Welcome to another edition of ”Wrestling Rambles Mailbag”. Here again to answer Wrestling questions that I’ve got via twitter – @WrestlinRambles or via Email – WrestlingRambles@Gmail.com.  Let’s get to it discussing Cena heel turn and why Regal was never a WWE world champion!

It’s a bit of a boring question but who’s your favorite tag team? (past or present) – @PatrickJClough 
My all-time favourite tag team would be the Legion of Doom. These two guys were just bodybuilders who knew nothing about tag team wrestling or wrestling for that matter. Look how successful they were!

Which indy female wrestlers do you think deserve a chance at WWE and why? – @RoxieeRose
I don’t know much at all about female Indy wrestlers. I do know Sara Del Rey has been ruling the independent circuit for several years now and deserves a shot with WWE. Only problem is she’s been wrestling 12 years now, if WWE were interested in her,  they would of signed her by now.

Do you think John Cena will be turning heel within the next year? – @RingGeneral
It’s hard to say. Everyone is expecting Cena to turn heel because Hulk Hogan did back in 96. People gotta understand mainstream wrestling is different now than 14 years ago. However, I do hope he will turn heel but I doubt it’ll be this year or anytime soon.

Why do you think William Regal was never a WWE world champion? – @BeyondAttitude1
It’s hard to say. Carrying that belt means more than just being the champion. It means you’re representing WWE wherever you go, it’s a huge responsibility to have. With all due respect to Regal, but I can’t see him going on shows like Conan O’ Brien, Jimmy Fallon etc.. The WWE champions needs to be on those shows to promote WWE.

What type of themed match would you consider to be the most violent today, in professional wrestling? – @OriginalT44
The fire/inferno match. That’s real fire. You’d often read websites reporting fans had to be put back extra because of the heat from the fire. That’s gotta me the most dangerous themed match.

Who are your top 5 greatest wrestlers of all time? – @JW_Punk
  1. Stone Cold
  2. Hulk Hogan
  3. John Cena
  4. The Rock
  5. CM Punk (Just watch, just watch)
What would be your dream survivor’s series style match? 5vs5 ANY wrestlers past/present any federation. – @MrMickEgo
Tough. The more I would think the more I’d change to be honest but here it goes. 
  1. Hulk Hogan
  2. Road Warriors 
  3. Sensational Sherri
  4. Shawn Michaels
  1. Stone Cold
  2. Hardy Boyz
  3. Trish Stratuss 
  4. Bret Hart
Obviously the tag teams take up two members.
Do you think WWE should bring back the cruiserweight title? @_Awesome101_
No, I’d rather them introduce a new title mixed between Hardcore, European and Cruiserweight titles. Something we have not seen before and something that would step up the game of mid carders. 
What or who can save the divas division from its current state? Thanks! – @Rose_Butlin
Kharma. Honestly, nobody else IMO. Kharma could have feuds with Beth, Natalya, Tamina. They have a good enough roster IMO, it’s just they are booked horribly. 
Heyman and Bischoff in the hall of fame, yes or no. If yes who inducts them? – @AngryPaul83
Absolutely yes! When you think about it, if it wasn’t for those two, the attitude era never would of happened. Those two turned WWF into a competitive brand and brought out the very best in Vince McMahon. Now to the inductees, it’d be hard to decide. For Heyman it certainly would have to be an ECW guy. Someone like RVD. For Bischoff. That’s a harder one to pick. Perhaps Booker T or Kevin Nash. Some WCW guy anyway.
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