After last night’s Extreme Rules one of the surprises to come out of Chicago that night was the return of Layla. Not only did she return, but she became the new Divas champion by defeating Nikki Bella. This week is a Layla edition of “Remember When?”

Do you remember when Extreme Expose ruled the ECW scene?

It was back in January 2007, after Kelly Kelly had broken up with her boyfriend Mike Knox, she announced that she was bringing back her striptease segment called “Kelly’s Expose.” When she came down to the ring, she brought along some friends. Those friends were (then 2006 Diva search winner) Layla and Brooke (TNA’s Miss Tessmaucher). For the next few months these lovely ladies would grace ECW with their presence and show off some dancing for the audience.

The groups foundation would begin to crack once the Miz came to ECW via the 2007 WWE Draft. The Miz ended up buying Extreme Expose’s contracts, they became his valets, and Kelly started to become distant from the group. They would officially disband when Brooke got released in November 2007.

Now that Layla is back in WWE and is now the Divas champion, the question is what’s in store for the champ? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s the debut of Extreme Expose