TNA Impact Wrestling Review for the 10th May 2012 episode

Bobby Roode starts the show, saying he’s proved he is the most dominant World Champ, and in 2 weeks time, he’ll also be the longest reigning World Champ too. Rob Van Dam rushes down and they brawl, Roode escapes but Mr Anderson throws him back in. Jeff Hardy also runs down, and it’s 3 on 1, until Anderson and Hardy fight each other. Security break this up, and Hulk Hogan appears with a suggestion for the main event: A fatal four way, with all guys having the chance to win or lose something: if Hardy and Anderson win, they take RVD’s spot at Sacrifice, if Roode wins, he can choose either of the other 3 to face him at the PPV, or if RVD wins, he picks the match stipulation. This match can only happen if RVD agrees to sacrifice his shot, and he does.

Bully Ray is backstage making fun of Austin Aries and his size, saying he’s been the biggest thorn in his side. He also says he’s sick of Aries, and will take care of this problem.

Gail Kim backstage with Madison Rayne, Gail is sick of people talking about Brooke Tessmacher beating her, while Madison is more interested in clothes and some guy.

Velvet Sky vs Brooke Tessmacher: Velvet controls the majority of this match, until she misses a bulldog. Tessmacher with a monkey flip, second attempt at it fails. Velvet with knee strikes to the face and a dropkick. As Sky tries to end it, Tessmacher blocks the finisher, drop toe holds Sky and then hits her own finisher, The Tess Shocker for the win. Afterwards, Gail Kim attacks from behind and hits Tessmacher with Eat Defeat.

AJ Styles turns up at the Impact Zone and says he has Kurt Angle in 3 days, he’s focused on that, not this “secret” Daniels has on him.

Backstage with Jeff Hardy, he says the selfish generation has to end soon, and after he wins tonight, he’ll be the one to do it.

We’re supposed to see the final confrontation between Crimson and Matt Morgan (even though they had their final match at Lockdown), but Bully Ray attacks Morgan on the ramp. Also Bully slams a chair off the ringpost (it’s supposed to be off Morgan’s head, but the camera angle shows he missed Morgan!).

After a short break, we see Morgan stretchered out, and Crimson talks about how Morgan always went on about trying to beat him, the the undefeated star takes a count out victory.

TNA X-Division Title Match – Austin Aries (c) vs Zema Ion: Aries outsmarts Ion during the opening, but misses a flying forearm smash off the top rope to the outside, allowing Ion to take over and hit a flipdive over the top rope. Ion tries to end it a few times but fails, and also fails with a moonsault. Aries rocks him with stiff shots and knocks him outside, before hitting the heatseeking suicide dive. Ion tries for a huricanrana, Aries stops it, hits a missile dropkick, running dropkick and Brainbuster to retain the title!

Kazarian and Daniels making their way through backstage. Daniels says AJ’s been on top for too long, he’s not their friend, and stops any fears Kazarian has about them losing their jobs off this secret…

Rob Van Dam mentions it’s a perfect situation tonight, as he knows he can beat all 3 opponents, and he’s been thinking of a match he can punish Bobby Roode in, before suggesting no one can beat him at his own game…a ladder match! (Despite Sabu beating him in one, on WWE’s version of ECW).

There’s a video on the issues surrounding AJ Styles, Kazarian and Daniels, before it cuts to the ring and we see Daniels on the mic. He says he gave AJ an ultimatum last week, and had no reply, before giving him one more chance. Nothing happens, until Daniels speaks, and out comes AJ. He says this needs to end, and they’re making the biggest mistake of their lives. Kaz mentions how AJ has done more in his career than them, and he won’t guard AJ anymore. They show photos of AJ wih Dixie Carter, including one of AJ kissing her. Daniels says from day 1, AJ has been TNA’s poster boy, and he reckons this is why (never mind the fact he’s one of the most talented superstars TNA has ever seen). Daniels and Kaz leave as AJ looks down at the photos….

