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“under new management”

Instead of continuing with the video game series this week, I wanted to change it up and talk about something that’s been on my mind this week. Within the past month we’ve seen Abraham Washington try to see himself to Mark Henry and others as an agent of sorts. He’s also been out “taking notes” on other superstars as if he’s trying to recruit. Does this mean that WWE might be bringing back the manager as an important role? We’ve had our era of great managers, Elizabeth, JJ Dillon, Jim Cornette, Mr. Fuji and Jimmy Hart to name a few. All these managers or valets played a really important role with basically every superstar they were with and lead most of their superstars straight to the top. I’ve been missing real managers for quite some time but have been pleasantly surprised as of late with some of the moves WWE is pulling out.

I’ll first start with Brodus Clay who debut his Funkasaurus gimmick a little while back. He’s accompanied to the ring by two trained divas, Cameron and Naomi. Naomi has had quite the change since she was on NXT. I always thought she would have been called up before AJ due to the fact that Naomi made things look pretty decent in the ring. Either way, the two divas were placed beside Brodus to be his dancing valets. Without the two divas I don’t think Brodus’ gimmick would be anywhere as popular as it is right now. Just picture the big guy up in the ring by himself dancing…and well it seems a little lame. The two girls bring him extra excitement and bring extra eyes towards the ring while they’re in there pulling their funky stuff. In this case, I believe the “valets” are well needed to get him over and this just shows that WWE obviously understands the importance of them and how they help getting someone over. How do you think Brodus would be minus the dancers?

Also we’ve seen the debut of Lord Tensai the past few weeks who has been accompanied by his “servant” Sakamoto. Sakamoto not only adds a mysterious element to the whole intro, but he also looks out for the benefit of Lord Tensai. He’s there to serve, and do as he’s told which means even get involved. Sakamoto reminds me of a young Fuji due to the fact that he’s very silent, and looks innocent enough until he gets involved. Sakamoto is a trained performer who has been in WWE developmental for the last little while. Not only is this a good way to introduce him, but he’s also helping build the credibility and the story behind Lord Tensai. Once Tensai perhaps gets established and a little more secure in the ring and with the fans, WWE might pull his servant away. For now, I hope these two aren’t broke up at all. Although I’m excited to see what Sakamoto can do on his own, the benefits he brings to Tensai right now are too good to split them.

Last but not least is the individual I talked about in the intro. Abraham Washington, another FCW trained performer has been showing up to offer his services to Mark Henry and also take notes of other superstars, such as the match between Big Show/Khali vs. Epico and Primo. “AW” has he’s referred to now has been in developmental for quite some time and they’ve even tried doing a fake president type gimmick with him. He seems like he’s a decent speaker but might not be the best in the ring. This gives WWE a good chance to introduce him by being an agent or manager to someone up and coming they’re going to be pushing. AW seems like he’s going to be similar to the Clarence Mason type or the lawyer type. I could see this working for a mid-card talent who’s been struggling or even a new up and comer just to help get him over.

Also another thing I want you all to think about is this. By introducing the new FCW talent as managers, does it end up hurting their future and credibility? In my opinion it does to a certain extent. I will never be able to see Ricardo as a champion. Perhaps U.S. champion or IC champion, but never world champion. Also Sakamoto is fairly small, and having him debut with Lord Tensai makes him look small and vulnerable. In my mind though, it doesn’t affect the divas. I can still see them being credible. Is this wrong of me to think that way? Or do you think the same way? How to you feel about new talent being introduced as managers?

So in the end does this mean WWE is going to be pushing the valets/managers hard once again? It seems like it’s already started although anything in the past hasn’t seemed to last all that long. My favorite at the moment would be Ricardo Rodriguez who is known as ADR’s personal ring announcer, but we all know he does a little more than just that. RR is also a very well trained FCW performer who still wrestles down there every now and again. I believe someday these two will break up and have a small feud, but RR has a long way to get to ADR’s level. What are your opinions on managers/valets in the WWE? Are we getting a little too saturated with them now? Or is there always room for more? Who do you think is the most beneficial manager in the current storylines? Your comments are much appreciated.

James Bones