TNA Impact Wrestling Review for the 26th April 2012 episode.

It’s time for TNA’s Open Fight Night. During the intro, they also mention their TNA GutCheck program will be going prime time.

Hulk Hogan is backstage with all the Champions. He reminds them all they can get called out. He says it’s a tough choice to see which Champion will put their title on the line, before choosing Samoa Joe and Magnus. Hogan tells them there’s so many team who could challenge them (really?!), and suggests the Motorcity Machine Guns, Mr Anderson and Jeff Hardy, Kazarian and Daniels…..Eric Young and ODB. He’ll leave his final decision till just before the fight starts.

Devon makes his way out. He discusses how the TV Title will be defended every week, before saying he’ll give a title shot to the one person fans want to see get his ass kicked: Bully Ray. Bully Ray appears and asks if he is serious, before saying he carried Devon for 15 years. Bully says he knows the fans want to see him get beat, but Devon can go to hell. Bully Ray begins to leave, and Devon attacks him from behind.

TV Title match: Devon (c) vs Bully RayThe fight begins outside, before Bully Ray tries to get out of the fight. Bully turns it his way and has control until he allows Devon up and they trade blows. Devon builds momentum, but runs into a big boot. Bully tries to end it, Devon reverses a Bully Bomb, but turns into a Cutter. As Bully rushes at Devon, he gets hit with a thrust spinebuster and Devon retains. Okay match to start the show.

Backstage to Austin Aries, who says we see what happens when Bully Ray doesn’t cheat. He jokes how a big guy had to cheat to pin a small guy. Aries also says fight night isn’t over, and he’ll leave an impression on Bully Ray.

Ric Flair talks about how much he has partied in the past, and he’ll be throwing one tonight, all night long for the greatest promoter in history. Strange how there was no beep for Eric *beep*.

Kazarian and Daniels go to see Kurt Angle. They say it was sweet seeing AJ Styles lose, and that Kurt didn’t thank them. He says he didn’t need their help, and if they try again, he’ll end them. Daniels mutters he’s an “ungrateful bastard”, only to pretend he was on the phone as Angle turned to him.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. I could sense what was coming. He says he’s been in TNA a long time, and he hasn’t seen a bigger prick in TNA than Eric Bischoff. He suggests that because it’s Open Fight Night and Bischoff’s last night, Eric should come down so he can punch him one. Eric arrives and tells JB he hopes he enjoys his 15 seconds of fame. Bully Ray creeps in and low blows JB, before Eric pins him and Bully Ray records it on EB’s phone. I don’t even understand what is going on…

Mr Anderson is talking in a “Remembering Eric Bischoff” segment….jeez, he’s fired, not dead! Anderson respects Eric, and they agree on politics, but nothing else. Some think Eric’s an asshole, but Anderson reckons he’s actually a douchebag.

Back to the ring, and Mexican America are there. Anarquia moans once more about being overlooked for a Tag Team title shot. He also suggests they could beat any team or any single man. Kurt Angle steps up. Anarquia tries to dodge the match, suggesting Hernandez vs Angle, but as it’s about to start, Anarquia attacks Angle.

Anarquia vs Kurt AngleAnarquia slams Angle into the corner, misses a splash in the corner. Angle hits a german suplex, Angle Slam and then locks in the Ankle Lock for the win. That was the whole match described too….dunno why they bothered with this.

Time to see who is stepping up for Open Fight Night, it’s OVW’s Alex Silva. We hear his life story, before Al Snow mentions how Silva will take his chance tonight. After the video, Snow brings Silva down to the ring, and then introduces his opponent, Robbie E.

Robbie E (with Big Robbie T) vs Alex SilvaRobbie E opens with a slap, but Silva responds with punches. Robbie E clotheslines and then tries to choke out Silva. Robbie E misses an elbow drop, and Silva hits a snap powerslam. As Silva leaps over Robbie E, Robbie slaps him once more, before hitting a DDT and pinning Silva. Weird match, Silva didn’t get much offence or time to shine.

Dixie Carter “Remembers Eric Bischoff”. She says maybe she’ll miss his lies, cocky nature, causing trouble, or taking the company away? Nooo, she’ll miss nothing about him.

Hulk Hogan is in his office with the contenders for the Tag Titles. He gives them a chance to say why they should face Samoa Joe and Magnus. Daniels puts down the other 3 teams, including jokingly saying about Eric Young and ODB “one is a man, the other has a bad beard”. Chris Sabin says the Guns have dedication, while Mr Anderson says he and Jeff Hardy can get along. Eric Young offers ODB to Hogan for a night…surprisingly Hogan says no. Hogan eliminates the Guns, due to their loss at Lockdown, and concerns over Sabin’s knee injury.

