The WWE draft is one of those game changing moments that change the landscape of the WWE for the next 12 months, or until a new draft happens. The draft is when superstars from their brands are selected at random and switched to the opposing brand. For example, in the 2011 draft Randy Orton moved from Raw to SmackDown where he soon established himself as a main star on SmackDown and would go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Reasons that the Draft needs to happen:

  1. The RAW Supershows play no part in building any future stars. The likes of Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Zack Ryder would all benefit from a move to SmackDown, why? Because they’ll get more screen time. Sure Dolph and Swagger are on Raw mostly every week but is it in a great light? No. They get small matches that last 3-10 minutes at the very most and this inevitably stops them from climbing the WWE ranks. Whilst I can admit bringing SmackDown stars over to Raw for the Supershows such as Sheamus, Orton and Mark Henry help us grasp an image that these three are good enough to be allowed to wrestle on both shows, the supershows do absolutely nothing for the low-card to mid-card superstars already there. If a draft was to take place I hope that it would help solidify that there are two brands and hopefully the Raw Supershows would be stopped.
  2. SmackDown is in dire need for a change. SmackDown’s roster compared to Raw’s is very skinny and what I mean by that is that it lacks substance or star power. The three biggest stars on SmackDown today are Sheamus, Randy Orton and Mark Henry, with many struggling in the mid-card region. Whilst SmackDown, in my opinion, would have the better mid-card I still feel that SmackDown needs more star power. By bringing someone like John Cena, CM Punk or Chris Jericho over to SmackDown many would be tuning in to SmackDown to see how they cope there. Furthermore, by having someone like CM Punk who is the “Best In The World” on SmackDown it would increase the star power immediately, earning SmackDown the image that there are the best wrestlers on SmackDown and not just concentrated on Raw.
  3. The Draft is exciting! Many thought that this week’s Raw that was 3 hours long and was a “special” was going to host the draft, but many left with bitter tastes in their mouths after seeing no draft take place. I, for one, love the draft. It changes everything for me. Well not everything but I do take particular interest to the draft because (and this may sound dumb) but I want to know who I’m going to see when WWE come back to Belfast. The draft usually happens after the April tour here therefore it’s of interest to me to see who’s coming over in November. For example, Raw is in November and I want to see CM Punk, therefore I’m particularly interested to see if he does stay on Raw. Not only that but I’m also intrigued as to see who I’ll be tuning in to SmackDown or Raw to see.
  4. Having a draft would change the title scene. It is very uncommon (if it’s even happened at all) that a champion has switched brands, but it is often the title contenders that switch. For example, in the next draft we may see Daniel Bryan switch over to Raw. If this was to happen we could see Bryan challenging Punk for the title (wouldn’t we all LOVE this) and by this happening leaves Sheamus to defend his title (if he still has it of course) against someone new, such as Randy Orton or Christian. On Raw matters could change if Jericho was to be drafted. Punk would soon find himself challenged by a host of stars including Lord Tensai, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Dolph Ziggler. You never know. Here I am babbling on about the many possibilities, whereas prior to thinking about the draft we know what’s happening on both shows. WWE need a change, they need to switch it up.

Who Needs To Change:

Many of the stars on both shows need to change. Here’s a list of a few of them:

  1. Dolph Ziggler – This dude is amazing and is highly praised within the IWC, or from what I have seen anyway. WWE know they have a true star on their hands with Dolph; he can make anyone look good and has recently been jobbing to everyone. Dolph is stuck in a rut, creative don’t know what to do with him and he’s far too good to be doing nothing therefore I propose he switches brands and challenges for the World Heavyweight Championship, with or without Swagger and Vickie.
  2. Jack Swagger – I am also a big fan of Swagger. His in-ring work is great but like Dolph isn’t getting the chance to shine. When Swagger was on SmackDown as World Heavyweight Champion I felt he played the heel role very well. I literally did hate him which is kudos to him because I honestly find it hard to really hate a heel… Unless you’re Michael Cole. I think Swagger could afford to switch the SmackDown and also challenge for the WHC, setting up a possible feud between him and Dolph.
  3. Daniel Bryan – I feel Bryan needs to switch but it’s only because of my greediness, I just want to see Bryan vs Punk in a feud for the WWE title!
  4. Alex Riley – I feel A-Ry has a great set of skills; I feel he has decent-good in-ring ability and I feel he has a great charisma. Riley isn’t afraid to get on the mic and can definitely talk like his once upon a time mentor, The Miz. Riley was moved to SmackDown but then was moved back to Raw, many got confused over this but he is on the Raw roster. Move Riley to SmackDown and let him challenge for the Intercontinental title.
Here are some random pictures. I didn’t really know what photos to use or what to do so I combined some photos of the guest appearances on Raw (Edge and Paul Bearer), Lesnar and then the draft picks I previously mentioned.

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There are others that I feel would benefit from the draft but unfortunately that is all I have time for, my dog had her puppies on Monday and I’m acting as the second human parent. Thanks for reading and I hope you have plenty of comments (Good and Bad) that you can post below. If you want to continue the discussion on Twitter follow these two accounts: @WrestlinRambles and my own personal one @Razor_WWE94.

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