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“Killyourself”: Wrestler CM Punk’s chilling response to British fan in row over gay marriage

(via. The Daily Mirror -Edited by Big Andy G of WrestlingRambles.com)

The wrestler delivered the message to a WWE fan who disagreed with his same-sex marriage views.

CM Punk, one of the world’s most popular wrestlers, delivered a chilling retort to a British WWE fan who disagreed with his views on same-sex marriage this evening, tweeting: “Kill yourself”.

Having expressed his disgust at the perceived likelihood that the Amendment 1 ballot measure in North Carolina’s ban on gay marriage will pass in the US state, the WWE Heavyweight Champion continued a Twitter dialogue on the subject with other users on twitter throughout the day.

He tweeted: “Same sex marriage should be legal. The fact that it’s illegal is embarrassing.”

Twitter follower @EzeeKay of Walsall in the West Midlands disagreed, writing:”Man was meant for woman, and even the thought of homo’s make me sick.”

Punk retweeted this message and added “Kill yourself” in response.

In another reply, the 33-year-old wrestler advised a fan who disagreed with him to “drink bleach.”

He tweeted @Super_HeroChic: “no. You’re an idiot for comparing a hole in a wall or a dog to a human being. Drink bleach. That’s natural (selection).”

Punk, real name Philip Brooks, has built a realistic persona as part of WWE programming as a audacious and liberal spokesman for the people, unafraid to stand up against the promotion’s more elaborate displays of corporate wealth.

Twitter spats are not a new experience for Punk, following his war of words with singer Chris Brown in February where he tweeted: “I would like @ChrisBrown fight somebody that can defend themselves.”

The publicly-traded WWE currently endorses an anti-bullying campaign alongside entertainment lobbying The Creative Coalition called ‘Be A Star’, for which Punk has appeared as a company representative.

Responding to a user that brought up the campaign after his remarks to EezeKay, the wrestler tweeted: “hey moron, don’t try to hide behind the be a star campaign. I am a star. I’m fighting bigots here. Zero tolerance.”

The social network is seen as a central part of wrestling’s storyline development, with frequent onscreen reminders as to what WWE aspects are trending during their flagship programming’s transmission.

In contrast to the sentiments expressed today to his 870,000-plus followers, Punk has previously included homophobic slurs in his performance.


Not mentioned in this article is @CMPunk’s tweets apologising to the WWE Universe:

The rumour that WWE made their Heavyweight Champion CM Punk apologise is running rapidly throughout the IWC.

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Big Andy G’s Note: Apart from the “Kill Yourself” comment the rest is justified, to me “drink bleach” is a symbolic way of saying to wash your mouth out, something my Mother said to me when I was a young age whenever I swore, admittedly it was with soap and not bleach, but the symbolism is still there.  Furthermore, people need to get into this century, lots of wording and slang phrases have changed.

 If you are having troubles coming to terms with the new catchphrases, acronyms and other slang that’s “down with the youths of today.  Then I suggest you study, not look at, but STUDY UrbanDictionary.com you will find a  plethora of information and gain a wealth of knowledge in today’s acceptable terms and other things you might of heard people say.)