A – Albert…Prince Albert. Surely the only wrestler to ever be named after a cock piercing, yet for some reason old Vinnie decided to rebrand him as Lord Tensai.

B – Bourne to Fly. He got that right like. Most people reading this would do anything just to work for the WWE. This idiot if following in the footsteps of Paul London and throwing it all away. Shame, I liked Matt Sydal.

C – CallingSpots. Ridiculous that I am only 3 words in and got to a cheap plug already. But seriously though, the single mintest twitter account ever!

D – Dolph’s selling. This guy! Talk about selling sand to the Arabs, Dolph sells for FUN! Clearly the young lad has no problem with destroying his spine, and will happily bump all over the place just to be able to have his own range of pink merch.

E – Eighteen Seconds. The amount of time that one of the greatest wrestlers in recent memory gets to wrestle on a wrestling show called WRESTLEmania.

F – Fanzine. Fanzines are great. If you have enjoyed ready any of this I encourage you to check out CallingSpots – A Pro Wrestling Fanzine.

G- Goldberg’s Streak. > The Undertakers Wrestlemania ONLY streak.

H – House Shows. WWE likes to call them live event. They are ‘kin house shows man. House shows are fun because there is no pressure of filming TV for the world to see, leading to fun one-off shows.

I – Insane Championship Wrestling. Ridiculous Scottish wrestling promotion that have just had their prime time debut on My Channel (Sky number 219, in the UK). Any wrestling crowd that chants “tea bags, tea bags” (while throwing them in the ring) is OK in my book.

J – John Morrison. Left WWE and decided he can command a massive fee to appear on independent shows. Turns out he is right mind, and Preston City Wrestling have secured his services for their show in December. Google it.

K – Keyboard Warriors. You know the types, idiots that give it the big’un on twitter, from the comfort of their sofa, starting some shiiiiit. Troglodytes.

L – Limes. Sheamus has too many of them.

M – MarkHenrySweatingScenarios. Ladder matches. Winning his 1st World Title. Walking through the curtain. Hand babies. Frowning. There is loadssssss, ask @DirtSheetMafia.

N – – Nu Wrestling Evolution. Also known as NWE. An Italian wrestling company with a decent amount of cash behind them. Recently decided to pull a major investment from an IPW:UK show that could financially cripple the latter. Also responsible for the return of The Ultimate Warrior.

O – Old School Wrestling Podcast. Two guys with a wealth of wrestling knowledge reviewing matches from over ten years ago. A funny and insightful walk down memory lane.

P – Paddy Power. The internet was buzzing over the weekend of Wrestlemania 28 with the news that the Irish bookmakers were talking bets for the event. Although that being said I lost every single one of the 15 pound I placed on accumulators. Great idea for any LAD.

Q – Quantity over quality. We can sit here all day and discuss if Wrestlemania lived up to expectations, but with 1.3 million buys…does it really matter?

R – Rambling. Something we do fantastically here at WrestlingRambles.com. MORE BLOODY PLUGS.

S – Scott Einsteiner. Not happy at being released from Impact Wrestling, Scott Steiner has taken to twitter to dish the dirt on the company’s top brass, including Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. At one point Steiner even quoted scientific icon Albert Einstein….or Enstein as he called him. Genius.

T – Twitter. Forget the fact that WWE have been ramming twitter down our throats for the last year, twitter does have a useful place in wrestling, such as Rockstar Spud and Noam Dar building a fantastic rivalry. Plus you can hashtag things like a #beast…..#JustSayin

U – Universe. That thing with all the planets in, as well as a daft word WWE use instead of just saying “fans”. Divvies.

V – Video Camera. Something Hulk Hogan says he had no idea was in the same room as him (naked) and some young brunette bird (naked) while he hulked up her. Sick.

W – Wristwatch. A classic timepiece worn on the human body, often confused with a Classic Wrestling Hold….maybe we should demonstrate the difference one day?

X – Xtreme rules. Was better when it was one night stand. 3 words – Brock. Lesnar. Piss.

Y – YES YES YES. By time this goes live, probably the most annoying catchphrase since “what” first rang through arenas across the world. However, a time of printing, the voice of real wrestling fans after a few beers….YES!

Z – Zach Ryder. The only reason James Cameron re-released Titanic (in 3D this time…..3D Kate Winslet tits?? YES!!) is because he was pissed that he wasn’t getting Royalties from WWE for basing Ryder’s “push” on his film.

100% not my normal style but I enjoye that. Hope you did too. Love a bit feedback. Drop me a line below or over on Twitter @CallingSpots

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