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Bellas Change Names


The Bella Twins, who recently departed from WWE, have changed their  Twitter handle to

@NicoleAndBri, and are now referring to themselves as Nicole and Brianna.

Big Andy G’s Note: What does WrestleZone  mean “are now referring to themselves as Nicole and Brianna” isn’t that their legitimate legal names? So what did they refer to themselves as before, Cagney & Lacey?

Lance Storm’s Detailed Thoughts on WWE’s Booking of Lesnar

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Former WWE, WCW & ECW star Lance Storm was recently a guest on The LAW, and he spoke on a number of topics including Ring of Honor’s upcoming “Border Wars,” and WWE’s booking of Brock Lesnar since his return to the company. On the topic of Brock Lesnar, Storm had the following to say:

I certainly would have had Brock win, as most people seem to think was the better idea. I just took exception to the people that thought that one loss killed Brock, and they’ve completely destroyed his heat, and what’s the point? There was a lot of people wanting to think that they had just completely ruined the whole potential of Brock Lesnar. So, I pitched an alternative booking strategy with, “Okay, he lost, it’s not the end of the world.” Comparing it to his Ultimate Fighting Championship run, in that he was a big draw for UFC and he tapped out in 90 seconds in his first match, I’m a firm believer that one loss or one match doesn’t make or break anyone. It certainly can help, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. So I pitched an alternative booking strategy for Brock, which they’re obviously going a different way after watching Monday, but it’s an interesting read. I’ll be curious to see where they do go, because I really liked the approach that I had, although I’m curious that they seem to be sitting him for several months. I’m curious how many dates they have on Brock. Maybe there is something to fewer and far-between being good, but I would think if say you only had him for 15 dates, that you’d want 12 of those to be pay-per-view matches that could draw you money. It seems odd to have him on four or five TVs in a row and then skip several Pay Per Views, but that’s just me I guess.

I think it comes down to whether they have a good booking plan or not. Steve Austin and The Rock in the heyday were week-to-week characters, and it certainly didn’t hurt their drawing power. I think it comes down to if you know what you’re doing and have a really good plan, you can keep a guy important and special and have him on every show. I’m not even necessarily pitching that, but to me, with the price tag that’s with him, you would think you would want him drawing money on as many Pay Per Views as possible. Having him do a TV appearance where he just signs a contract, as opposed to wrestling on a Pay Per View, it’s an interesting decision as far as how you maximise his profits. If they don’t have a lot of great ideas to keep him fresh on TV, then perhaps sending him away for a month or so, and then bringing him back for SummerSlam, and then bringing him back for the Rumble, maybe that is the best approach. He’s really only drawing you money when he’s on PPV, so you would think you’d want him on a few of those to make up for that paycheck.

Big Andy G’s Note: I guess that was Lance Storm being serious for a minute.

Details On New Viral Campaign On WWE’s Website


It was reported a few days ago that WWE was planning on launching a new viral campaign online.

The campaign appears to have already begun. When you go to watch certain videos on, prior to the video you chose to play, this viral campaign video appears. It talks about “A Revolution Is Coming.” No word yet on if the campaign will air on WWE television and what it is promoting. There is wide range speculation of it being a superstar return/debut or possibly details on the WWE Network launching.

Big Andy G’s Note: Braden Walker


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Steven Muehlhausen, host of the The Fight Club Chicago, recently conducted an interview with Bruce Hart, and he discussed a number of topics, including thoughts on his brother Bret, the Montreal Screwjob, and more. Below is an excerpt:

Bruce on Bret:“I have the utmost respect for Bret as a worker. I’ve actually done a lot for Bret and I’m not taking any bows for any of his credits for whatever he has achieved. I think truth be known, Bret’s a bit of a mark for himself. It’s something some people become. He was more for himself than anyone else, which is fine I guess. In the wrestling business in a way, it’s a team thing. Everyone benefits from the guys there your working with. You can’t do it all by yourself.. I think sometimes, Bret lost sight if that. Even with Montreal, I felt that both Bret and Vince, neither one of them did the wrestling business justice with the way they handled it. Bret was disenchanted with my take on that. I have a lot of respect for Bret, but he’s sometimes more for himself than anyone else. That’s probably his biggest fault.”

