Arguably the two best wrestlers in WWE, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho easily could have been a simple rivalry. But as the weeks went on from the end of January, Chris Jericho started to make it personal by bringing CM Punk’s family into the equation. Sadly, these two didn’t perform their very best against one another at WrestleMania due to all the hype for Rock and Cena. Hopefully this Sunday in Chicago for WWE Extreme Rules, Punk and Jericho will get to showcase their quality in the main event! I guess we’ll have to wait until the actual show to see whether or not this will be the final match on the card. I’m hoping it will be.

I’m going for a CM Punk win. It’s time for Punk to ‘finish’ Jericho which will hopefully get Punk over more. Also, there’s so much more  Punk can do before he loses the belt, a feud with Tensai seems logical, also with Brock Lesnar. So CM Punk  to be victorious.

One has to wonder if these two will actually fight on the street? I get the reason behind ”Chicago Street Fight”, as it’s in Chicago, but it’s no different than an extreme rules match, unless of course they’re going to fight on an actual street. This never actually made sense to me by the way. Jericho was the one who suggested a ”Chicago Street Fight”, shouldn’t Punk of been the one to do that?

What I find most intriguing is how the match will end and if it’ll be the last we see of Jericho’s current WWE run. I can’t really see Jericho leaving WWE without winning a big match to be honest. Although, perhaps a draft to Smackdown is in prospect for Jericho? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.

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