Hello everyone and welcome to yet another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I take you through WWE Raw, and give you my opinions throughout, last week we had a huge ending to Raw as Brock Lesnar came back to attack John Cena, what’s going to happen this week between the two?  Is Brock Lesnar in the building?  We’ll find out.  Mark Henry VS CM Punk for the WWE Championship tonight, “The Three Stooges” are also the guest hosts.

John Laurinaitis comes out first, being followed by David Otunga, he introduces “The new face of the WWE” Brock Lesnar.  He announces Brock Lesnar VS John Cena at Extreme Rules, Brock Lesnar comes out from the back and gets in the ring, Brock looks like he’s let himself go a bit since his beating from Overeem, looks a bit big around the midsection.  Lesnar wants to thank Laurinaitis for “bringing legitimacy back to the WWE”  This brings out John Cena, sounds like he’s getting quite a bit more cheers then boos.  Cena slapped Lesnar across the face and Lesnar tackled him to the ground, officials and the locker room emptied out to pull them apart.  Cena legit has a busted mouth, both men continued going after each other until Brock was pulled out of the ring.

John Laurinaitis is telling Teddy Long It’s his fault this all happened, Eve walks up and says her and Teddy need to talk, he tells her to make an appointment.

Brodus Clay and Santino coming out next for their tag team match against Dolph Ziggler and Dennis The Menace…  I mean Jack Swagger.  I’m not happy that Ziggler is probably jobbing again, he doesn’t deserve to be losing every week like this.  Match lasted longer then I thought, it was still nothing special.  Brodus gets the win on Ziggler after a big splash, no shock there, and like I thought, Ziggler doing the job again tonight.

Miz backstage with John Laurinaitis in his office, Miz is talking to him saying he has big plans for him, Teddy comes back and gets yelled at asking where Cena is, Cena walks up to John and yells at him for bringing Lesnar back.  Laurinaitis tells Teddy to go and tell Otunga that he’s facing Cena tonight.

Santino walking around looking for The Three Stooges.  We come back from commercial and he’s still looking for them, Santino walks into a corridor and Kane is there, Santino asks Kane if he saw them, Kane just stared a hole through him and ran away.

R truth comes out next for his match with Cody Rhodes.  Cody had the upper hand until Big Show came out to distract him, he shows another video, allowing Truth to beat Cody.  Stupid match.

Santino still looking for The Three Stooges, he comes across a crate that says “fragile” on it, he opens it up and The Three Stooges come falling out.  Pretty funny segment, but I’m also a BIG fan of the TV show.

Lord Tensai coming out next for his match against Yoshi Tatsu, lmao, lots of luck pal.  Crowd with a loud chant of “Albert”  Lord Tensai beats Yoshi in a squash after another knockout victory.  After the match Tensai attacked Yoshi with the claw.  My opinion, Albert is going to be back in Japan by the end of the year, he’s still terrible.

Up next is the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and Mark Henry.  CM Punk gets in the ring first, he takes a microphone and talks about what exactly straight edge is, and that he’s proud of being straight edge, he then talks about Jericho trying to get into his head by saying all the stuff he’s said during the feud.  At WrestleMania nothing Jericho worked, he still made Jericho tap out, but then Jericho took it one step further by pouring whiskey all over him and then smashing the bottle over his head, he said his only thought was that he smelled exactly like his father used too.  Jericho interrupted him on the big screen, Punk tells Jericho that he’s going to channel every emotion he has, and every piece of anger he has on Jericho, this isn’t about being the best in the world anymore, It’s about kicking his ass.  Mark Henry finally comes down the aisle.  The match was brought to the outside, CM Punk got disqualified after hitting Mark Henry with the monitor, he was about to hit him again until Chris Jericho came out from the back, Punk turned his attention to Jericho and Henry took over, Henry delivered the Worlds Strongest Slam twice.  Jericho opened up a case of beer, he went to pour it out on Punk but Punk took Jericho down and started punching him, Jericho hit a Codebreaker out of nowhere and opened up two beers, pouring it out on top of Punk.  This is getting stupid now, I can understand doing it one time, but back to back weeks?  Is WWE creative really THIS unoriginal?

Zack Ryder!!!  He comes out from the back for his match against Alberto Del Rio.  Ugh, I hate this, looks like Ryder is on job duty again tonight.  Ryder got maybe three moves of offense, hit the Broski Boot, went for the Rough Ryder, Del Rio delivered the arm bar for the submission win.  Stupid match.

The Three Stooges walking down the halls fighting, trying to come up with an idea for inside the ring, that is next.  Larry and Moe come down to the ring, they’re getting over like a fart in church, Hulk Hogans music hits, Curly comes out dressed like Hulk Hogan.  He starts talking in his voice, the fans are still booing, Kane comes out from the back.  Kane choke slammed Curly after Larry and Moe ran away.  Pretty dumb segment.  The guy who played Curly did a pretty good Hogan impersonation though.

Josh Matthews talks to Mark Henry and asked him about attacking Punk afterward.  Henry says that next week he’s got another match against CM Punk for the WWE Title, this time It’s no DQ.  Henry messed up and said he was going to be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Josh Matthews asks Brock Lesnar is he’s proud to be back in WWE, Brock says he’s proud of everything he does, he left the company 8 years ago and went to the UFC and became heavyweight champion.  Brock left out trying (And failing) to make the Minnesota Vikings football team, probably for the best lol.

David Otunga coming out from the back with John Laurinaitis for his match against John Cena.  This match just proves that WWE fans now are ridiculous and only boo Cena because “It’s the cool thing to do”  You know that because David Otunga is getting cheered over Cena, there’s definitely something wrong with that in my opinion.  Otunga went offense for more of the match, Cena came back at the end and hit an Attitude Adjustment, Otunga tapped out.  Lesnar came out after the match and gave Cena a low blow from behind.

Here are my notes from Raw.

Zack Ryder needs to stop being on job duty, he went from United States Champion, to horrible storyline where the sole purpose was to turn Eve heel, and now he’s losing every week, despite being one of the most over guys in the WWE, I just don’t understand it.

Brock Lesnar needs to get himself in shape, he looks AWFUL, even with his shirt on, not to mention, he looks winded after doing two or three things to Cena, it doesn’t look all that good when Lesnar busts Cena open legit with a punch, this isn’t UFC, ease up a bit.

CM Punk and Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules, mark my words.

Mark Henry VS CM Punk AGAIN next week?  Sorry but I do not want to see them go against each other again.

The Three Stooges segments were pretty decent, they were actually better then I thought they’d be.

Washington DC should never host a WWE program again, the crowd was absolute garbage pretty much all night.

I was kind of hoping to see some divas tonight, not that WWE shows them for very long when we do get them on TV.

That’s all for this weeks column, I hope you enjoyed the show and the column.