Welcome to the second edition of “NEWS (catchy title coming soon) by me Andy Gibson.

Firstly the WWE Power Rankings: 

#25 – Kelly Kelly:
Kelly Kelly drops to 25 on the list this week after suffering a loss to Eve Torres on WWE Superstars.  Kelly Kelly was at number 23 last week.
Twitter: @RealKellyKelly

#24 – Eve Torres:

Eve Torres, on the other hand, re-emerges on the Power Rankings thanks to her victory over Kelly Kelly. Eve Torres is a re-entry into the top 25 power rankings.
Twitter: @EveMarieTorres

#23 – David Otunga:
John Laurinaitis’ legal counsel drops three spots from last week being at number 20 after losing to former Team Teddy captain Santino Marella with the United States Championship on the line in London, Great Britain.
Twitter: @DavidOtunga

#22 – Daniel Bryan:

Despite being part of a tag team loss on Friday Night SmackDown, the submission specialist moves up from number 24 this week thanks to a victory over Kofi Kingston on Monday Night Raw. Daniel Bryan also won verbal points, declaring his intention to defeat Sheamus at Extreme Rules and telling his ex-girlfriend AJ Lee to go away.
Twitter: @WWEDanielBryan

#21 – AJ Lee:
Daniel Bryan’s former flame ignited on Friday Night SmackDown, taking her anger out on Natalya Neidhart in a vicious assault. Even though AJ Lee was disqualified, her demonstrated ferocity moves her up one spot from number 22.
Twitter: @WWEAJLee

#20 – Ryback:
The newcomer’s rampant destruction continued this week on Friday Night SmackDown, as Ryback pulverised his opponent Danny Lerman (A British jobber) shooting the monstrous Superstar into the top 20 for the first time as he was number 21 last week.
Twitter: @Ryback22

#19 – R-Truth:
R-Truth picked up an impressive victory over The All-American American, Jack Swagger, on WWE Superstars, cementing his place at No. 19 for the second week in a row.
Twitter: @RonKillings

#18 – Beth Phoenix:
In-ring inaction keeps The Glamazon holding (Pin-Up) strong at Number 18.
Twitter: @TheBethPhoenix

#17 – Primo / Epico:
The WWE Tag Team Champions Primo Colon and Epico drop three spots after losing a non-title bout to the titanic tag team of former World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali and current Intercontinental Champion Big Show on Monday Night Raw Supershow in London, Great Britain.
Twitter: @WWEEpico

#16 – Cody Rhodes:
Cody Rhodes holds fast after exacting some payback on the giant who took his Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania.  Cody Rhodes’ interference on Friday Night SmackDown cost Big Show a non-title match against Alberto Del Rio, but Big Show paid it back with a tag team victory later in the night, keeping Cody Rhodes locked in at Number 16.
Twitter: @CodyRhodesWWE

#15 – Brodus Clay:
It was a big week for The Funkasaurus! After defeating Dolph Ziggler then pummelling Jack Swagger on Monday Night Raw, Brodus Clay ran through Hunico on Friday Night SmackDown, thus bursting into the top 15. Brodus Clay was at the 17 mark last week.
Twitter: @BrodusClay

#14 – Kofi Kingston:
Kofi Kingston might have lost his bout against Daniel Bryan on Monday Night Raw, but The Dreadlocked Dynamo put up a heck of a fight in a thrilling match against the submission specialist.
Twitter: @TrueKofi

#13 – The Miz:
The Awesome One was “the quiet one” this week and inaction drops Miz down two slots in the Rankings from being number 10 last week.
Twitter: @MikeTheMiz

#12 – Lord Tensai:
The mysterious Lord Tensai has slowly moved up the list, but this week’s huge victory over John Cena in an Extreme Rules Match on Monday Night Raw earns him his highest placement yet.
Twitter: @GiantBernard

#11 – Randy Orton:
WWE’s Apex Predator jumps two spots after making clear his intentions at Extreme Rules and then scoring a tag team victory on Friday Night SmackDown.
Twitter: @RandyOrton

#10 – Alberto Del Rio:
When former Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes blasted Intercontinental Champion Big Show with a Beautiful Disaster Kick, he set the stage for Alberto Del Rio to seize the win. The victory was sweet for the former WWE Heavyweight Champion, who is looking to regain momentum in 2012.

#09 – Mark Henry:
In the third encounter in as many weeks, Mark Henry had a chance at CM Punk’s title in a No Count-Out, No Disqualification Match in London, Great Britain. With both Superstars taking full advantage of the match stipulation, they went to war. Mark Henry looked like he might just do it this time, but his costly mistake of running headfirst into a steel chair while pursuing CM Punk cost him the match.
Twitter: @TheMarkHenry

#08 – Santino Marella:
Early in a United States Championship match on Monday Night Raw, it looked like David Otunga was about to pin Santino Marella and capture his title. But Santino Marella cleverly put his leg on the ropes to break the hold and then relied on his trusty Cobra to preserve his title.
Twitter: @MilanMiracle

