Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk

Could that be the start of something?

The Beer Drinker that is Stone Cold vs. the Straight Edge lifestyle CM Punk lives by. Stone Cold got under the skin of Vince McMahon. CM Punk gets under the skin of John Laurinaitis. WWE’s most famous anti-hero vs. the current one! You get my point. These two guys always gave you a show where you got your moneys worth or worth the time in watching them on TV. When Stone Cold picked up a MIC, you listened to him. When CM Punk picks up a MIC, you listen to him. You just love to hear their voices.

These guys idolized themselves. They’re both their own original character. Fans just adore them, they both get that same reaction. Perhaps not the same loudness, but still. The story of these two ranking to the top of WWE are of similar preference…. Both worked their asses off to get there!

This match may never happen, but I do however hope to God that it does. 

I know Austin is not in the best condition as he has injuries, which is what forced him out of Wrestling, but a one-time match, on the grandest stage of them all, with the world watching, I think they could put on a fantastic show for a tremendous occasion. 

Would you like to see this match? Does it need to happen? Many say it would ‘save’ wrestling, do you think it would? Not that wrestling needs saving, but it could attract way more fans back into it again. Whether your opinion is completely for or against this match going down, drop me your thoughts below.