Another Monday night, which means another episode of WWE Raw, which also means another new edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I bring you through this weeks episode of WWE Raw, as well as give my opinions on the show.

We start the show with Triple H walking backstage, John Laurinaitis stops him and tells him he didn’t know Brock was going to attack him and it was painful for him to watch Brock embitters and break HHH’s arm.  Triple H is going out to the ring to start the show.  Triple H says he’s offended Brock Lesnars arrogance and stupidity because he said he had to bring legitimacy back to the WWE, he said It’s a slap in the face to guys like himself, HBK, Flair, Hogan, Cena.  Paul Heyman interrupts him and says Brock Lesnar is suing the WWE for breach of contract, Triple H grabs Heyman and pushes him up against the ropes but then lets him go, Triple H leaves the ring and Heyman says that now Triple H and the WWE have two lawsuits to worry about because Heyman is suing for assault and battery.

First match of the evening is CM Punk and Santino Marella taking on Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes.  Decent match, Santinos act is getting old quick to me, Santino and Punk get the win after a pretty good length match after Punk hit a GTS on Rhodes.

They’re hyping up tonight possibly being Big Shows last match since John Laurinaitis is set to fire him if he doesn’t apologize for making fun of his voice last week.

Alicia Fox VS Beth Phoenix up next, Layla came out to watch, Beth gets a win fairly quick, Beth went to attack Alicia again but Layla hit the ring and chased her off.

Big Show VS Kane is up next, John Laurinaitis is ringside to watch.  Bad match, Laurinaitis interrupted and told Show mid match he wanted that apology, Big Show turned around into such a terrible looking Choke slam.  After the match Laurinaitis made Big Show get on his knees and beg to keep his job, Big Show does after a while but Laurinaitis fires him anyway, that segment went on way to long and it was dumb.

Up next Brodus Clay teams with R Truth and Kofi Kingston to take on Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.  Brodus is the same as Santino, his act is getting very old as well, the only good thing about Brodus are his dancers.  What a shock, Brodus, Kofi and Truth get the win, so tired of Clay now.

Randy Orton going one on one with Chris Jericho next.  Sheamus is on commentary for this one.  Chris Jericho wins by DQ, Jericho threw Orton into Sheamus and Sheamus attacked Jericho, Sheamus and Orton were going to fight each other in the ring but a bunch of refs came out to keep them apart.

John Laurinaitis comes out next and says that John Cena is a loser, and that the fans are losers because they cheer him.  Laurinaitis says he’s better then Dwayne and Lesnar combined.  John Cena interrupts him and goes to the ring, Cena calls Laurinaitis the “undisputed king of douche bags” Or so I think, they bleeped it out.  Cena goes over a list of ways Laurinaitis is a loser, Cena says Laurinaitis failed at taking the title off CM Punk and failed at having Brock Lesnar beat him at Extreme Rules, then Cena goes Ace Ventura on Laurinaitis by repeating over and over calling him a loser.  Laurinaitis is going on a tirade about how he can change whatever match that is made when Eve comes out with papers, Cena rips it out of his hands, and reads it, the match will be one on one, anyone who interferes will be terminated.  If Laurinaitis loses to Cena, Laurinaitis will be TERMINATED!  The crowd erupts into “Yes” chants.

Overall, this weeks was better then last weeks, I thought tonight was pretty enjoyable, I’ll give it 2.5/5 tonight, I’m really hoping Laurinaitis is canned as an on air talent, he’s growing stale quick.

No Zack Ryder again tonight, although they plugged his Over The Limit pre show match… With Kane, thanks for coming Zack.  Such a shame how misused he is.

Can Dolph Ziggler ever stop jobbing?  Just a thought.

This crowd tonight was pretty bad until the end, they were even really dead when Heyman came out, which is surprising considering the state they were in.

That’s all for this weeks column, I hope you enjoyed the show and the column, I apologize It’s pretty short this week, my computer wouldn’t cooperate with me almost the entire show and I had to write this based mostly on what I remembered happened in order.