Hey everyone, this is the FIRST ever Wrestling Rambles mailbag where we get asked questions on twitter and one of our team will answer them. I thought of this idea today and thought I’d do one because it’s something fun, then a couple of staff on twitter were interested so we’re going to be doing a good amount of these. I’ll do at least one a week and you’ll probably see 2 or 3 others from staff. Thanks to those of you who asked questions, we hope this won’t be your only question on our mailbag. 

Who’s the best WWE star to never be world champ in your opinion….and who’s the worst to wear the strap?  @MrMickEgo
Roddy Piper – I don’t know why he was never given the belt. He was a fantastic heel and got amazing receptions each time he walked down that ramp. The guy could wrestle, talk and looked decent. I’ve actually talked to people who thought he was WWE champion at some stage in his career. The worst? David Arquette. May not be WWE but I presume you wouldn’t mind me including WCW too.

How can TNA keep improving their company into next level? @Seantimmy
They need to push guys like Samoa Joe, Aires, Morgan etc.. They’re pretty much all original TNA talent that never been to WWE. TNA should be utilizing that, they have the talent but don’t push or build them. They need to make original storylines. Not invasion angles that we’ve seen 400 times. There are talent like Roode and Storm who are doing a great job…been pushed and are interesting, but not enough are being! 

Do you see the WWE network as a distraction or an enhancement for the future of wrestling?  @rose_butlin
Only to WWE. It certainly is a distraction in my opinion. Like Vince McMahon and his team are working on the network as we speak, why don’t they spend that time to make more interesting storylines and build more stars or push the ones they have instead of bringing back the likes of Lesnar, Rock out of desperation etc..

What do the WWE universe think of the tag-team division in comparison to the attitude era when there were more teams?! @DANBR33D
The tag team division was just used more in the Attitude Era, to say it’s better back then, I don’t know. The titles did get more use, but was the tag team wrestling actually better? I don’t think so. Just my opinion.

What do you think is the worst case of a wrestler using ego/politics to get what they want?  @PatrickJClough
Honestly, as much as I love The Rock, it’d be him winning the WWE title. I think the WWE champion should go on every tour, house show, appear every week on TV etc.. I don’t think The Rock will ever go back to that schedule again. So therefore that would be the worst case of a wrestler using their ego to get what they want. Then again, if The Rock will ever go back to that schedule for a year or two, then I wouldn’t mind.

So the torch passed from Hogan to Austin to Cena… Who realistically is the next guy? I’m thinking miz or Ziggler. @AdiDavies
Cena will be there for at least another 5 solid years in my opinion. But I can see CM Punk being the next ‘Face of the Company’. I can’t think of a reason why he shouldn’t be given the ‘torch’

Why dont people who deserve pushes dont get one? @Team_CodyRhodes
I’m not one of those ”Blame WWE Creative” guys but they’re the ones booking/writing the show and it’ their responsibility to make stars interesting. Therefore I do blame them for not pushing guys. Saying that, WWE are going through new development of wrestlers and stuff so hopefully we’ll see them pushing more deserving stars.

Do you think WWE will do some MMA storyline with Brock Lesner? @Seantimmy
Funny you asked that. When I was watching RAW last night, the brawl between Cena and Lesnar reminded me of two MMA/Boxing fighters at a press conference and it gets all heated, so loads of people restrain them. But that’s just one segment, I doubt they’ll do a storyline.

What is your favourite Randy Orton moment?…. Also, do you think I have a huge ego? @Ego_Orton
When he became the youngest ever World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. Probably because I knew this was the end of him with Evolution and was given the chance to set out to the main event on his own. A new ‘superstar’ was born. And…YES!

What are your top 10 Wrestlemania matches ever? @JW_Punk
Damn, tough question! Some I was not alive for obviously but since they’re classics, I’ve watched a lot of them.

      1. Bret Hart vs Steve Austin – WM 13
      2. Undertaker vs. HBK – WM 25
      3. Stone Cold vs. The Rock – WM 15
      4. Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz – WM 17
      5. Triple H vs. Batista – WM 21
      6. Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels – WM 13
      7. Undertaker vs. Triple H – WM 28
      8. Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage – WM 3
      9. Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant – WM 3
      10. The Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage – WM 7

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