TNA TV Title Match – Devon (c) vs Robbie E (with Big Robbie T): Devon ran down to attack both before the match begun, then knocked Robbie T out the ring. Devon has this match controlled, even despite Robbie T dragging him outside. Devon fights him off, hits the Spinebuster on Robbie E to pick up the win. Afterwards, Robbie T attacks and hits the Powerslam on Devon.

We see a video of James Storm at home on his farm. He talks about Lockdown, how the people were behind him and he feels the wrong guy won. He says he let people down, and needed time away to get his head cleared, and to do a little soul searching….

Devon’s backstage, and he’s annoyed. Mentions it’s never been a fair fight against the Robbies, and suggests a 3 way match at Sacrifice where he’ll spinebust both their asses.

Another video, this time looking back on the whole Joseph Park/Abyss situation. Now, I am still on the fence, but this video was nicely done.

Anyways, after that video, Joseph Park comes to the ring. Quite funny as he spoke without a mic at first. He thanks Hogan for allowing him time on TV to speak. He then says during his investigation, one name always cropped up: Bully Ray. Joseph won’t leave until he gets answers, and may even buy a ticket to Sacrifice…well, Bully Ray comes out. He says this isn’t a courtroom where Joseph is comfortable, but a wrestling ring where Joseph has no business. Joseph taunts Bully Ray about his recent defeats, and Bully responds by pushing him over, and leaving.

To the back, and Mr Anderson says he’s scheduled to face Jeff Hardy at the PPV, but when he wins tonight, Hardy will have to step aside, as Anderson gets payback for a beer bottle shot, and regains his title.

TNA Slammiversary lookback, and it’s Ray’s favourite TNA moment ever….Hulk Hogan’s TNA debut!! (Sorry Ray! ;P). Also shows Eric Bischoff, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman.

Kurt Angle is asked about AJ Styles kissing Dixie Carter. Angle says AJ needs to concentrate on the PPV, seeing as Angle will snap his ankle and give AJ plenty of time off to think about his situation.

Once more we’re treated to a video hyping up RVD and his title shot at TNA Sacrifice.

Fatal 4 Way Sacrifice Match – Rob Van Dam vs Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson: The match starts out with a 3 on 1 against Roode, before once again Hardy and Anderson break off to fight each other. After a short break, Hardy flies from the apron to attack RVD, not sure what happens as RVD tries to move, but Hardy catches him and the barrier, it just looked awkward. Anderson tries to pin Roode and RVD breaks it up. We go through spot after spot, including Hardy hitting Whisper in the Wind to RVD, RVD hitting his stepover enzuigiri and rolling thunder. Roode throws RVD out and tries to hit the Pay Off to Hardy, Hardy drops behind him, turns Roode and hits the Twist of Fate, Roode turns into a Mic Check from Anderson! Anderson then spears Hardy out the ring, and RVD takes advantage, hitting the 5 Star Frog Splash to Roode to get the win.

After the match, RVD pulls out a ladder and sits atop it, celebrating while Hardy and Anderson argue. Suddenly pyto goes off, and a gong hits a few times….ABYSS IS BACK. He has a mic, and a message for Joseph Park: “You’re getting too close to the fire, back off before you get burnt”. Surprised faces around ringside as the show ends…

Such a strange show in a way. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but a few things just left me feeling confused. First off I gotta say the lack of Hulk Hogan in this show was great! Only 1 appearance, and that was brief. The matches were entertaining, apart from Devon vs Robbie E (this is dragging on for too long). Aries/Ion was great, fatal 4 way entertained me, and the Knockouts match was good too, with two women who are improving. I just feel the AJ Styles “secret” is pretty stupid, as if we’re supposed to believe the reason he has been top dog for TNA is because he was having an affair with the owner. It also feels pathetic seeing Dixie dragged into another storyline, when her “acting” comes off really bad. Now speaking of bad, Abyss is back on TV in his proper gimmick. I really can’t tell how this will go with the whole Joseph Park stuff….knowing TNA we’ll probably see Abyss vs Joseph Park somewhere along the line, with Abyss in half and half outfit, beating himself in the middle of the ring…

With that said, thanks for taking the time to read this review, I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments.

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