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Speaking of champions, an interesting piece of news regarding the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship.


by Big Andy G of WrestlingRambles.com
(source WrestleZone.com)

Unified WWE Tag Team champions Primo Colon and Epico will be defending the title for the World Wrestling Council, which is owned and promoted by Carlos Colon (Primo Colon’s father) according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Carlos Colon competed in the 1993 WWE Royal Rumble match entering at number 24, lasting just over 7 minutes before being eliminated by 2012 WWE Hall Of Famer Yokozuna.

On April 28th in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, will feature the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions going against a masked team called Los Enmascarados Misteriosos.

Primo Colon and Epico’s contract apparently allows them to work a number of WWC dates a year and WWE has always kept a business connection with Carlos Colon.


(via WrestleZone.com)

The claw move Lord Tensai has been using has been altered for safety purposes.

The hold is now starting from the standing position so the opponent can land on their back when they hit the mat.

Originally, it was starting from Lord Tensai’s knee which caused the point of impact to be on the opponents head. The report states the referee stopages to the matches are over.


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(source. WrestleZone.com)

As seen on WWE this past couple of weeks on WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow and WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Hornswoggle Finlay (remember he is Fit Finlay’s son – #kayfabe) is now Brodus Clay’s sidekick which was originally going to be Santino Marella’s role.

Cameron Lynn & Naomi is still part of Brodus Clay’s crew.

Why the change to the decision remains a mystery.

Speaking about mysteries, has anyone seen Rey Mysterio jr on your travels, or has he just gone in to obscurity with Perry Saturn somewhere… does anyone even care? 

Well if you do then hes been suspended for 60 days for violating the WWE Wellness Policy.

The WWE Superstars just now are dropping like flies.


(via. WWE.com)

WWE.com has learned that Josh Mathews is in stable condition following a vicious attack at the hands of Brock Lesnar during WWE Monday Night Raw SuperShow in Detroit Monday night. Mathews had been interviewing the self-proclaimed “wrecking machine” about his upcoming Extreme Rules contest against John Cena when Lesnar – evidently unhappy with the quality of Mathews’ questions – snapped and drove the helpless Mathews through the interview set, leaving him strewn across the backstage area while paramedics rushed to his aid.

“When [Josh] was thrown through the set, he did land and twisted his neck, and he’s experiencing some neck stiffness, tightness,” said locker room physician Dr. Michael Sampson to WWE.com reporters.

A follow-up MRI confirmed that Mathews suffered some nerve damage in his neck from the attack, in addition to the abrasions and lacerations over his body attributed to his impact with the Raw interview set. Mathews is currently under medical observation as he recovers from Lesnar’s assault.

Given that Lesnar has demanded carte blanche to do what he likes as compensation for his match against John  Cena, one can only wonder if attacks like this are destined to be the norm in John Laurinaitis’ WWE.

In related injury news, @WWEInsider on twitter had this to say regarding Paul Bearer.


by Big Andy G of WrestlingRambles.com

WrestlingRambles.com wishes Happy Birthday to the following:

  • Glenn “Kane” Jacobs celebrates is 45th Birthday today.
  • David Lee Abbott, who wrestles under the name Tank Abbott turns 47 today.
  • Jonathan Figueroa, better known to TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING fans as Amazing Red hits 30.
Small bio on the 3 men:
(via Wikipedia – edited by Big Andy G)
Born in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain, Glenn Jacobs began his wrestling career in 1992 working on independent circuits. He wrestled in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as Unabomb where he won the SMW Tag Team Championship as a member of The Dynamic Duo, and in the United States Wrestling Association where he won the USWA Heavyweight Championship as Doomsday. He later joined the WWE in 1995, where he wrestled under various gimmicks before debuting as Kane, in 1997. The character’s half-brother is The Undertaker, with whom Kane has teamed up as the Brothers of Destruction.

Glenn Jacobs has accumulated 17 championship accolades during his WWE career. He is a three-time world champion, having won the WWE Heavyweight Championship once, the ECW World Championship once, and the World Heavyweight Championship once (tied for third longest reign in history, record which also belongs to Chris Benoit). He is the first of only three men (including CM Punk and The Big Show) to hold all three world titles. He is also a two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, a one-time WWE Hardcore Champion, and an 11-time Tag Team Champion; winning the WWE Tag Team Championship (once with The Big Show), the WCW World Tag Team Championship once(with The Undertaker), and the World Tag Team Championnship nine times (twice with Mankind, X-Pac, and The Undertaker; and once with The Hurricane, Rob Van Dam, and The Big Show). Jacobs is the third Grand Slam Champion in WWE history.

In addition to championships, he is a one-time Money in the Bank winner, also he has become the quickest man to cash in the briefcase. Kane holds several records in the Royal Rumble match, including: most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble with eleven, most Royal Rumble match appearances with fifteen, most consecutive appearances in the match with thirteen from 1999 to 2011, and the quickest elimination of another competitor.

Titles won:

  • World Heavyweight Championship
  • ECW World Championship
  • WWE Heavyweight Championship
  • World Tag Team Championship
  • WCW World Tag Team Championship
  • WWE Unified Tag Team Championship
  • WWE Hardcore Championship
  • Intercontinental Championship
  • Hardcore Championship
  • USWA Heavyweight Championship
  • SMW Tag Team Championship



(via Wikipedia – edited by Big Andy G)

He is best known for working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, where he is a former three-time X Division Champion, while also working on the American independent circuit. Jonathan Figueroa is also one of the head trainers of the House of Glorywrestling school, based in Ridgewood, Queens, New York City. He is the cousin of wrestlers Joel and Jose Maximoand Rosita.
Titles won:

  • ECWA Heavyweight Championship
  • ICW Heavyweight Championship
  • ICW Tag Team Championship
  • MCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • NYWC Interstate Championship
  • PWF Junior Heavyweight Championship
  • ROH Tag Team Championship
  • NWA World Tag Team Championship
  • TNA X Division Championship
  • USEW United States Heavyweight Championship
  • UXW/USA Pro United States Championship
  • UCW Heavyweight Championship
  • HWVY Junior Heavyweight Championship


(via Wikipedia – edited by Big Andy G)

He has described his fighting style, which he developed brawling in the bars and streets of Huntington Beach, California, as “street fighting”. Abbott was the first fighter to regularly wear what would be known as traditional MMA gloves in the UFC.

Abbott claims his nickname of “Tank” was given to him by UFC officials after the character of “Tank Murdock“ from the 1978 Clint Eastwood movie Every Which Way but Loose.

Titles won:

  • UFC 6 Tournament Runner-Up
  • Ultimate Ultimate 1996 Tournament Runner-Up
  • Ultimate Ultimate 1995 Semifinalist
  • NJCAA All American