Reports were floating around Miami during WrestleMania weekend regarding a possible return of former WWE star Batista. Most of you already know this. Obviously nothing has happened yet as he has not returned. However, he did get picked up by WWE officials. Is that a coincidence? I think not. If you’re a former top-talent of a big organisation, they don’t just pick you up from somewhere just to be nice. I strongly believe wherever Batista’s destination was after his pick-up, it was to discuss a contract or discussing how he’ll return, who’ll he’ll face, when he’ll return etc.. to WWE.

Look at Brock Lesnar, after his epic return to Monday Night RAW two weeks back, it was reported he signed a deal with WWE before he even flew into Miami. I guess what I’m trying to say here is, Batista very well could have a deal signed, it’s just a matter of returning at the right time. Anything can happen.

Batista is a huge draw, he’s proven that countless of times. Brock Lesnar is also a huge draw, they wouldn’t want to have two huge draws return during the same time frame when they could wait a few months and make another blockbuster match out of Batista, like Rock vs. Cena, Brock vs. Cena.

You can tell me that Batista has been very outspoken about returning to WWE since his departure in 2010. Does this mean he won’t return? Hell no. He could be just working the fans. An example of wrestler doing this is Chris Jericho. How many times have you heard him say he has nothing more to accomplish in WWE? Therefore he’s not keen on making a return. Jericho fooled all of us, he’s a very smart man. Batista could be doing the exact same thing.

One thing I hate about wrestling fans (Myself Included) is that we’re (not all, some) impatient. We don’t wait for things to palm out like we should be. An example would be with Rock going over Cena. Fans called Rock greedy and all this because he didn’t put Cena over. I always say, just fucking wait, there could be another match where Rock will put Cena over! So when I brought up about Batista could possibly of already made an agreement with WWE, it’s just about being patient for his return. If it does happen of course.

I just can’t see Batista’s last ever WWE appearance being in a wheelchair and quitting. I strongly believe we’ll see him by years end, or even a Rumble return.

Thoughts/Opinion? Leave them below. Thanks for reading.