Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I take you through this weeks episode of WWE Raw,  we are just one day removed from a GREAT Extreme Rules PPV, wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would be.  A lot of questions should be answered tonight.

Wow, so they REALLY went with “WWE Raw starring Brock Lesnar, that’s weak.  We start out with John Laurinaitis coming out to the ring.  He introduces Brock Lesnar as the face of the WWE for years to come (Despite him leaving after WrestleMania?)  Triple H is here!  He interrupts Brock Lesnar, and he don’t look too happy tonight.  Triple H says he’s out there to do what Laurinaitis is too much of a coward to do, he takes away everything John Laurinaitis promised him last week.  Laurinaitis kept interrupting Triple H which lead him to turn around, Lesnar attacked Triple H and locked him in a kimura, some of the locker room emptied and chased Brock off, Triple H could be heard saying his arm is broken, not going to lie, I’m not sure if It’s a broken arm, but his arm didn’t look right in the move.

Eve comes out and says the Number One contender for the WWE Championship will be determined in a Beat The Clock Challenge, the winner will challenge CM Punk at Over The Limit.  First match is The Miz VS Santino, a rematch from last nights Extreme Rules Pre show.  Miz gets the win in 4:18 with Skull Crushing Finale in a decent match.

Nikki Bella VS Brie Bella VS Layla for the Divas Title (I think, not really sure they actually announced what it was.)  Brie and Nikki argued for a bit, Layla delivered a dropkick to the back of one of the Bellas, knocking the other out of the ring, roll up victory in about 8 seconds, eh.

Chris Jericho in a Beat The Clock Match up next, his opponent is The Big Show.  Jericho wins by count out, time ran out before the ref counted 10, but the referee said he beat the count…  Alright…  After commercial it was announced Jericho did NOT beat the time, so The Miz is still in the lead.

Brodus Clay comes out next, his opponent is JTG.  Squash match, Brodus wins easily.  Boring.

John Laurinaitis and Eve are in the back talking about what happened with Brock earlier tonight.

Beat The Clock Match up next, Randy Orton…  Err, Blandy Boreton goes one on one with Jack Swagger.  Blandy Boreton gets the win with 2 seconds left.  How is it SmackDown stars are able to get a chance to compete for a Raw title?  Why do we have a brand split then?

Up next Primo and Epico defend the WWE Tag Team titles against Kofi Kingston and R Truth.  I know I say this every week I see her on TV, but damn I love Rosa Mendes!  Good match.  New champions, another thrown together tag team wins the meaningless tag team titles.

Kane VS Great Khali in a Beat The Clock Match up next, oh this one has five star match written all over it!  No contest as time runs out, such a terrible match.  I have no words for how bad that was.  Next…

Final Beat The Clock Match up next, Daniel Bryan takes on Jerry Lawler…  Daniel Bryan wins the Beat The Clock Challenge!!  Daniel Bryan VS CM Punk for the WWE Championship!  That might just make me order that PPV, those two going one on one will be worth the PPV alone.

Up next John Laurinaitis is going to speak to John Cena, apparently Cena is competing at Over The Limit, he’s going to tell Cena who his opponent will be.  Cena says after all the tests he underwent it revealed no break or no tears in his arm, Laurinaitis comes out, both men go back and forth for a bit, Lord Tensai comes out, Laurinaitis attacks Cena and announces his opponent at Over The Limit is John Laurinaitis.  Tensai, Laurinaitis and Tensais “follower” all attack Cena and his bad arm.  This was pretty bad, I now have to reconsider ordering Over The Limit.

Overall, bad show, really, the only good thing that happened was Daniel Bryan winning the Beat The Clock Challenge.  Sadly, Over The Limit looks like A great WWE Championship match and nothing else, I said Punk/Bryan would be worth it alone, but Cena/Laurinaitis might cancel that out.

Not happy at all that CM Punk didn’t talk or compete.  No Dolph Ziggler, no Zack Ryder.  Very disappointing Raw tonight, such a shame, Extreme Rules was a great PPV, and to follow it up with a terrible Raw like this was a shame.  One more good thing, Brock Lesnar wasn’t given a microphone.

I’m so disgusted with this episode, I’m giving it a 1/5.  And you can thank Daniel Bryan for the 1 rating.