair and Bret Hart. The funniest part of the match was when Bret Hart pulled down Rics trunks and his old white ass mooned us. A great match regardless. Another match, which I’m pretty sure was at this show was between Mankind vs. The Undertaker. This was when Mankind first started out in WWE. It was a no DQ match once again and I remember Mankind stabbing Taker in the head with a spike. The funniest part was when Paul Bearer was walking out from the back, we were right by the ramp and my sister said “god he’s fat” to which Paul whipped his head around and starred at her for what seemed like an eternity. She was scared after that.

Right after the invasion angle with WCW I was at a Raw taping in Calgary. The only thing I really remember from that taping was that’s when Lance Storm made his WWE debut as part of Shane McMahons WCW team. It was a great show but we were up in the second section so everything was a little bit tiny. Nothing spectacular with this show besides Storm making his debut.

Another Raw taping, the most current show I’ve been to was about 2008 or so. We were second row by the ramp and I can actually see myself on TV which is funny. This was a kick ass show and the first guy who came out was Morrison for a Superstars taping. I ended up getting some great pictures of this show which I’ll end up sharing at some point. I remember Big Show being on the ground right beside us and being in awe from his size. Another funny thing was Mark Henry was the only guy to actually smack my hand. This was well before Marks push and at this time he was my most hated guy on the roster. My hand actually stung for a few minutes after the fact. Randy Orton was WWE champ at this point and I have a great pic of him with the title. I can’t actually remember anything spectacular happening from this Raw.

I know they do different things in different markets and it seems overseas even live events get absolutely crazy. This write up was not only to share my experiences but more so to hear about yours and to read your experiences at live shows. What are some of your favorite memories from the show? Did anything significant happen? Obviously I’m extremely jealous of those who have been to Mania. That experience is for sure once in a lifetime and something I have to do before I die. Thanks for the read!

James Bones