Hey everyone, here we go once again with another edition of “Remember When.” The latest buzz going around the Wrestling world is the WWE return of Brock Lesnar. So, why not go with a Brock edition of “Remember When” this week? Here comes the pain.

Do you remember when Lesnar used the Shooting Star Press?

This was back when he used the move back at WM 19. I’m talking about his days back in OVW. I remember seeing him use the move before when he was over there in development.

He also used the move back in 2001. It was in a dark match, it was Brock teaming up with Shelton Benjamin taking on some local guys. I guess the original plan was to have Shelton and Lesnar be brought up to the main roster as a tag team since both are collegiate athletes and both held the OVW Tag Titles together.

Brock had the capability to execute SSP very well so the question is, what happened at WM 19? I guess since Brock hadn’t done the move in quite awhile and Kurt was pretty far away. It looked like if Kurt was just a little bit closer to Brock’s corner, the move would’ve turned out fine.

Can you imagine Brock executing that move on John Cena? Of course it’ll probably never happen, but stranger things in Wrestling have happened.

What do y’all think?

Here’s the Brock Lesnar SSP in the dark match back in 2001

Here’s the Brock Lesnar SSP at WM 19