We are less than six days away from WWE Extreme Rules. One of the most (if not, probably THE most) talked about matches on the card is Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena in an Extreme Rules match. For the past couple weeks, I have been featuring Lesnar a lot in these columns. So, this week I decided to not write about Lesnar nor Cena. This week, I’m going to feature Brock’s famous finisher, The F5.

Do you remember when the Big Show and Matt Morgan used the F5?

The first post Brock Lesnar F5 occurred back in December 2004. It was Big Show vs Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, and Mark Jindrak in a 3 vs 1 Handicap match. Show ended up winning the match with an unexpected F5 to Jindrak. When Show hit that move, I’m sure a lot of us were shocked. Keep in mind this was just 9 months after Brock left WWE and the rumor mill started spinning about a Brock return. I heard one rumor, that Brock was supposedly returning for a feud with Show at WM 21. Of course we all know who Show ended up facing at that year’s WM and I’m sure all of us would like to forget that.

But we move on to the Blueprint. Matt Morgan was the next one to use the PBL (Post Brock Lesnar) F5. It was 2005 and Morgan had come back after a brief stint in 2003-2004. This was when Big Show was in a feud with Carlito and Morgan was Carlito’s enforcer. Morgan debuted the move when he saved Carlito from a Big Show attack. Morgan performed the move on Show on the Announcer’s table. I’m sure the rumor wheel was spinning again for a Lesnar/Morgan feud soon after that.

Although a Brock Lesnar/Matt Morgan match would be interesting to see. Or maybe a Big Show/Brock Lesnar/Matt Morgan triple threat match? What do y’all think?

Here’s the Big Show version of the F5

Here’s the Matt Morgan version