Eric Bischoff Reveals More Changes to Impact Wrestling Format

(via. One Wrestling Show)

TNA Impact Wrestling producer Eric Bischoff recently did an interview with the One Wrestling Show podcast, and spoke on a number of topics including Scott Steiner’s recent rants and the changes being made to Impact Wrestling. The following is an interview highlight:

Open Fight Night, Gut Check Challenge & More Changes To Impact:

“In my role as executive producer, one of the things that I really wanted to do — and I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. My partner, Jason Hervey and I, we’re in the television business and we work with many, many different television networks. In fact, just since we’ve been in TNA, we’ve wanted to produce nine different television series for eight different television networks in addition to executive producing Impact.

“One of the things that we’ve learned in producing different television series for different television networks is that in today’s television environment, format is really king. There is no such thing as a successful television series out there. In any genre — whether it be scripted, reality or action — every successful television show has a successful format.

“Wrestling really doesn’t. Wrestling has been produced much the same way as it always has for the last 15-25 years. What I wanted to do is change that. I wanted to create a very specific format for not only Impact, but for several. So, one of the things we did is that I got together with the creative team and we kind of worked through different formats.

“Week one, which is following the pay-per-view, is what we refer to as a ‘Reset’ format. Which means that we’re really bringing everybody up to speed it they didn’t order the pay-per-view. We have to reset our new stories going forward. I won’t go into the details of that format because you’ve probably seen them many, many times before but there’s a very specific purpose in the format.

“The second one is ‘Open Fight Night’. The ‘Open Fight Night’ format is essentially a format where any wrestler can challenge any other wrestler and the wrestler that’s being challenged has to take the challenge. Additionally, if someone challenges a champion, that world champion has to take that challenge regardless of any other condition. And as part of ‘Open Fight Night’, we’re going to have the ‘Gut Check’ segment.

“The ‘Gut Check’ segment is a segment where an aspiring young wrestler, who really has never been on national television before and is not a member of the TNA roster, is going to get an opportunity to have a television match. If that wrestler impresses the judges enough — and that doesn’t mean he or she has to win or lose, he or she just has to put on a great performance — if that aspiring wrestler impresses the judges, then that wrestler gets a TNA contract.

“So, that’s essentially ‘Open Fight Night’ which includes the gut check challenge. And there’s two others formats but your listeners will probably get bored if I go into the detail of them but one of them is called ‘Name Your Game’, which we’ll be seeing in the next couple of weeks and the other is called ‘Law & Order’. That’s the last episode that we’ll lay down before we go into a pay-per-view.

“So, they’re four different, very specific formats that were designed to achieve very specific results. It was really something that Jason and I brought from our outside wrestling, television experience into TNA.”

Where TNA Will Recruit Talent For The Gut Check Challenges:

“Certainly, some talent will come from OVW. I’m sure a lot of talent try-outs will come from OVW given the relationship that we have with them. But it’s not exclusive.

“There will be other wrestlers, from other parts of the country, who are training at others schools and are not apart of OVW. They will also get an opportunity. … Theoretically, it’s open to anyone. Al Snow is actually the person that’s driving that program and heading up that program. If anybody from anywhere in the world wants to come in and get an opportunity to go to the ‘Gut Check’ on ‘Open Fight Night’ on Impact!, they just have to go through Al.

“They have to be qualified. There has to be a real good reason for us to put them on national television. But, yeah. Anybody from around the world.”

Big Andy G’s Note: Basically hes using WWE’s old training ground in hope to gain ratings over WWE.  As if using their former performers in Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Gail Kim amongst others wasn’t enough, he has to use their old Developmental territory.  “Open fight night” isnt that similar to “Rodney Mack’s 5 Minute White Boy Challenge” or the “Kurt Angle Invitational” ?

There is 1 thing that sums up this whole Eric Bischoff idea, 1 thing and 1 thing only, and that is this:

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