Brooke Tessmacher angrily makes her way down. She says people are talking about her pinning Gail Kim, and it was a “fluke”. She then challenges Gail, to prove she is a serious threat.

Brooke Tessmacher vs Gail KimGail attacks before the bell, and goes for the pin, before pulling Brooke up at the count of 2. Brooke avoids a splash, strikes but runs into a clothesline. Gail controls the match and even berates Brooke in the corner. The Champ gets too cocky and misses an attack off the top rope, allowing Tessmacher to hit her belly to back facebuster and pick up the win. I guess Tessmacher is next in line for a title shot. Was a good match, and glad Brooke picked up the win.

We cut to Kazarian and Daniels. Kaz says AJ Styles is a coward, and if he doesn’t appear next week, they’ll let his secret out.

Video promoting Rob Van Dam vs Bobby Roode. RVD says he’s back, and nothing will stop him being Champ. Roode says he hopes RVD knows what he is capable of. RVD also says everyone wants him to be on top again…errrrm, nope! I’d rather Roode retain it.

After clips of Alex Silva’s chance, he is backstage with Al Snow, who informs Silva they’ll let him know next week. Bobby Roode comes into the dressing room, and says it took him a long time to get a TNA contract. He warns Silva you always need to be alert in TNA, before punching him to the gut.

Back to Hulkster with the 3 remaining Tag Teams. Hogan eliminates ODB and Eric Young, due to EY’s behaviour on their honeymoon. Hogan tells the other 2 teams to head to the ring, he’ll make his decision soon.

“Remembering Eric Bischoff” with his son Garrett. Garrett says he’s seen his Dad bully people to get what he wants. He didn’t put his Dad in this position, and as much as he hates saying it, Impact will be better without him.

Bully Ray is on his phone, before Joseph Park interrupts. Park mentions how he’s been told Bully was the last one seen with Abyss. Bully tells him that he doesn’t have any answers, and if he did, he wouldn’t tell him. Joseph offers to leave a card, Bully tells him to shove it. As Bully leaves, Joseph manically laughs.

Samoa Joe and Magnus come down, followed by both Kazarian and Daniels, and Jeff Hardy with Mr Anderson. Hulk Hogan appears and says Kazarian and Daniels are on the same page, Hardy and Anderson aren’t…then picks Anderson and Hardy. Good reason there Hulkster.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Samoa Joe and Magnus (c) vs Jeff Hardy and Mr AndersonA brawling opening between Samoa Joe and Mr Anderson, before they both tag out. Hardy isn’t in long, as he and Anderson try to double team Magnus, it backfires and Magnus gets Joe back in. Anderson knocks the big man down, then argues with Hardy. After a short break, Joe and Magnus are in control, but lose it when they fail to double team Hardy. Anderson and Magnus brawl outside, and Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Joe. As Hardy goes to the top, he changes his mind, and flies at Magnus. Anderson rolls back in, tries for the Mic Check, but a few reversals sees Joe drop Anderson in the Coquina Clutch, and Anderson taps. As the Champs leave, Kazarian and Daniels attack them on the ramp. I enjoyed this match, but now sense another Anderson/Hardy feud due to the past 2 weeks between these.

Time for the tribute to Eric Bischoff. Ric Flair is out with Bully Ray, Gunner, Kazarian and Daniels. Flair reckons Eric is a massive impact player in wrestling, then welcomes Eric down to the ring. Flair says Dixie should be on her knees thanking the day Eric joined TNA, and he’s also the reason Hogan and Flair are there. Gunner thanks Eric for giving him an opportunity, while Bully Ray says Eric is the wind beneath his wings. Flair has a gift for Eric, a Rolex watch. Garrett appears with Austin Aries, Rob Van Dam, Motorcity Machine Guns and Jeremy Borash. JB says they got a gift too, one more symbolic of Eric…it’s a portaloo. The wrestlers brawl on the ramp, while JB and Garrett drag Eric to the portaloo, and lock him inside. They push the portaloo over, then unlock it, showing Eric covered in shit as the show ends….

I have to say, I didn’t enjoy this first Open Fight Night. While I think the concept of seeing people trying to earn a chance on the roster is a good one, I feel it was poorly treated on this episode. We barely saw anything to do with Alex Silva, and his match didn’t even go 5 minutes. How can fans judge him on this showing? I also don’t mind TNA personnel calling each other out, but did seem weird when they have Angle accept and beat Anarquia so quickly. As for the Bischoff stuff, there was no need for any of that pathetic crap, and I just hope this is the last we see of him. Just a shame he can’t take his son with him too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to any comments or thoughts about this review, or the Impact episode.

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