#07 – John Cena:
Engaged in back-and-forth show of brute strength, John Cena battled Lord Tensai. In a stunning ending, Lord Tensai sprayed John Cena in the eyes with a stinging, green mist then delivered a massive powerbomb to preserve his undefeated streak. John Cena is having a rough 2012 so far.
Twitter: @JohnCena

#06 – CM Punk:
Despite a formidable foe in big Mark Henry, CM Punk successfully defended his WWE Heavyweight Championship against The World’s Strongest Man for the third week in a row. In a quick-thinking move, Punk ducked out of the way of the charging Henry, causing him to crash headfirst into a steel chair positioned in the corner. With Mark Henry still reeling, CM Punk leaped from the top rope and bashed him with steel chair to retain his title.
Twitter: @CMPunk

#05 – Kane:
Before their match even began, Kane kicked Zack Ryder in the head and sent him flying from the ring onto the announce table. The Big Red Monster then pummelled Zack Ryder and added insult to injury with a brutal Choke Slam. Zack Ryder never stood a chance against The Big Red Machine.

#04 – Brock Lesnar:
Once again, Brock Lesnar brought the pain. This week, however, it was in a hard-hitting exclusive interview that aired on Monday Night Raw SuperShow in which he recalled all of his past successes … and expressed his joy in beating people up.

03 – Chris Jericho:
On Monday Night Raw SuperShow in London, Great Britain, Chris Jericho was the first to break the news that he and CM Punk would square off at Extreme Rules in a Chicago Street Fight. Chris Jericho followed up by accusing CM Punk of drinking earlier in the day at a London pub. He continued his verbal lashing by calling CM Punk’s straight edge lifestyle a facade and said CM Punk will lose his WWE Championship at Extreme Rules.
Twitter: @IAmJericho

#02 – Big Show:
Forming a massive pairing, Big Show teamed with The Great Khali on Monday Night Raw to take on WWE Tag Team Champions Primo Colon & Epico. The Great Khali started the action for his team, but when the tag team champions tried to escape ringside, Big Show had other plans and tossed them back into the ring for a pair of Khali Chops. In a destructive show of force, the match ended with a simultaneous Big Show choke slam and Punjabi Plunge that decimated the champions.
Although he suffered a non-title loss to Alberto Del Rio on Friday Night SmackDown – due to Cody Rhodes’ involvement – 2012 has been shaping up nicely for The World’s Largest Athlete.
Twitter: @WWETheBigShow

#01 – Sheamus:
Despite getting hit with the biggest fine in WWE history, The Celtic Warrior took it in stride and holds the top spot in this week’s Power Rankings. Together with Randy Orton and Intercontinental Champion Big Show, the trio beat Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry & Cody Rhodes on Friday Night  SmackDown. Their main event victory in London was first set in motion by The Great White’s Brogue Kick, which led to Big Show’s WMD and finally Randy Orton’s RKO.
The Celtic Warrior now has his eyes focused on Daniel Bryan and their 2-out-of-3 Falls Match at Extreme Rules. After ending their WrestleMania bout in lightning-quick fashion, Sheamus will now have some more work to do. But if WWE’s highest fine doesn’t faze him, it’s doubtful having to go 2-out-of-3 falls will either.
Twitter: @WWESheamus


In a new issue with WWE Magazine, Brodus Clay talks about his Funkasaurus character and adjusting to it.

Clay talks about having backstage after a match with Alex Riley and being very frustrated:

One night, I came backstage after a match against Alex Riley and I was so upset. Triple H said, ‘What’s the matter?’ and I explained that the choreography was off. He’s staring and me and I’m like, ‘Wait. Am I upset over the choreography?’ He said, ‘Yeah, you are.’ I didn’t know how to feel about that. But, I’m always worried about the dancing – that I’ll fall.


A WrestleZone reader spoke to the WCW Legend Diamond Dallas page about a couple of interesting topics.  Here is what he had to say:

On Scott Hall’s life problems: “I love Scott. He’s one of my very good friends…Today, we talk once in a blue moon, but the last time he called me, he was just looking for some positive energy. I gave him a lot, I gave him everything I could and I asked him to come and stay with me. I just couldn’t get him to call me back after that. He’s a good guy. He’s just a lost soul right now.”

On not being inducted into the WWE HOF: “I think eventually it’s got to happen. Nobody did what I did. Nobody was as over in the 90’s. I was in the top five guys according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Nobody came from being a manager to being a color commentator. I think I earned that spot and eventually, I think I’ll get it. I hope it’s not 30 years from now, but until Randy Savage is in there, until Jake Roberts, until Rick Rude, I’m not in yet. I would think Randy’s going to be in next year. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t. But it would be the greatest bill ever to be inducted because it’s in Jersey. It is what it is and when it happens it happens.”


There is heat on Hulk hogan from those backstage at TNA for recent comments according to PWInsider.com.

Hogan recently said if TNA went live, it would solve 75% of their problems. According to reports, many were upset in TNA for these comments feeling they are word spoken by someone out of touch with what direction TNA. Reportedly many feel while going live would be a positive, there are bigger issues the company needs to deal with.

more news will be added throughout the day.