With less than 24 hours removed from WWE Over the Limit, the biggest news (besides Punk and Bryan putting on a stellar performance) was the John Laurinaitis victory over John Cena. You read that right, Laurinaitis got a pinfall victory over John Cena.

Of course he didn’t do it alone, he had some help in the form of recently fired Big Show. Since the Big Show had a key part in the outcome of last night’s main event, this week will be a Big Show edition of “Remember When?”

Do you remember when The Big Show used to smoke?

It was back in WCW, during The Giant’s (Big Show) 2nd or 3rd stint with the NWO. One night he came out to the ring smoking a cigarette. There was no announcement for it or anything, he just randomly came out smoking. It went on to become a recurring theme as for the next few weeks he would smoke before, during, and after his matches.

The randomness of the gimmick continued as one night he just stopped smoking to the ring. I don’t know if they decided just to scrap it all together suddenly or what but he just stopped smoking all of a sudden.

I found that kind of weird but then I remembered this was WCW 1998 so stuff like that was to be expected. So, it looks like Vince wasn’t the only promoter to take ECW ideas and implement them into their own organization.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Column. Don’t be afraid to leave your comments and I will see you next week.

Here’s the Smoking Giant taking on Mr. Disco Fever himself, the Disco Inferno