Right then, Im going to try and do something new, if it gets a good reaction then I’ll continue with this format… hope the guv’nor Raymondo wont mind as I am not making fun of his voice.

Im going to pick a few Wrestling News articles and at the end (similar to what I’ve done before) I’ll give my tuppence worth about it.  Yes, I will be a little bit of a douche on some occasions but for those of you that do know me will be aware that me being a douche is nothing new. 

Here we go…..

Cena Denies Photo For Fan

(Yoinked this off WrestleZone.com)

Ed Bassmaster, who runs a YouTube channel which has accumulated over 230 million views, recently posted the following on his Facebook page, claiming that John Cena denied his request for a photo:

“So I’m at the airport in Tampa and I get on the shuttle bus. It’s just me and John Cena. I ask him for a quick pic and he says “I’m on my way home” without even making eye contact with me. Thanks John, it wasn’t for me. It was for my 4 year old little nephew. My three year olds John Cena doll is going in the trash when I get home.”

Bassmaster later apologised for the comment by issuing the following:

“Never judge a book by its cover. John Cena filed for divorce today. Evidently he had good reason to be short and unpleasant towards me. I apologise for my statement, and the doll will not go in the trash.”

Big Andy G:

Listen Ed, just because you’re famous only because of making Blog videos on YouTube (Yes I do them too) doesn’t mean to say that the real life celebrities need to respect you all the time.

As you stated, John Cena filed for a divorce and he must of been feeling pretty low, but to raise another point with you Bassmaster, even if John Cena had not filed for a divorce, he still has not GOT to talk to anyone, didn’t your mother ever teach you to not talk to strangers? Just because John Cena plays a good guy on Television doesnt mean to say he has to be 24/7.  Maybe he was all good guy’d out and was having some downtime. 

At the end of the day Ed Bassmaster, you seem up yourself and a tad annoying, maybe you were annoying John Cena, you damn sure annoyed me reading your rant. 

Radio DJ Challenges Chris Jericho To Fight After Incident

(cheers WrestleZone.com)

DJ Waleed Coyote, who works for 102 Jamz in Greensboro, North Carolina, is challenging Chris Jericho to a three-on-three no rules match with the proceeds from the match going to North Carolina music charities.

The DJ says he was involved in a verbal altercation with Chris Jericho at The Treasure Club in the early hours of May 7th. Reportedly Chris Jericho was with R-Truth and a WWE referee.

AllHipHop.com reports that Chris Jericho got mad and took DJ Waleed Coyote’s mobile phone when the man tried taking a photo of Chris Jericho inside the club.

Coyote said: “The thing that bothered me about this dude is that we weren’t formerly introduced and he acted out of line and you can’t do that in North Carolina. He would have done that to anyone in this state and you can’t do that.”

Big Andy G:

Well this looks good for Kofi Kingston, he’s got the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship with R-Truth and as Evan Borne basically lost the belts for Kofi Kingston in the first place with the drugs, it looks like R-Truth is going down the dropping the belts road with having an altercation with a Radio DJ.

Also on another note, Chris Jericho, we know you’re not sticking around for long as you’re basically using the WWE as a temporary job until Fozzy goes back on tour, so do you want to maybe just settle the F*** down a bit.   Speaking about settling down, you must be feeling brave DJ Waleed Coyote taking on a WWE Superstar. 

Looks like 1 of the WWE WrestleMania XXXVI matches has been set. 

Unified WWE Tag Team Title Match added to WWE Over The Limit

(by Big Andy G of WrestlingRambles.com)

The Unified WWE Tag Team Champions: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston will defend against Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger.

Big Andy G:

I guess Primo Colon & Epico and Rosa Mendes will be so pissed off about this.  After being on the WrestleMania pre-show and being misused on WWE Programming, I can see them 2 being Future Endeavoured soon…. possibly Rosa Mendes too. 

Thats a wrap.