For those of us ZTLIS (Z True Long Island Story) fans we saw this week’s episode where the match we’ve all been waiting for was officially announced. Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler at Wrestlemania 29 for the Internet Title. So I’ve decided to do a Broski edition of Remember When.

Do you remember when Ryder made his WWE debut in 2005?

Before we took care and spiked our hair, before we pumped our fists in the air, before we had the Woos Like Ryder, before there was a party in the LI, and before Zack was a Major (Major Bros. Reference) deal in WWE, he was an Indy Wrestler hoping his big break would come soon.

It was on the April 21, 2005 edition of Smackdown and it took place at the Mecca of Wrestling, Madison Square Garden. Ryder (who was wrestling under his Indy name, Brett Matthews) was called up as a local jobber to take on a newly developed Matt Morgan. It was Morgan’s first WWE TV appearance in over a year. The match was simply just to make Morgan look good on his WWE return.

Who would’ve thought this local jobber would turn into WWE’s most recognizable stars? I guess that goes to show that ANYTHING can happen in the world of Pro Wrestling.

Here’s Ryder’s WWE debut in 2005