I’m sure all of us in the Wrestling world are still buzzing over the Lesnar/Cena brawl that occurred last week on Raw. I have decided to cover not only Brock this week, but to cover his Extreme Rules opponent, John Cena, as well.

Do you remember when Cena and Lesnar had 2 matches together before their match at Extreme Rules?

Their first one happened on an episode of Smackdown in September 2002. Brock was the WWE Champion at the time and involved in a feud with the Undertaker. Cena was a newcomer still trying to find his niche in WWE. Brock ended up winning the match with an F5. The match wasn’t much, just a six minute squash to put Lesnar over as a dominant champion.

The next match was at Backlash 2003. Brock had won the WWE Title from Kurt Angle a month prior at Wrestlemania 19. Cena had already established his “Doctor of Thuganomics” gimmick and recently won an eight man tournament on Smackdown to earn his shot at the gold. Brock once again won this one with (you guessed it) The F5. To me, the match was a little better than the Smackdown one but it was still nothing to write home about, in my view.

As far as I know, the one that’s coming up at Extreme Rules will be their third known match in WWE history. Can Brock make it 3 for 3 next Sunday? or will the third time be the charm for Cena? What do you folks think? What do you think about their other two matches?

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below and thanks for reading folks. Enjoy your day everyone and Just like the Nostalgia Critic “I remember it, so you don’t have to” Take care!

Here’s the Smackdown September 2002 match

Here’s the Backlash 2003 match