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“saturation or a smart idea”

With news going around that a few new weekly wrestling shows might appear on the WWE network, I’ve been thinking about what kind of shows exactly we might see. There’s been news saying a few cruiserweight performers have been contacted by WWE for a cruiserweight show for the network. There’s also been news that FCW will be moving their tapings to a different location which will make filming much easier and much better on the eyes for the fans. Currently floating around some networks and online is WWE Superstars and NXT: Redemption. At this point we’re safe to say NXT isn’t “redemption” worthy anymore as it’s basically turned into a third brand. With William Regal running the show it’s actually turned into quite an entertaining program and also gives the opportunity to see the new up and coming superstars. Although much of this is speculation and things are constantly changing I still like the topic and find it a good topic of discussion.

If the news is true about WWE contacting cruiserweights for a new program on their network is true, I for one am cautiously excited. I loved WCWs cruiserweight division especially after they raided much of AAA and Japan of some of their top stars. WWE never really seemed to back their lightweight division and made feeble attempts over the years to revamp it. Rey Mysterio was WWEs breakout cruiserweight star and probably the smallest individual to win top tier gold in the company. With that being said, if WWE started a cruiserweight program would it kill the push the smaller superstars are already receiving on Raw/Smackdown? Or would it make it harder to believe a cruiserweight could move up to Raw/Smackdown and win one of the world titles? WWE has always made their high flyers slow it down in the ring and adapt to the WWE style of things. I’ve heard they do that not only to protect their investment in the superstar as days off from injury put a wrench in the plans, but also because they don’t want fans to waste all their excitement on the fast paced action. I would hope if the network does have a weekly cruiserweight show that it’s done right and the WWE is fully behind it. This has potential to be one of my favorite shows if it actually turns into realism.

An almost sure thing we’ve been hearing about is the fact that FCW will be taping in a bigger and better location which will make filming it a lot more TV friendly. FCW already does tapings but doesn’t get much exposure on TV or even online for that matter. WWE seems to want to make this into a regular show on their network. Seeing the freshly hired talent would interest me and seeing how they grow and develop would be quite interesting. I think this would also help build bigger superstars by starting their fan base out early. In most cases when you see a performer you enjoy you support them and follow their career. This might give WWE a little extra time to build a character and also if they gain a bigger fan base, that means more cash from merch, ticket purchases, etc.. Although NXT is almost the same thing, the superstars on NXT are a lot more seasoned and have been around longer or shown more improvement than others. What I enjoy about FCW is the fact that it has its own title and it’s a totally separate brand. This would be another show I’d be willing to watch if put on my plate.

Next up is Superstars and NXT. Superstars seems to be a mixture of low-midcard talent and Divas who aren’t making it on Raw/Smackdown just yet. Or they could also not be involved in a current storyline or be on their way out the door. Currently I’m not sure if keeping Superstars around once the network gets going is needed. If NXT turns into somewhat of a third brand, then whatever usually happens on Superstars (some really great wrestling matches) could happen on NXT instead. I would like to see WWE turn NXT into a third brand, without a title. Instead of a title I’d rather have the top guy get his shot at Raw/Smackdown somehow. I would also keep William Regal in charge of NXT as I enjoy him in a GM type role. He’s great on the mic and still can perform with the best of them if need be. NXT is already “hiring” talent from FCW on the show which would be a great thing to continue. When a superstar is ready to move up from FCW, it makes sense to have them on NXT to learn the ropes first. Obviously there will always be the exceptions when WWE decides to bring someone right up to a main show. In the past that hasn’t always worked out. I’m not sure what exactly WWE will do here but I’m hoping something like I said will happen.

If the WWE network has these as their new wrestling shows would you be interested? What kind of show would you prefer to see? Feel free to comment and give details on what you would like to see as new wrestling shows on the network. Also another thing I would like your opinion on is if having this many wrestling shows on the network would be too much? Would it saturate the network with too many wrestling shows? Or is it a good idea to have all these new shows to display talent?

James Bones