Lord Tensai, better known as Albert or A-Train, returned to WWE last Monday Night on RAW. Unfortunately for him, his return was overshadowed  by the buzz going around the rumoured return of Brock Lesnar. The red-hot Miami crowd were almost expecting Lesnar’s return so it took a little away from the pop Tensai received. All week long we’ve been rambling about Lesnar, Cena and The Rock. This lead me to focus on Tensai as I think he’s going to be a bigger deal than we expect of him. Therefore it got me thinking on who he can face and feud with, this is when I realized he can feud with many of the WWE roster. WWE have a great opportunity to use him to put over guys and make bigger stars for the future. Let me go through a couple of talents I would love to see him feud with.

Zack Ryder
The Long Island Iced-Z is on the verge on falling flat on his face. Two months ago he was United States champion, getting regular backstage cameos on RAW and getting huge crowd pops wrestling. Now, he’s the man bitch to Eve Torres. That’s his role on RAW and I hate it. Ryder seems to be going to nowhere land. Therefore, if WWE can book him to overcome the nasty and powerful Lord Tensai, his whole popularity would be re-established, refreshed and fans could take him seriously, not just some comedy goof-ball. Ryder would look like a hero. I’d certainly rather see him involved in a series of matches with someone serious rather than crying like a bitch to Eve.

The Big Show
Okay, so Lord Tensai is just coming off a loss to Zack Ryder, WWE need to re-establish to us that Tensai is a big deal. Who better to prove this by him getting over from Big Show. The Big Show is a 7’3, 500 pound giant. It could all come about after Big Show cuts a promo on Smacdown how he wants new competition. This is where Tensai would appear. They have a stare-down and you can see regret in Big Show’s eyes. This is something rare we would see from The Big Show. John Laurinaitis comes out from backstage and orders a referee to come down + announces the two will face right now in a non-title match. The match would be even enough with Tensai just getting the better of Big Show, like no need for a feud. At least this doesn’t make Show look weak and it makes Tensai look good.

Kofi Kingston
Well, what else is Kofi doing? He is stuck in mid card hell and doesn’t look like he’ll be getting out of there anytime soon, if he doesn’t get put in a decent feud. If you go on YouTube and look up some Giant Bernard matches from New Japan Pro Wrestling, you’ll notice many of his opponents are smaller and high-flyer wrestlers. Kofi is the perfect opponent for Tensai.  The clash of power and speed could take you to the edge of your seat/sofa. You can vision this match perfect in your head, Tensai is there just tossing Kofi around the ring like a rag doll, which makes Tensai look powerful/dominant. Then Kofi is there continuing to bring it and give his all to Tensai. I think this could get Kofi to the level Dolph Ziggler is currently at. Lord Tensai is the right man to ensure that happens. 

Conclusion: I think Ryder would need a series of two or three matches on RAW to look good over Tensai. As I said under The Big Show part, he could re-ensure his dominance by defeating Big Show, I think the one match would do it, no need for more than one really. Against Kofi I’d like to see them face off in a small feud, maybe a 3-4 week to feud ending at a Pay-Per-View. Kofi needs Pay-PerView spotlight more than Ryder in my opinion. I think Kofi has more potential to be a main eventer than Ryder has. At least, in my eyes, two more guys would be at a higher level which is building WWE’s StarPower up. 

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