”When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.”

Anthony J D’Angelo once said that and, that’s exactly what WWE did by bringing back Paul Heyman. What was the problem you’re probably asking? The problem was Brock Lesnar’s acting/talking skills. Without the top class editing, Brock Lesnar was never good at talking on the mic. It’s much easier to make an interview better than talking live. Therefore by bringing back Paul Heyman; it fixed the problem.

Paul Heyman is obviously a tremendous talker. Like the way he said Brock Lesnar on RAW last Monday, you just felt the emotion he put into that. It’s the same feeling when The Rock, Punk, Austin are all talking, raw emotion. When you’re listening to Heyman and others I have mentioned, you want to listen to them and you want them to continue to talk. You’re bought into what they have to say. They’re interesting.

As fans of WWE in particular, you’re really a fan of their storytelling. I’m not saying you don’t like the wrestling matches, I’m just saying if you want to watch just wrestling, then ROH or some other top Indy show is the show for you. That’s why Heyman is the perfect as a role of a representative/manger role to Brock Lesnar.

Not that Lesnar isn’t interesting, like his physical presence he has is just scary! None the less, there’s no way he could further proceed in a storyline and not talk. That’s where Heyman comes in.

Picture this: You’re watching RAW, two months away from WrestleMania 29, Brock is looking for an opponent, a big one at that. Heyman is the one who announces this, in his voice he’ll say something like, ”After eight months of destruction, there is nobody in the WWE worthy of facing Brock Lesnar.” Heyman looks around with that cocky/arrogant smile for a few seconds, the lights go out…..DONG! Undertaker appears. Then it would all evolve like. Apologies if I went off my point there, I was just trying to elaborate how good a storyline can be with Heyman’s talking skills.

It will also be interesting how Laurinaitis and Heyman will interact with each other. Laurinaitis signed Lesnar and you can argue it’s his fault Brock didn’t get the contract perks he was promised, I would love to see Heyman criticize Laurinaitis about that. Wouldn’t you?

I’m super excited Heyman is back with WWE and is working with Lesnar. WWE just got more interesting! 

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I’ll leave you with his return just in case you were in another planet or something and missed it: