The biggest buzz going around the Wrestling world after last week, was the return of Paul Heyman to WWE Raw. Therefore, this week I present to you a Paul Heyman edition of “Remember When”.

Do you remember when Paul Heyman delivered a pipe bomb to Vince McMahon?

Of course Heyman is no stranger to pipe bombs. After all, he did own an organization where pipe bombs were common place. This PB was delivered on the November 2001 edition of Smackdown. It was a few days before 2001 Survivor Series where the SS Winner Take All match between the WWF and WCW/ECW Alliance was going to take place.

Heyman walked into the ring and proceeded to lay it on to Vince and the company itself. He talked about how it’s all about kissing Vince’s ass to make it to the top, how Vince stole talent and ideas from other companies to make his billions, making the word “Wrestling” taboo, and Vince driving other organizations out of business.

Paul E. mostly talked about how Vince stole ideas from his ECW company. He talked about how Austin drank his first beer in ECW, how ECW was producing edgy TV before there was an Attitude Era, and how Vince took everything away from Heyman.

Paul also points out how Vince took Tazz, who was monster over in ECW, and made him to a lousy out of shape color commentator. Tazz took exception to those words, decided to climb in the ring, and hopefully change Heyman’s mood with a Tazzmission.

Call it what you want, but I thought this was one of the best promos I’ve ever heard. A lot, probably all, of what Heyman said was pretty accurate. Guys like Joey Styles and CM Punk would deliver similar pipe bombs years down the road. I’m sure there would be many more pipe bombs made for years to come. The question is when and who will the next one be?

Here’s the Paul Heyman Pipe Bomb on November 2001